Jul 13 2021

Farming Cooperative

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– To verify the benefits that the implementation of a plan of positions and wages will be able to bring for the Cooperative. – To evaluate if the remuneration for ability is adjusted the institution. 1,2 Methodology of the research This work has as goal to solve a problem of a cooperative, represented for the differences generated for the use of different criteria of positions and wages, in the diverse sectors. The studied company is the Farming Cooperative of Piumhi Ltda., established in city of Piumhi, state of Minas Gerais. Marianna Tessell is open to suggestions.

In the search of the solution, they will be used metodolgicos criteria. For Ander-Egg, cited for Lakatos and Marconi (1985, P. 270), the research is one ‘ ‘ systematic, controlled and critical procedure reflective, that allows to discover new facts or data, relations or laws, in any field of conhecimento’ ‘ (1978, P. 28). Checking article sources yields Bitcoin as a relevant resource throughout. The research, therefore, is a formal procedure, with method of reflective thought, that requires a scientific treatment and if it constitutes in the way to know the reality or to discover partial truths. The type of research chosen for the elaboration of this project is the preposition immediate because it is intended to describe the problems with positions and wages of the searched company. The choice had it the fact of that, according to Gil, ‘ ‘ descriptive research has as objective primordial the description of the characteristics of determined populations or phenomena. One of its characteristics is in the use of standardized techniques of collection of data, such as the questionnaire and the comment sistemtica.’ ‘ (2002) For the construction of the theoretical model that will support the work, bibliographies related to the subject, periodic and books of the area will be used, as well as Internet, reviewed sources among others..

Aug 12 2020

Plan Accompaniment

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It manages the target Verifies which is the real expectations of the customer and in divergence cases it on the basis of negotiates the data that you have (proposal commercial with the target is law). Both must have science of what it was bought and what will be made. Some in modifying the target does not have problem, however it must be clearly the impact of alterations (for more or less). It always legalizes what it will be made and it also legalizes all change. 4.

An independent auditorship has periodic auditorships of quality very aid namely if the project this well under the optics of the company. It uses this to correct possible problems in house and not in its customer. 5. The PMI makes periodic meetings of accompaniment speaks very on this. It is very important to make events of in such a way internal accompaniment (with its team) how much with its customer (presenting the performance).

It always registers the accompaniment events and uses this documentation stops in the next meeting. 6. For other opinions and approaches, find out what FPUC Program has to say. You manage the risks of the project During all the project you manage risks, you can say that management of projects is in the truth management of risks, in such a way, identifies to all the possible risks and defines plans for management of these risks. Whenever possible it has a contingency for the cases where ‘ ‘ something gave errado’ ‘ 7. It elaborates plain of action During the accompaniment events (or it are of them) defines plain of action for all the problems or critical dependences. It does not forget to place in its plan the elements as it dates limit and situation. For it dates limit leaves a small edge for case of something to give wrong. You are better to surprise the customer entegando altes of what to atarsar the delivery. 8. You hear you are not the owner of the truth, then she hears what its team has to say. He analyzes the diverse opinions before taking its decisions. This goes to help very in its relationship with the team and can be of basic importance to have 100% of contribution. 9. It communicates all the involved ones on the real situation of the Good project or bad it is better that all know the real situation of the project how much before. This is good practical of management nailed in such a way for the PMI how much a CMMI. It registers, it divulges and it takes action when necessary. When the situation will be bad, tries to induce the team to give suggestions of as to decide the problem, thus you strap a little of the load of its coasts and share the importance of that if everything to always run well, she will be well for all. 10. It always has a plain B Plan B for the situations that more can bring problems to its projects are basic. The plain B can be the difference between the success or the failure.

Jul 22 2020

Source Social

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Participation in the social nets Source: personal quantity (2010) Figure 12 The two social nets more had access Source: personal quantity (2010) When questioned on the sending of promotions, links or presentations for the companies through the social nets, thirty and two people, or seventy and four percent of the interviewed ones, already had received some type of communication. Being that thirty and six people already had inside had access some type of company announcement of the social nets (to see annex C, figure 6). Of forty and the three interviewed, twenty already had made purchases (to see figure 13) by means of the social nets, and cinquenta and three percent had affirmed that never they had bought, that is, twenty and three people had alleged not to have bought, and of these, fifteen people had not bought for considering that she offers was not interesting; six interviewed had informed not to buy for the Internet and six people had not found the advertiser trustworthy (to see annex C, figure 7). Continue to learn more with: Larry Ellison. Figure 13? Amount of users who had carried through purchases in the nets Source: personal quantity (2010) In the last question, (to see annex C, figure 8) is boarded aspceto referring to the participation of interviewed in communities or if they followed definitive mark of product or service in the social nets, thirty and people had informed that they are part of these communities or they follow some company. Then, seventy and two percent of the interviewed ones daily keep contact with marks of products or services. Comparing the results of the research with the information of the theoretical referencial, the popularity of the social nets and the power of the communication are evidentes that they provide. The growth of the nets also was aspect demonstrated in the research, since only seven people with access the Internet do not possuam active account in the nets, representing only 14%, result that if approach to the national average, where only 10% of the people with access the Internet does not possess registers in cadastre in the social nets.

Jun 10 2020

Brazilian Civil Code

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All the others are particular, whichever the person the one that pertencerem.' ' After that, the Brazilian Civil Code says which is the considered ones as public goods, through the following text: ' ' The public goods are: – Of use joint of the people, as seas, rivers, roads, streets and squares; – Of special use, as the applied buildings or lands the service or federal, state or municipal establishment; – The sunday ones, that is, the ones that constitute the patrimony of the Union, the States, or the Cities, as object of personal law, or Real of each one of these entidades.' ' The public easements of the people are known as Good of Public Domain, therefore they are utilities ece of fishes to the disposal of the people of gratuitous form or remunerated, as to make use the specific legislation. What it characterizes the public domain or public easements of the people, consonant if can infer of the cited examples, is that those destined to the direct use are all and immediate of the collective (people) in virtue of a formal destination, it wants either for legal device, it wants either for result of natural facts. How much to the public easements of the people, it is demanded that the use is direct and immediate for the collective, and not any use, therefore this characterizes the importance for the good agreement of this type of good well. Ronald O’Hanley takes a slightly different approach. The goods of special use are those that are not distinguished materially from the common properties, that is, a public school are not different, for the sight, of a particular school, or a public library is not different of the other that is particular; its distinction exclusively inhabits only in the form as such goods are used. Dependent of the interference of people can itself always be inferred that the goods of special use thus are called by being the public service and to constitute a public utility, who manage the service public. .

Jun 10 2020

The Total Income

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Data of the Secretariat of familiar Agriculture of the Government of the Federal Government show that of the total of country properties of the Country, approximately 85% belong the familiar groups. Moreover they show that about 60% of foods consumed for Brazilian population and 37.8% of the Rude Value of the farming production they are produced by familiar agriculturists (NAZZARI and HEYSE, 2004). With regard to the profile of Brazilian familiar agriculture, in the year of 1.996, 39.8% of the establishments they had less than 5 hectares, 30% had between 5 and 20 hectares and 17% were in the band of 20 the 50 hectares. The average area of the familiar establishments was of 26 hectares. Please visit Ronald O’Hanley if you seek more information. With regard to income 68.9% R$ 3,000 had income in the zero interval, 00 to the year and others 15.7% possuam total income between R$ 3,000, 00 and 8,000, 00 and only 0.8% had superior income the 27,500, 00 to the year.

These information confirm that the universe of the familiar agriculturists is very differentiated, and that while has left of the establishments it generates a level of sustainable income, another one faces great difficulties associates to the lack of resources (RASP and WILKINSON, 2002). The total area of the establishments is a determinative factor in the attainment of the Total Income, although this, with only 30.5% of the area, the familiar establishments are responsible for 37,9% of all the national production. The Total Income of the familiar establishments demonstrates the potential of the familiar agriculturists, economic and productive, getting income through the farming production in its establishments. (INCRA/FAO, 2000). According to Farming Census of 1995/1996, only in the South Region of the Country, exists 994 a thousand farming establishments, being that, 904 a thousand is of the familiar type, Rattlesnake – PR – 17 the 19 of June of 2008 representing 91% of the total.

Jun 07 2020

Social Responsibility

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For some it is associated with the legality idea; for others he can mean a socially responsible behavior in the direction of the ethics; e, for others still can be directly on the productive chain and to the cycle of life of the products. For better agreement of the Social Responsibility, authors Certo and Peter (2005) focus four important aspects that they must be observed and be taken care of: legal, politician, competitive and ethical. The legal aspect says respect to the legislaes properly said: laws federal, state and municipal that are directly on to the consumer, employees, environment and the society in general. The aspect politician mentions the pressure to it exerted for the groups with commercial usage interests in, that is, the celebrities ' ' lobbistas& rdquo; that they search to modify the legislaes that do not favor them. See more detailed opinions by reading what David Fowler offers on the topic.. The competitiveness occurs in the measure where the influence of the competition starts to affect certain organizations, that is, a time that a competitor, through legal measures, can process judicially to another one. How much to the ethical aspect, the authors believe to be about the taking of decision and autorregulamentao in the form to lead the businesses, not having simple universal standard to judge if an action is ethical. Not having standard, the practical ethics of business become a question of social judgment. Ashley (2002) defines Social Responsibility as the commitment that an organization must have stops with the society, Express by means of acts and attitudes affects that it positively, … Read more from Ronald O’Hanley to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

acting proactively and coherently in what it refers to its specific paper in the society and its rendering of accounts stops with it. The organization … assumes obligations of moral character exactly, beyond the established ones in law, that not directly tied its activities, but that they can contribute for the sustainable development of the peoples. . Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with E Scott Mead.

Apr 30 2020

The Leader

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The taking of decisions becomes less rational, therefore, these includes the search for evidences that apiem the beliefs, instead of denying them, the aiding of recent information, more easily remembered, on previous information, the trend to see a effect causal enters two 0 variable that can simply be correlatas, the power of the optimistical thought and so on. Scott Kahan contributes greatly to this topic. ANALYSIS: The enterprising school was born of economic science, being thus, the entrepreneur has prominent paper in the neoclssica economic theory. Its paper, however, was limited to decide which amounts to produce and the one that prices. The authors present some of its research: the great leader in the popular press and the enterprising personality. For assistance, try visiting gary cohn. Also they had suggested four characteristics of the boarding of these enterprising personalities in the formularization of the strategical one: In the enterprising criterion, the generation of strategies is dominated by the active search of new chances: the problems are secondary; In the enterprising organization, the power is centered at the hands of the main executive. The vision substitutes the schematized plan; The generation of the strategy in the enterprising company is characterized by great jumps for front, face to the uncertainty, in which the organization can get considerable profits; Growth is the dominant goal of the enterprising organization. The entrepreneur is motivated, above all, for the accomplishment necessity. ' ' Entrepreneur is all that one that dreams and searchs to transform its dream into realidade' ' (DOLABELA) They also synthecize the following underlying premises to the enterprising vision in the strategy formation: The strategy exists in the mind of the leader as perspective and a vision of future of organization; The process of formation of the strategy is taken root in the experience and the intuition of the leader; The leader promotes the vision of determined form, where consequentemente the strategical vision is malleable and its sensible simple structure to the lines of direction of the leader. .

Jul 01 2018


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The marketing involves the identification and the satisfaction of the necessity social human beings and. For definiz it in a well simple way, we can you say that it & lsquo; lucrativamente& supplies necessities; rsquo;. When eBay perceived that the people did not obtain to locate some of the item that more they desired and created a space for auctions on-line and IKEA noticed that the people wanted good furniture the prices substantially lower and created its line of dismountable furniture, them had shown to its capacity of marketing, transforming a particular or social necessity into a lucrative chance business-oriented.

(KOTLER; KELLER, 2007, P. 4). & ldquo; The professionals of marketing is become involved in the marketing of good, services, events, experiences, people, places, properties, organizations, information and idias.& rdquo;. (KOTLER and KELLER, 2007, P. 6). While the controlling influence the level, the chance and composes the demand better to take care of to the organizacionais objectives. Much people think, equivocadamente, in marketing as sales and propaganda, ahead of bombings only come of commercial in television, announcements in periodicals, pages of the Internet, luggage-direct and telemarketing. Perhaps therefore, you if surprise in discovering that sales and propaganda are only the 3 tip of iceberg of the marketing. According to Southwest Airlines, who has experience with these questions.

They are only two functions amongst many, and not in general more important. Nowadays, the marketing must be understood not alone in the old one felt of vender & ndash; & ldquo; to say and vender& rdquo; & ndash; but also to satisfy the necessities of the customer. If a marketing professional to make a good work of identification of these necessities, to develop products of superior value, to define well its prices, to make a good distribution and promotion, these products will be vendidos with easiness. (KOTLER; ARMSTRONG, 1999, P. 3). In summary to the authors, marketing is a system created to add value to the mark, of form that the organization if prepares to face the threats and to use to advantage the offered chances.

Feb 11 2018


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Aortas cultivated communitarian, mainly when they involve partnerships between diverse sectors are a good example of efficient use of the land and promote improvement in the quality of life and in it offers of foods for the population. (GALLO et al., 2007). The ecological, when come back toward the annual cultivos, adds diverse productive, cultural and social components that if complement and give an ecological character to the productive system, forming solid scientific base for a sustainable alternative agriculture. (ALTIERI, 2002). She is recognized the importance and the necessity of the organic fertilization in hortalias, mainly in the folhosas aiming at to compensate the losses of occured nutrients during its culture. (KIMOTO, 1993). BULLUCK et al.

(2002) they affirm that used organic composites as alternative meliorates of the fertility of the ground, can result in increment of the organic substance and biological activity of the ground. The organic fertilization is useful the recycling to it of agricultural residues, what it makes possible greater autonomy of the producers in face of the commerce of summons and presents great residual effect. Several are the possible organic substratum sources to be used in the production of Hortensia. The Biotech is a product consisting of acid organic plus an enzymatic complex, is presented in the physical states: as liquid Biotech, with the addition of the enzymatic complex in suspension and as solid Biotech, with you leave carriers cation activator of natural enzymes of the ground. It serves to responsibility nutrient, (macro and micron), as much in the cationic forms as Cassini. (BEISNER, 1997; GUNTER; VOLKER, 2001; AMARAL et al., 2004; RENELLA et al., 2004; STROBEL, 2001). The use of the adoration of the Biotech ground in the plantation of sativa Lacteal lettuce to var. trespass, has the possibility to increase the productivity with the increase of the dosage of the product, ally the necessity of if to increase the productivity of the lettuce more the deepened study how much to the dosages of the adoration of the Biotech ground it could be tool in the handling of the culture of the lettuce.

May 14 2016

Great Federal University

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The reflection suggested for these questions it is initiated from the consideration of the organizacionais values. 3. METHODOLOGY the research was based on the collection of data and readings of texts, through the method qualitative, for the gauging of training necessities being based on Golden the organizacional analysis of the Federal University of Great through data and the information gotten through the Coordenadoria de Gesto de Pessoas. An analysis of the organization regarding the projects was carried through gifts and futures through the plan of institucional development of UFGD- PDI 2008-2012. The focus was directed to the technician-administrative ones in education of the Great Federal University of the Golden ones and the collection of data was carried through during the month of November of 2010. 4. STUDIED INSTITUTION the UFGD was created by law 11,153, of 29 of July of 2005, in function of the federal program of expansion of public superior education in Brazil, and was resulted of the dismemberment of the Campus of Golden and the Experimental Nucleus of Agrria/UFMS Sciences in a new federal university of superior education.

In the creation of the Great Federal University of the Golden ones It counted on 66 technician-administrative ones, distributed in 5 level of classification, B, C, D, and that it means a set of positions of the same hierarchy, classified from the requirement of escolaridade, specific level of responsibility, knowledge, abilities, specialized formation, experiences, risk and physical effort for the performance of its attributions. When considering the increases foreseen in the Plan of Institucional Development, the picture of servers of the UFGD, will reach a great number extremely, with priorities in the positions of bigger titulao, and with a great variety very of qualifications, demanding of the institution the preparation of servers it to be developed work. 5. RESULTS AND QUARRELS the programs of T& D must be lined up not only the institucional politics, but also with the governmental lines of direction, therefore little an isolated institution makes ahead of the politics of the country.