Jul 22 2020

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Participation in the social nets Source: personal quantity (2010) Figure 12 The two social nets more had access Source: personal quantity (2010) When questioned on the sending of promotions, links or presentations for the companies through the social nets, thirty and two people, or seventy and four percent of the interviewed ones, already had received some type of communication. Being that thirty and six people already had inside had access some type of company announcement of the social nets (to see annex C, figure 6). Of forty and the three interviewed, twenty already had made purchases (to see figure 13) by means of the social nets, and cinquenta and three percent had affirmed that never they had bought, that is, twenty and three people had alleged not to have bought, and of these, fifteen people had not bought for considering that she offers was not interesting; six interviewed had informed not to buy for the Internet and six people had not found the advertiser trustworthy (to see annex C, figure 7). Continue to learn more with: Larry Ellison. Figure 13? Amount of users who had carried through purchases in the nets Source: personal quantity (2010) In the last question, (to see annex C, figure 8) is boarded aspceto referring to the participation of interviewed in communities or if they followed definitive mark of product or service in the social nets, thirty and people had informed that they are part of these communities or they follow some company. Then, seventy and two percent of the interviewed ones daily keep contact with marks of products or services. Comparing the results of the research with the information of the theoretical referencial, the popularity of the social nets and the power of the communication are evidentes that they provide. The growth of the nets also was aspect demonstrated in the research, since only seven people with access the Internet do not possuam active account in the nets, representing only 14%, result that if approach to the national average, where only 10% of the people with access the Internet does not possess registers in cadastre in the social nets.

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