Apr 11 2016

Human Development

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The life human being is made of stages of adaptations. Just been born a first one if adapta to the womb of the mother stop later if adapting to the environment where the parents live a restricted environment. A child already has access to an environment a little ampler; already the adolescent one starts to explore new environments leaving to the few the environment that the parents had instituted. The young already is a born explorer, it creates new environments, and the adult establishes its proper environment, the friends, the professional group, the religious, social group where she will go to live. Already the aged one, most of the time comes back to restrict its environment, creating its proper world, fellow creature to a child.

But the human being in general needs to be suitable to the environment where it lives, it needs to have an environment that can provide to it, in all the generations, a healthful life. The Index of Development Human being, (IDH) is based on the concept of human development. This index has as objective to offer a counterpoint to the Gross domestic product, (the GIP), that it only considers economic of the development, already the IDH considers, beyond the economic dimension, the social, cultural characteristics and politics that influence in the quality of the life human being. The IDH also considers the longevity and the education. In the case of the longevity the life expectancy to the rising is considered; the education is evaluated through the index of illiteracy and tax of school registration in all the levels of education. The index of Human Development if became world-wide reference and is used by the federal government and can be consulted in Atlases of Human Development of Brazil. In 2010 studies had been initiated to argue the inclusion of new factors for the calculation of the IDH, that completed twenty, (20), years, between these factors it is the internal inaquality of the countries; considering the disparidades and inaqualities that characterize the development.

Apr 10 2016

Brand Building, Brand Development

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Stephen King once gave an interesting definition: "Products – this is what is being done at the factory and brand – it is something that is bought by man." You can also say, Brand – is all that comes to mind about a person or firm product when he sees it or hears the name of the logo. Our goal – to create just such a brand that will effectively distinguish you in the market. Such a great process, as creating a brand is divided into the following stages: Definitions goals and objectives Analysis of information brand development, brand development Promotion of the brand. It is known that marketing can be effective only if the product meets market needs. A similar The situation with the branding – if the goods are not able to satisfy the consumer, any, most brilliant brand created for him, is doomed to failure. Creating a brand – it's creativity, based on a thorough knowledge of the market. Process branding is rather complicated, but the cost of failure can be simply astronomical sum, so many large companies prefer not to do it yourself, and convey brand building company professionals in this area.

Apr 09 2016

Visa Registration

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In connection with entering the Russian Federation in the Bologna process to create a single European Higher Education Area, one of the priorities of the university was the development of international cooperation. Without an international accrediting almost impossible to take their rightful place in the rankings of higher education institutions. One of the most important indicators of the quality and effectiveness of the educational activities of the university, determining his credibility at the national and international levels, is the presence of foreign students. The number of joint educational programs, the number of foreign students are among the main indicators for licensing and accreditation of higher educational institutions. The aim of the modern university – the internationalization of higher education, which is an objective consequence of the globalization of the modern world and simultaneously major resources to accelerate the integration of social and economic life, the elimination of national isolation. International deyatelnostbolshinstva universities aimed at integrating it into European and worldwide educational system. Organizational, technical, information and methodological support of the international activities of universities charged with the management of international cooperation and Foreign Economic Relations (UMS and WEC). Otdelpo work with foreign students and umc responsible agent in charge of passport and visa cases among foreign citizens enrolled in the territory Russian Federation and the agencies that control migration flows. Accounting for the contingent of foreign students is different from the account of citizens of Russia and has its own specificity as enrollment in college, and control throughout learning.

Apr 09 2016

Zen And Yoga

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The knowledge behind the veil of science Over time, I realized that all those years dedicated to the study and practice of Zen and yoga, plus the study of Western esoteric philosophy had finally crystallized in mine explosion had been giving me access to knowledge that would never have purchased using the way of science. Today I understand the importance of science, but also that when trying to transcend the skills necessary for the development of life, we must break with the schedules used by science, dissolve prejudices, break categories, remove labels and destroy molds. Science is the greatest barrier to access to deep knowledge, the transcendent knowledge that is hidden behind the veil of science. A Bridge between East and West Through meditation, every day trying to build a bridge to plug the gap exist between Eastern and Western mysticism. I meditate on the relationship between the thirty-two paths and the sixty-four exagramas are all ways of life, light sources, carriers of wisdom. The mind is the most important energy source we have, profound meditation on the tree of life, like Zen meditation, and the deepening of the meaning of I Ching, I have led to higher states of consciousness that I have opened a gateway to a world where matter and energy is energy field, acquiring a specificity that science is incapable of accounting. What I have called the esoteric dimension of humanity. Encryption: Knowledge in Our Being I understand that all knowledge of mankind is inscribed in our very being..

Apr 05 2016

Marie Lenormand

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Maps, which enjoyed Maria Lenormand, were the most ordinary. Only treatment was her own, largely based on rules imposed Eteylloy (special card – "blank", "carte blanche" – to ask or questioner, accounting, direct and reverse positions, etc.). After her death (1843) nor any special cards, nor the more notes on divination has survived, although many wrote Lenormand. But it was mostly a memoir of meetings with famous people and philosophical reflections on the future of France. Methods Marie Lenormand was only partially restored and described by her disciples and followers. The most successful reconstruction of cartomancy Mary Lenormand made the Flemish fortuneteller Erna Drusbeke. To facilitate the work of intuition Erna Drusbeke made a 36 card is usually a French deck symbolic figures, the interpretation which is not difficult: it is clear means that the sun is the joy, warmth and light, a ring – marriage, and the cross – suffering.

In addition to the usual (ace of diamonds, nine of spades, and so on), and the cards have their own special numbering that enables diviners to find new numerological relationship. These maps have we are not yet available, but we can take an ordinary deck renumbered card again and use this system: the result of this will be no worse. Lay out the maps can be any of you all know how, here we give only one alignment, which was used most girl Lenormand and even now rarely used fortune-teller. Laid out all the cards in 4 horizontal rows of 9 cards each. After that, they sought Map questioner ("Form"): if this man, the ace of hearts (N 28, master), if a woman – the ace of spades (N 29, mistress). If you are wondering at the child, asking for the card can be taken Jacks Peak (N 1913, Child). After this vertical column, which hit map Ask me before accepting a number of present and all that is left of it, belongs to the past, all right – for the future.

Apr 04 2016

On The Age Of The Universe

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ABOUT AGE OF UNIVERSE. AO Koreysha (Report made at the 1996 international conference on the 150th anniversary of the Odessa Observatory). Abstract. Accounting for the spherical shape of the observed boundaries of the universe formed is clearly observed compact objects, it is necessary to assess the size of the universe, which it reached 10-20 billion years ago. This is in sharp contrast with the ideas of modern relativistic theory. Amendment to 10-20 billion years is related to interval of time it takes light to spread it on the horizon of the universe to us, which increases the age of the universe in 10 – 20 billion, passed today in astrophysics, at least up to 20-40 billion years. As a consequence, Hubble parameter is reduced by half.

This leads to disastrous consequences for the relativistic concept and leads to a contradiction with the model of an expanding universe. There are two concepts that are fundamental importance in modern astrophysics. The first is closely related to the finite speed of light so that the information received from distant stars corresponds to the time required to overcome distance from the observed stars to us. In other words, we see distant lights as they were in the past with respect to the time of receiving information from them with light. This fact is not debatable. (See (1)). The second concept is more complicated is the fact that the universe is measured from the hypothetical Big Bang (Big Bang) to the present. Redshift of galaxies outside the Milky Way points to the age of the universe.

Apr 03 2016

The Director

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Respectively, and "sitting up late," ended – Michael left the office just in time. For even more details, read what Allegiant Air says on the issue. While his assistant, and bookkeeping continued to work until eight or nine in the evening. Hear from experts in the field like Southwest Airlines for a more varied view. Such treatment was associated with the fact that the turnover of the company, therefore, the flow of documentation, have risen sharply. A number of employees in the department did not change. Tatiana several times "hinted" that the leadership, that we need people, but was in response that "as long as possible to hire new staff, no." So long ago come to terms that have to cope only available forces. And of course she was very sorry that Michael, in contrast to her went to meet him.

Several times Tatiana requested that she identified the car for trips to the tax office. The Director-General asked her to use official vehicles for public use. These machines were all always busy, and Tatiana was easier to get their way, rather than look for a free car. Michael also highlighted the car for personal use once in employment. In addition, he also paid a very expensive training. Tatiana conflict with CFO became increasingly contentious.

He allowed himself ("that boy!") To comment on the work of bookkeeping. The fact that Tatiana does not know how to build a work of the department that the accounting work inefficiently. Of course, it is understandable why he said so. This is all due to the fact that the accounting did not want to carry out its work. But how is it brought her out of herself Tatiana! But what he has the right to judge her work! Who is he at all like that! She of course, fell and screamed at him for a long time.

Apr 01 2016

Poetry & Stories

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Every time someone writes something about his life, arouses curiosity in the readers, especially if the writer who narrates, is something sordid or personal issues and difficult to spread. Issues related to sex drugs or alcohol. And yCual would be the goal of writing about these issues? yDespertar morbid curiosity in the reader?, yhacerse known for their experiences of conflict in their relationships? Everything I say this because I want to take this opportunity to tell a small part of my life, but the purpose of my story has nothing to do with any of the above. The purpose of my story is that the reader at best, to feel identified with it. And somehow see how the writer faces this situation. We are three brothers who at an early age, our father left us when he died of a murder victim. Children of a widowed mother, who had to leave it alone to finish educating their three children. When our father died, my older brother had, 15 years, my younger brother was born 6 months, and that writes, 10 years old.

The largest came to reach the public accounting profession, and the youngest graduate in engineering. The only one who was a the black sheep of the Familiae , it was me, because I decided to choose art. I give this name because my mother always says that the only one who wanted to study, it was me. In selecting art and especially music, unfortunately I got involved in my youth, the problem of alcohol then, thank God issues are part of my past that were overcome long ago.