Aug 28 2015


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In some supermarektah trust so that you weigh all to himself, lepish price tag and go to the checkout. Until Bender me away, but then there was confusion: what if someone weighing three oranges and received a sticker with the amount to be paid, will report to myself a couple or two It's easy! Today I am the bread department Supermarket ate a loaf from the counter, and then we just came up and on hand to pay for it I suddenly thought about us We've still shops there, where your product into the hands do not even give up until you check does not pay! Not everywhere, so I know, but here sometimes it's just a human attitude, confidence in credit, that is, strike Wim bought us bicycles. I learned to ride today. Screams were. Squeal, squeak, the whole town probably vzrognul. They have a nice road, blocks all laid out, marked the strips, so that even underdeveloped under the car will not fall. But all small, it is true, streets and pedestrian crossings, at home I had a feeling that I got on the exam in a driving school, should there fabricate 'Eight' Toy all that I do not know Home here just as with pictures, go and see the room from the inside It is unclear, the museum is a showcase and antique store. Sills and front gardens are decorated with all sorts of Be; zdelushkami and all with such love, such a taste Some even on these tiny plots outside the house manage to put a monument or a fountain or pond to organize, or your own personal lamppost.

Aug 27 2015

Armies and Companies

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In 241 bc. er. kingdoms of Wei, Han, and Qin Chu entered against a new military alliance, but also they joined forces and defeated. Besides them Qin Yan and even opposed Qi – ie Only six kingdoms. In 238 bc. er. tsinsky ascended the throne at the young ruler Ying , and managed to beat all their opponents one by one, grabbing one territory after another for seventeen continuous wars. In 221 of Qin conquered the last independent kingdom – Qi Shandong Peninsula.

After this, Ying took a completely new the title of supreme power – Huangdi (Emperor), entered into the history of China as Qin Shi Huang. The capital of the kingdom of Qin, Xianyang city on the River. Weihe (modern Xi'an), was declared the capital of the empire. Qin Shi Huang did not stop the conquest of ancient Chinese kingdoms. He continued expansion in the north and south.

They were made expeditions against the Xiongnu, state capture and Namvet Aulak in the South and the North-East Vietnam. Thus, the conquest and colonization became a leitmotif of the entire Foreign Policy of the First Emperor. Important ingredients of success of Qin is the military organization of the army, the tactics of warfare. In this paper, an attempt of reconstruction of combat troops tsinskoy build a dynasty. In basis of the study is the alignment of figures of warriors and horses in the main digs (excavations 1, 2, 3) terracotta army of Qin Shi Huang.

Aug 09 2015

Marketing World

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THE NOVELTY in the business in the 21st century a company dedicated to the Marketing and business online through various publications and services must be in constant evolution, progressing and innovating with the object of course attract more subscribers to make them part of this virtual world, a world more attractive for the Netizen, a world that handled wellIt may be worth gold. These publications include the so-called electronic bulletins, which can be beneficial, though speaking, only if its design is appealing and Yes also as strategy are sent via e-mail to people who have authorized its sending. In this way, responsible for disseminating this information medium on the Web would be complying fully with the mandated work, attract potential customers. It is important to note that these newsletters should be sent to people who wish to and authorise the information. In any case it is advisable to send e-mails to the force, which are catalogued in the computer language, such as mail spam or junk.

Spam is a practice without sense that increases with the passing of the days, is no more than the indiscriminate sending of unsolicited email messages. Usually it’s advertising for products, services or websites. Advertising that usually reach everyone who has activated the Inbox of your respective email, without any authorization. All those who have an email account we receive daily several advertising messages that we do not ask about things that do not interest us, is somewhat annoying. Then, hence managers create and send virtual publications not must fall ever in this absurd, nefarious practice for the job they are doing. Now, at the time of sign up people who are interested in the business, it is important to consider in the first instance, that the advertising sign that is this spreading by Internet constitutes a bridge to create trust and credibility with the potential subscribers.

Aug 04 2015


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"What you need to become in order to succeed, and how to do it?" I'm not mistaken – it is someone you need to become, not what would you do or where to find money to allow succeed. In my opinion, that's just the key error of those who do not achieve success. They feel that their standard of living depends on what they are doing, and not on who they are. I know that in any prosperous country, there are many people who barely to make ends meet. And that countries with low living standards must be those who succeed, despite all the ills of life. I know hundreds of examples of how the children of the same wealthy or poor parents become either poor or wealthy. I have seen examples of how graduates of the same schools turned out in ten years, or in the financial pit or on top of financial success.

For beginning remember one important point: "In order for you to have the opportunity to improve themselves and their skills, you need to learn to assess and weigh the events of their lives." That the events of our lives are one source of information on how we can become better and better. Most people try not to pay attention to what happens to them every day in the life course, and certainly not asked to analyze what how you can change yourself and your life. I must admit that most of us hardly take the time to seriously reflect on themselves and their lives.