Apr 01 2017


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I’m going to clarify, that although many factors that I will mention can be advantages for some, may be the opposite for others. Advantages of the freelance. 1. The first advantage and most obvious is that you have the possibility to plan and define your working hours. Being freelance has this advantage, you can decide that day of the week dedicate it to resolve arrangements do personally! 2 What happens if you are a student and you can not tie your schedule of the University with a working hours for students? Well, being freelance allows you to define times and days to develop such professional experience required when you just your carrera.3. This type of work is better paid that the employee, by which income may be higher to those who had.

4. You have the possibility of choosing (s) Enterprise (s) for which you can work. 5. Some activities can be performed from home, so with a good organization of your schedule you will have more time to devote to the family or simply to relax and work more comfortably. 6 Decrease of expenses: as you will not have to use both truck (unless you are now using their free time to walk) you will have at least 3 immediate benefits: spend less on gasoline, less maintenance costs, your car will always be in perfect condition. When you save enough to have a new car, you can get a good price for used truck. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Bill O’Grady has to say.

Let’s also saving you not having to purchase meals faces in restaurants and other expenses related expenses with leaving home. Now however, as not everything is always rosy, we see some of the drawbacks of the freelance work. Disadvantages of the freelance. 1 When you had a full-time under the regime of salaried employment, you were safe the date of payment and the amount which you might have to cover your expenses, this is one of the main disadvantages. Since the contracts under which you labor have a duration specific, there will be times that you have less money or do not have it available in the moments in which you requeririas them. 2 There are fluctuations in the dates in which you will get work, and this will depend, of course, on the type of activity you make. 3 Work for many heads, has its drawbacks. Some of them are: loss of time due to the transfer to the companies which provide services, increase of expenses for this concept, cover all paperwork and documents required by each company or work. 4. Another major disadvantage is lack of employment benefits that you normally enjoy to be employed. 5 Difficulty keeping the focus of the work: the domestic environment, the internet as well as other distractions and temptations may affect your productivity. It is recommended in this case depart the working environment of this type of distractions. 6 Hours: Is important to have well-defined hours going to stay online. Avoiding early is and work too. Every human being needs the rest and this must be correctly programmed. Conclusion working from home can greatly improve the performance of the worker, shorten the costs both for the company and for the freelance. However the latter has to be responsible if he wants to have the correct profile in the development of their activities.