Dec 30 2012

You Are Your Best Investment

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To improve your quality of life and achieve your goals and objectives consistently it is necessary to follow the patterns of successful people, and one of the things they do is to invest in themselves. It is a common factor that make a difference with others to develop their skills to create, contrary to those who follow the teachings of the culture that teaches us to spend our money on ephemeral things. One of the most convenient aspects of putting knowledge in your mind is the fact that will go with you everywhere you go. When creating something we don’t know, only know it to consume, and therefore the most valuable resources are intangible assets that serve to create tangible, in other words, knowledge and skills. People that go around the world expect things to get them, they expect to win millions in the lottery or a car in a raffle. Those who succeed do not wait for that to happen by luck, but that are why we want and work to achieve it, are responsible for your life does not depend on luck factors that either by issues that are within its control, as their actions. When the responsibility to capitalize on that is it, because nobody is going to put it into practice for you to invest in yourself.

It is you who needs to put that knowledge into action so that the result is in your favor and does not depend on what others decide. Try it and verify it; Czech how when you acquire a skill and luck favors you is extremely easy, and when luck no favors you, although it is not so much, is also simple, because it depends only on which your you decide to do so. These are the patterns of successful people, copy their behaviors, studied their way of deciding, develops similar habits, takes action and breaks paradigms because your life is yours, and if you leave that you depend on someone else, then you will live your idea of what you should do. Try it and make adjustments until you start to be consistent and skilful to generate the success you’re looking for. The most important element of all this is the action. Dream without action generates very good stories, but no result. Once you’ve set where you want to go and do plan to achieve this will be a matter of time and your mind will take you there. Invest in your skills and your knowledge is what give you results permanently, so do not wait and take action now. Learn more about neuro-linguistic programming in our forum for NLP neuro linguistic

Dec 28 2012

Extreme Affiliate

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This course is ideal for people who want to build your online business without investing a single penny and have no time to study major courses or advanced techniques obsolete, people who are confused or don’t know where to start and what is the best method to promote ClickBank products. Affiliate end teaches:-methods of promotion through Blogs, Yahoo Answers and other totally simple applying completely cost-effective techniques where we find lot of free traffic and people wanting to buy or purchase this product. -The main secrets of the super affiliates that enable dominate the market and outperform the competition. -Find extremely profitable niches to make all sales and obtain thousands of dollars in profits. -Super simple methods to find the perfect keywords for each of your machines of money in just 5 minutes, using 100% free tools.

-Profitable super structures to ensure success with affiliate marketing, and as carried out without technical knowledge. -The affordable super platform that must be used to fill all sites of buyers ready to purchase anything that you recommend them. -Take advantage of the world’s largest websites to boost profits and make money as affiliate without investing a dime. -Connective effect which permitted amounts massive traffic and visitors to your offers affiliates, easy and fast. -Pages secret that will increase revenue and become super affiliate almost on autopilot.

In this project, two large experts have met online as Gabriel Blanco and helium lagoon, marketing to create a foolproof system and earn money as an affiliate online easy, fast and simple. You can study and apply all the same day, then began to see the results in the same week and also is not necessary prior experience in these businesses. Conclusion: I purchased this course to be able to make more money online and test if It works correctly. Study the course and after applying methods learned, after 8 days I started seeing 1 sale per day (average of $ 36 per day), the following week was between 2 and 3 sales (average of $ 100 daily) daily all on auto-pilot, are very good for short-term gain and clarify that you can never be a millionaire overnight overnight or day, does not work with NINGUN METODO, while many courses display or promise gains of $1000 or $ 3000 per day, can not be achieved at the time and after having applied the methods with more suitable as they are, are gains that you get after a couple of months or medium-term, but the best thing of this is that earnings are on the riseThere is no limit to increase your income, the more work, faster and constants are your income.

Dec 24 2012

Internet Quality

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Locate references the Internet will offer you a variety of Web sites and shopping sites where you will find wholesale sellers. Each site will show the products or services of the wholesale sellers in the position where most catches the attention of users. However, if you choose to search for individual sellers, you’ll find sections of forums, chat rooms and blogs in which owners of business as you enter information about your experiences with each provider, either positive or negative. These sites can be great resources to learn about the quality of the products offered by each vendor, their service to the customer, their prices and everything related to reliability. When you search for decisions do not forget to consult all the experiences of their colleagues. Copies of requests likely sellers will offer some sample of your products looking for that it could take a closer contact and verify the quality of its articles. Whether you’re looking to promotional materials such as pens or USB sticks, or need Office supplies, you can usually find forms available on the Web sites of vendors where you may request copies of products that they distribute.

Surely in this way you can having information about your possible supplier. First, you can see and take the product to determine its quality. Second, you will learn a little more about what it is to work with that company. Can you test inter alia the response speed of your potential supplier. In addition, qualify the service to the customer that the company’s collaborators offered to you. And quite possibly receive a more extensive catalogue of its products that are available online. Doing business with providers of cheap koozies, or browse through an extensive database of sales companies to the wholesale.

Dec 23 2012

Balanced Scorecard

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Do with a Balanced Scorecard analyze how your venture will nearing purposes, offering the possibility of putting in practice correctives, stimuli and channeling of energies, to achieve that you carry to the compa? ia to the precise goal. Importance of the use of the Balanced Scorecard the Balanced Scorecard is a guideline so convenient that defines that way must be the current development to establish the future goal. Do Balance Scorecard you effected the way and the organization that will make possible to obtain long-term strategic, goals by defining four types of strategic actions: – financial performance – knowledge of the client – internal mechanisms of business – learning and growing with this control, the Balanced Scorecard Dise? a method that makes punctually, noted that corrective measures and mechanisms should be used for the achievement of the objectives. This procedure creates, in turn, certain structure which is retroalimentara all the operations team, strengthening the strategies of the Administration, functions, procedures, self-assessment, evaluation, correction and improvement mechanisms. The Do do Balanced Scorecard done, brilliantly, table of Integral management, CMI, ense? andonos to consider the organization from four perspectives, located through four questions:-development and learning (Learning and Growth):?Do we continue improving and promoting value? -Internal (Internal Business) business:?In that tendriamos that stand out? -Customer (Customer):?Watch us how buyers? -Financiera (Financial):?How we see us towards the shareholders? Balanced Score Card is a system of strategic management Organizacionrial, which is based on: formulate a transparent and consistent management – through the Organization, communicate the strategy – coordinate the purposes of different organizational units.

-Attach the objectives with the financial and budgetary planning. -Define and identify the strategic initiatives. -Raise timely corrective solutions. Do the pictures of command (CM), become relevant for control of businesses, represent tools that offer a permanent and reliable monitoring to the objectives of the compa? ia. Then then, in the process Organizacionrial is establecerian two dashboards that manejarian indicators, the strategic Scorecard box (CME), as a scorecard, and if the indicators are operating the box of operating controls (CMO), refers to the routine indicators of particular departments of the organization. The CMO is should be used daily, weekly or monthly and focused on indicators that represent procedures.

Its use is quite cheap and simple. It is a perfect starting point for the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard. CMO online comes to be determinant in critical moments and for its implementation in practice, proposes six stages: 1. obtaining information and probe of the circumstances. 2. Analysis of the Organization and determination of the functions. 3. Study of the level of information needs and according to priorities. Do 4 you? alization of the variables reviews on each functional area. 5 Establishment of a diligent and efficient correspondence between variables and measures for its control is critical. 6 Installation of the Balanced Score card according to the information obtained and the requirements. Do Balanced Scorecard, put that her compa? ia aims to go further.

Dec 19 2012

Professor Krishna

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Before this evidence, Professor Krishna asks the following questions: are we truly the masters of the world? Was the world created for us?. Or, we are part of the world, as it is also anything else and need to live in harmony with all other parts, referring to them as friends and not as resource? This is the way how humanity has linked with nature for thousands of years but in the last century our attitude has surreptitiously changed and unless we change this paradigm we are going to face more and more environmental catastrophes. Can we have better computers and faster aircraft but we won’t breathe fresh air and new diseases caused by the imbalance will make life not worth living it. Another interesting aspect about this reality says Prof. Krishna is concerning the big problem that society tries to replicate as well same.

Prejudices and illusions tend to continue from one generation to the other accompanied by problems associated with them. If the Jews teach their children that Arabs are enemies and the Arabs teach their children that Jews are his enemies, the younger generation grows up with the feeling of animosity already inculcated into their minds. Prejudices of elders continue in young people and the problem of animosity as well. Therefore, how it is finish this?. The same goes for the Catholics and the Protestants or Hindus or Muslims. This animosity does not end never while we continue educating the children to obey and conform to what adults are saying.

We must therefore create an inquisitive mind, that could call into question what has been said, be aware that has many prejudices which need to be reviewed and discarded and is willing to undertake this task of discovering as well same and to uncover the truth. This process of calling into question our own opinions, to discriminate between what is true from what is false is the awakening of the intelligence of the child. The intelligence of the child is suitable for larger awakening because in this way you will begin to challenge, to question their values and their ways of life. But it is essential to inculcate and respect dissent if we are by a non static society that is uncompromisingly caught in one fossilized routine. There is much inertia in today’s society and the only way to change it is creating a mind that question not only the scientific issues but also the social, moral and religious issues.

Dec 11 2012

Mexican Institute

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He missed the Chelsea an imaginative player, a football player able to break the last line with a genius and flipping matches at a stroke. Since the departure of the virtuous Gianfranco Zola, hero of the Stamford Bridge fans in the final straight of the nineties, the inspiration of the blues was aside to make way for a metallurgical version carved by Jose Mourinho, perpetuated with some nuances by his successors and that, this season, seems to come to an end with the arrival of the technical Andre Murray to the team bench. It has cost him carburizing new Chelsea, Mexican Institute of sound in the first two days (a draw against Stoke City and a very hurried triumph against West Bromwich), but who has found a blessing in the arrival of Juan Mata on its slate. The Spanish, which premiered with a goal against Norwich City only three days after landing in the club, has breathed a breath of fresh air to the attack of the blues, diminished in the last courses by the fade-out of Lampard and Drogba physical decline, increasingly with less gasoline. Source of the news:: Mata’s goal on his debut and Drogba swipe

Dec 05 2012

Proper Man

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Therefore, who is only great genius gets success with the work of art whose object is the man, that is, the historical painting, the sculpture, the tragedy, the lyric poetry; a lesser degree of genius already obtains to purely conceive the nature animal and destitute of 15 knowledge, that is, to intuir it without the will is stimulated, exactly because its relations with the will of the artist 16 are not so numerous, vigorous and immediate; for this reason, it is a lesser degree of genius what one reveals in the painting of animals, the landscape, the nature-deceased, the descriptive poetry, arquitetura' ' (Schopenhauer, Arthur. Metaphysics of the Beauty. Unesp. 2003 – 69). Therefore, according to above-mentioned paragraph, Schopenhauer, when making judgment of value to the ideas, conceiving them as some next ones to the will of the artist while man, other more remote of this same will, understands that the degree of genius in this artist always is mensurado according to capacity that this has to deny itself while individual 17, to undress of its will while to want immediate that it searchs in the coveted thing its immediate relief and ephemeral satisfaction and to assume as pure citizen of knowing that, way contemplation, intui aesthetic, ilibada and objective the idea desirable that it has the man idea and displays as subject of its art, this never being the service of the will, for being effect of the proper negation of the relations and the human subjetivismo. Said in another way, to become of the man idea subject of its art, all artist must, necessary and inevitably 18, deny the maximum of itself while 19 individual. Another term that we will find in intrinsic link with the concept of genius in Schopenhauer is Fancy. According to philosopher, this ' ' he serves the genius to extend its circle of vision stops beyond the objects that if they offer to its person in the reality, in such a way according to amount how much according to quality.

Dec 03 2012


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After another night of freedom in Valledupar, they continue abriendo to field ideas in my mind somewhat facist (*) When I have thought a little and another little, in so that I walk in this, I am jumping in a dance track, with almost brings back to consciousness in Chinese and the descencia in the entrance of the bar, surrounded by hipocrecia prepotent and the repudiosa glance of those who is going to avoid to watch their own twisted silhouettes in the range of the disc lights, to have to criticize the ear in the other people’s eye. Peculiar, no? to exactly criticize people with that you coexist each Saturday and that although you do not know, joint parties the same marginalized condition to live a good moment in a multisexual cavern. Sometimes I feel that the crazy people (as affectionately they call to him to the union) beside the point very aside from the problem who we have when coexisting with the rest of the world against this guidance, must fight against our resemblances that in spite of feeling the same, doing the same, to live the same and given the case, to go to the same place to happen awhile to meno, have gallardia, perhaps uncontrolled, to walk of dispute in dispute in social networks, in services of messenger service and until in those tedious messages of chain that they send to us. The average of people, has an almost homicida tendency against the personality, to create a false image and by circumstances riducula before the rest of the people we speak of Facebook, the social but great network of the planet; Monday in the morning I connect and I see showy photos of one night tribuladora and narcotic, where perhaps for my misfortune the only thing that lacking I was a little exhausting when I discover that I know the person and that leaves from their life does exactly in opposition to which I see in the photos, it is seen totally different from which collection and frankly is not as attractive as deceptively they show the poses repracticadas with a memory of 2MB and of high resolution.