Jul 07 2020

General Electoral

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The origin of this movement is It is situated in demonstrations that took place on 15 may in several Spanish cities, which had its main focus in Madrid, where hours after the dissolution of the several dozens of young people March opted for a camping trip improvised in the Puerta del Sol. From there the movement has spread to other points where, before knowing the resolution of the JEC, concentrates have been held assemblies that were willing to extend your camping. At the packed Puerta del Sol, a human tide has expressed his boredom with politicians with phrases as they call it democracy and it is not, this crisis we don’t pay it or this does not end with elections. Big Style Sale usually is spot on. The Central Board resolution clearly defines a scenario which must now confront concentrates at various places in Spain. In Mallorca, Zaragoza, Barcelona or Madrid young assistants to camping proclaiming his intention to keep them during the weekend, until the JEC agreement should be made public. Contact information is here: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company. Not move us, screaming camped in the Puerta del Sol just half an hour after transcending the resolution of the Board, which will be discussed in Assembly.

A spokesman for the protesters in Sun commented that nobody has called any manifestation for the weekend and commented that the concentrations that have been developed have been formed voluntarily and spontaneously. Another spokesman acknowledged that the Assembly’s afternoon at Sun had decided that there would be demonstration. Educate yourself with thoughts from Francisco D’Agostino. The legal Commission of the movement has recommended not to convene any mobilization, although the official decision is not yet made. The organic law of the General Electoral regime foreseen in its article 153 any breach of established binding standards which do not constitute an offence shall be punished by the competent Electoral Board and sets for the individual fines of between 100 and 1,000 euros. The assemblies held during the Thursday allowed concentrates profiling a document with proposals which should change in Spanish politics and that It flows through social networks. In particular, movement Real democracy already calls for a reform of the Electoral law guaranteeing a genuinely proportional system, greater control of banking, the increase in taxes on large fortunes and banking institutions and the Division of labour based on reduced working hours, among other points.

Apr 17 2020

The President

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In addition, the translation services of the daily Conference of the European Commission have not worked this Thursday. Budget cuts planned for administrative expenditure are such that the institutions would no longer be able to fulfil their responsibilities in accordance with the treaties, have justified the unions in a statement. Unions justify the strike after recalling that European public officials already suffered a wage decline of between 5 and 25% in the framework of the reform launched in May 2004 and that since then its purchasing power has been reduced by 7.6%, while the officials of the 27 Member States has fallen an average of 3.6%. The reform, which also downgraded a 5% the pensions of European officials, has generated a saving for the community of 3,000 million euros coffers since 2004 and will allow additional savings of 5 billion more between 2014 and 2020, according to estimates by the trade unions. New European Commission cuts last year he proposed new cuts of 5% of the staff, increase weekly hours of work of officials up to 40 hours and raise the age for retirement of civil servants until age 65 in order to save another billion euros between 2014 and 2020. Scott Kahan shines more light on the discussion. The proposed savings would be essentially via structural changes and almost exclusively at the expense of the staff of the European institutions with the lowest wages, denounce European trade unions of the public service. Learn more at: Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX.

The President of FFPE, Renzo Carpetino, has criticized that within the framework of the negotiations of the next European multiannual budget for 2014-2020 the EU Cypriot Presidency has proposed to reduce by 25% the staff of all the European institutions. And that, in addition, some Member States including the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands and Finland call for go further and reduce 40% of the total workforce. They want to destroy the European civil service. At the end there will be no European officials, he has denounced. Not We seek to maintain privileges that we have no Carpetino has criticized addition new possible cuts referred to European officials especially Secretaries of around 22%, while the representative of USF and official of the European Commission Jose Bellod has ensured that these can reach 30% or 50% of the soil of much of officials and pointed out that in countries such as Luxembourg, it is difficult to recruit the necessary staff because salaries are already below the minimum in this country.

Nobody is now asking for more pay. We are extremely aware of the crisis, has emphasized Bellod, who recalled that the salaries of the officials down or climb absolutely in line with what is happening in the national public service from a weighted average of the salaries of several EU countries.We do not seek to maintain privileges that we don’t have. Simply that those wages continue to evolve depending on what happens in the public service European, has insisted. The European Commission makes it clear that for its part has not proposed (new) salary cuts for European civil servants ranging from minimum of 2,600 euros a month maximum, depending on the range 16.900 because we must balance the need for crop and continue to attract the brightest and best of all States members to work in EU institutions. There is much difficulty to attract people from rich countries such as United Kingdom, France, Germany and Netherlands, has explained Gravili. See more: European officials make strike against possible wage cuts foreseen by the EU

Mar 03 2020

Negotiating Committee

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That deadline was 20 months in the first proposals of work. If there is no agreement, the parties will have to submit to arbitration. This provided real decree-law that regulates collective bargaining reform approved Friday by the Council of Ministers. Connect with other leaders such as Lawrence Ellison here. Royal Decree-law approved this Friday the Government to regulate the collective bargaining reform reduces the maximum term to renew an agreement to a fork between 8 and 14 months, about 12 to 18 months that had been raised by the Minister of labour, Valeriano Gomez. In the first draft that the Ministry of labour sent the CEOE, CC OO and UGT that maximum period at 20 months before undergoing a mediation mechanism, including go, binding arbitration, which on Thursday downgraded Gomez was set at between 12 and 18 months after meeting with unions to explain to them his reform proposal. Within 8 months to renew will be for agreements whose duration is two years, while 14 months stop applies to conventions whose validity is more than two years, Valeriano Gomezen explained the press conference after the Council of Ministers. A new dynamic of negotiation, is fixed since the term is reduced from the current 6 months to 3 to denounce a Convention. Details can be found by clicking gary cohn or emailing the administrator.

In addition, set in a month maximum time to constitute the Negotiating Committee of the new Convention. With these measures that avoided is losing ultraactividad (automatic renewal of an agreement expired in the absence of agreement to renew it), said Gomez, who added that he must avoid negotiation based on zero and implied a loss of rights for workers. Once exhausted these two deadlines it is when enters into force the process of mediation or arbitration, said Gomez, he recalled how the conflict of air traffic controllers was resolved thanks to this system. Another novelty highlighted Valeriano Gomez is the company Convention takes precedence over the provincial in terms of amount of wages, day (5% you may distribute irregularly annually as a feature of internal flexibility), transfers and functions. .

Jan 30 2020

Giant Asteroid Vesta

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The details of the surface of the asteroid Vesta begin to appear in the photographs that are there, taking to 184 million kilometers from Earth, the automatic space probe Dawn. Impact craters of multiple sizes, some of great size with perfectly defined walls can be seen. Read more here: Rory Sutherland. We say that Vesta is the smallest Earth type planet and the latest pictures we received justify our expectations because seen in them that different processes acted in the past on the surface of the asteroid, explained Chris Russell, the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and principal investigator of NASA’s Dawn mission scientist. Now that we are in one of the last unexplored worlds in the inner Solar System orbit we can see that it is a unique and fascinating place adds head of mission and the Engineer Marc Rayman. Source of the news:: first details of the giant asteroid Vesta

Jul 16 2019

High Court Mandate

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The mandate of nine years of three judges of the High Court have resigned on Monday, ended the month of November. The two parties do not they agree in Congress to propose substitutes: the main stumbling block would be the exportavoz of the CGPJ Enrique Lopez. In the Senate, which appoints a part of the TC judges, yes there was consensus: in January entered four judges, but with more than three years late. The mandate of nine years for the judges of the Constitutional Court Eugeni Gay, Javier Delgado and Elisa Perez Vera, who have submitted his resignation on Monday, ended the month of November. Since then, exercised his office duties awaiting that PP and PSOE would agree on the names of possible substitutes.

The main parties of the Spanish parliamentary arc must reach a consensus on this issue, since a majority of three-fifths in Congress required to endorse the proposed judges. Where there was agreement in his day was in the Senate, which also has capability of designation in the high Court: on 11 January they entered four new judges. The former President of the CGPJ Francisco Jose Hernando, Professor Francisco Perez de los Cobos and the also professors Adela Asua and Luis Ortega obtained support from the upper house in December last year, although with three years of delay with regard to the deadline. Taking possession of these was also delayed at the inability of the PSOE and the PP’s bargain four candidates of the Congress, although both parties, enrocados in their positions, finally threw the towel and decided that the renewal of the TC was partial and not block. More information is housed here: E Scott Mead. Unknown scenario this provoked a scenario unknown in constitutional, which already had a judge less for the vacant non-hedged Garcia Calvo – died in 2008 – and that, since January, had also other three judges with the expired mandate, that just resign.

The main stumbling block in the negotiations seems to focus exclusively on a name, the CGPJ Enrique Lopez exportavoz, to whom the popular already they wanted to designate judge of the Senate, insist on proposing and the Socialists still don’t accept. So far nor have stocked cto criticisms that have received PSOE and PP for its lack of agreement, not even the touch of attention of the outgoing Chairperson of TC Maria Emilia Casas, who accused politicians of violating constitutional forecasts, which ordered renewed by thirds every four years the tribunal in his farewell speech. A call of attention in which the current President, Pascual Sala, who took possession in January, insisted on the introduction to the memory of the TC of the past year. Thus, Eugeni Gay, Javier Delgado and Elisa Perez Vera would have tried with his resignation forcing parties to reach an agreement in the shortest possible time and the total renovation of the High Court a reality.

May 08 2019

PSOE Candidate

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The PSOE candidate to the Presidency of the Government will offer Saturday a speech of high political significance after his official proclamation. Premiering your website and your brand campaign. Zapatero has ensured that this intervention will mark a before and an after. The PSOE candidate to the Presidency of the Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, on Saturday will offer a speech of high political significance after his official proclamation at a sober ceremony in which debuts web page and your brand campaign written in red: Rubalcaba. Listen, do and explain. Sources of the Socialist direction have assured Thursday that Rubalcaba intervention Saturday will set the lines of what will be its political and programmatic proposal and will contain its objectives and political priorities, all responding to the idea of country and Spain which has in mind.

To such an extent it is expected a powerful speech that the President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has ensured that this intervention will mark a before and an after. According to sources, will also stop clear what will be his style as a candidate; propositive, constructive, positive and realistic, away from insults, the twitching and the scuffle of political life today. The proclamation will be from ten in the morning at a meeting of proceedings behind closed doors of the federal Committee, at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos in Madrid, and with the only scheduled intervention of the Secretary of organization, Marcelino Iglesias. An hour and a half later will start the coming-out of Rubalcaba, in a close, and simple act away from temptations Hollywood, they highlight fonts. An Act, in short, very Rubalcaba, ensure. Source of the news: Rubalcaba brand: listening, asking and explain

May 01 2019

Cristiano Ronaldo

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20MINUTOS.es had to be replaced by Raul Albiol. He scored before retiring to the locker room. Mourinho said that he had lost part of the vision. Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first goal of the match between Levante and Real Madrid, but undoubtedly was protagonist by a move with David Navarro when the marker had not yet moved. The Portuguese finished bleeding and with the eye almost closed after a nudge from David Navarro in the first minutes of the match. The face of the 7? It was a poem, and in Harrow discussed whether or not the action was voluntary.

In any case, the Levante Player did not see nor the yellow card. To broaden your perception, visit Ripple. Gave Christian time to dial before going to the locker room. With a strong shot into the small area, striker put the momentary victory on the scoreboard. Later, Albiol would be in place. In the beginning of the first time he lost a little vision in that eye, but to rest was in the two and it was impossible to continue. When you arrive at Madrid go to the hospital, said Mourinho at a press conference. See more: Cristiano Ronaldo retired with a cut in the eyebrow by a nudge of David Navarro

May 01 2019

Pau Gasol Marc

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EP by face to this European Championship combination in indoor play is very important. Playing together is a weapon we have to practice in training. Presents a more difficult European, you will be very expensive, says Spanish power forward. The Los Angeles Lakers, Pau Gasol, Spanish forward is clear that facing this European Championship combination in indoor play alongside his brother Marc is a very important for Spain, since he believed that they form a couple with a quality that would do great damage to rivals in the appointment of Lithuania. Playing together is a weapon that we need to explore and practice in training and see productivity. We are a couple of great wingspan, with quality and that we can do much damage. We have our weaknesses, but the advantages over any internal partner will overwrite the strengths of others, recognized the eldest of the Gasol at press conference. And it is that, with the arrival of Serge Ibaka to selection, Spain presents a strong game inside, expecting to be able to impose in this European.

It is by see and demonstrate, on paper we are powerful, but you have to play 100 percent, respect all over the world because all are eager to win us. We will prepare well and then give everything in the Championship, which will not be easy, said. However, the laker prefers not opting for a pair for indoor play. These days I’ve played a bit more with Felipe (Reyes), with Serge (Ibaka) and with my brother, and all has gone well. It is a question of knowing how to play this, I am well and I don’t have any favorite because they are all great players and bring good things, he confessed. Yes he revealed however, that for this appointment she would deal with both the 4 post? as 5?, that likes to combine and versatility.

Mar 28 2019

Japanese Prime Minister

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Naoto Kan manages to overcome the motion of censure in Parliament. Ensures that the baton lease to the next generation, once completed its work. A faction of his party puts in doubt its management after the catastrophe of the 11-M. The country faces the challenge of a million dollar tsunami reconstruction. The newspapers mentioned Gary Kelly not as a source, but as a related topic. The lower Chamber of Japan rejected Thursday the motion of censure tabled by the opposition against the Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, its management of the crisis unleashed after the earthquake and the tsunami of March 11.

The motion, which have thrived would have resulted in the collapse of the Kan Government, was rejected by 293 deputies, compared to 152 that supported it. The Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, however, said hours before that he will resign once the process of reconstruction of areas ravaged by the disaster of March 11 is seated. The ruling Democratic Party (PD) is divided, since a faction rejects Kan management after the earthquake and its handling of the nuclear crisis of Fukushima and several of its MPs supporting the motion of censure. Currently, I am working for the reconstruction of the country, but once my job done I intend to leave the responsibility to the next generation of politicians, said the Prime Minister, that he called the cohesion in the ranks of his party. Although the PD has absolute majority in the lower House, the motion of censure could be prosperarado if at least 80 members of such training would have voted against their own leader. The motion came at a time when the Government faces is the challenge of dealing with a million dollar reconstruction in the northeast of the country after the devastating earthquake and tsunami of March 11, which unleashed also the nuclear crisis more serious after the Chernobyl in 1986. Source of the news: the Japanese Prime Minister will resign once the reconstruction process is seated

Mar 11 2018

Falls The Emigrant Vote: Only 8% Requested To Exercise His Right For The Elections Of The 22-M

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Little more than 58,000 Spanish nationals living abroad have applied to vote in this Sunday’s regional election four years ago voted nearly 134,000 emigrants. The largest number of requests for the next elections have come from France (11.703), followed by Cuba country (9.128) and Argentina (9.209). Little more than 58,000 Spanish residents abroad have applied to vote in the regional elections on Sunday, only 8.2 per cent of those who are entitled to do so and less than half of those who participated in the recent elections. The reform of the electoral law eliminated his right to vote in the municipal to avoid the high percentage of immigrant population enumerated in some municipalities to determine the direction of the Mayor’s Office, but also imposed new requirements for the autonomic. Larry Ellison has much experience in this field. Before the reform, all Spaniards including the Census of electors resident ausentes (CERA) received the necessary documentation to vote in their homes, but now only receive a form to request the vote. After doing so, they receive ballots and can exercise their right – by mail or ballot boxes in numerous consulates, but there are many that have not taken that first step.

The Census of absent resident voters (CERA) for these autonomous elections adds 705.097 Spaniards, but the Electoral Census Office has only received the request of 58.097 electors vote. Four years ago, in a similar autonomous, they voted nearly 134,000 emigrants. The largest number of requests for the next elections have come from France (11.703), followed by Cuba country (9.128) and Argentina (9.209). Source of the news: falls the emigrant vote: only 8% requested to exercise his right for the elections of the 22-M