Jul 21 2014

The Blueroom Project

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Yesterday I was spectator of an intense debate among friends about the sponsorship in sport. The issue arose from recent events related to corruption in Marbella, on the one hand, and doping in cycling, on the other. Companies that sponsor sporting, social and cultural business events (fairs, festivals, cycling teams, etc.) extremely important in the territorial or social area where are located and which later involved in alleged scams, frauds and Bartffeld, splashing to agencies and promoting institutions of those events (organization committees, local councils, business organisations), where does that investigate public administrationpromoter of an event, the sponsor? Should the local Corporation of shift to track rumors about alleged irregularities technical, economic, financial and commercial of the sponsor? Or, on the contrary, take the money offered to him and look for another side? In any case, when that complaint already is not a rumor but a reality, no excuse. The promoter should act accordingly and not flee forward, assuming that it has no responsibility. Some of the authors I’ve read about the referent, defined sponsorship exploring the concepts of guarantor, sponsor, patron and sponsor.

In this way lead to the definition of sponsorship, in broad sense, of Quim Roca Ferrer, partner of The Blueroom Project, as communication through sponsorship. But none digs on the social reliability of the sponsor, probably because pose it. Without going into the defence of the positions with base, arising in the debate on ideas such as patron, sponsor, sponsorship, publicity spectacle, etc, another thesis of sponsorship with which I can identify, is Henrik depart, that defines him as a means of communication that allows you to associate and promote a brand or a determined through an attractive event and a public corporation specific objective. In the Decade of the nineties I attended a conference about sponsoring, taught, among others, by, at the time, responsible for advertising of Larios, S.A. (don’t remember his name).

He said that advertising in the sponsoring appears integrated within the own show less aggressive, less interested than the conventional way. It is not what is observed lately, either at a few summer games or at a film festival (for example). And the responsibility for possible damage to the image and credibility of the institutions is already of which promotes for not putting earth’s through quickly, for sake of the event and the society.

Jul 17 2014

FIVE Running

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Run as fast as you can talk freely. QUESTION FIVE: WHAT ARE THE RACES Sportswear must be convenient, comfortable, not hindering traffic, pleasant to the touch, preferably – from natural fabrics. Do not wear clothes made of synthetic materials, so as they interfere with sweating, blood circulation and make it difficult to create a feeling of discomfort. This applies to both the upper and the lower clothing. Seamless underwear is recommended, slinky, in soft microfibre allows you to breathe flushed skin.

For clothing is recommended during the summer cotton jersey, and for training in cold weather – fine wool. Socks can be cotton or synthetic half. Sneakers – the most important thing in the race. By the choice of footwear should be approached with utmost seriousness and attention, because an incorrect selection can harm your body, 'repulsed' internal organs, rubbed his feet and delivering yourself a lot of other problems. The pleasure of running this you will not get it. Running shoes should be light and able to soften the blows, while pushing off the foot off the ground. Most suitable shoes or sneakers, especially Shoes with special air-bag.

Shoes do not have to be leather, there are now better materials: nylon, nubuck, synthetic leather, coated canvas for off-road models – all this is often greater than the skin on the durability and the ability not to let the moisture. Synthetics are now able to breathe and to test the flexibility of superior natural materials. In addition, it can be washed, foot rests on the artificial top up more organic and firmly, as synthetics do not 'afraid' of glue and plastic. Sole – this is what protects the feet from injury and damage, so all the technological advances in recent years have focused on its improvement. Sneakers should have shock absorbers in the heel, fix the ankle. When you purchase must pay attention to what the sport is designed shoes – running shoes should have the inscription 'Running'.

Jul 15 2014

Film Genre

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Laugh-dominant element in the genre of comedy, which is realized on the screen in different ways, events, plot twists, etc. Laughter allows us to lift the spirits, acquired by positive emotions, joking with friends jokes that are heard in the film, and as proved by scientists, laughter, prolongs life. As you know on the silver screen, on Web sites where you can watch online or download comedy produced a lot of comedy, with vulgar jokes or so to say 'use' jokes. These comedies can only leave the disappointment of this genre. These comedies are: 'The Incredible blockbuster', 'Superhero Movie' and others. Movies that are under the present makes you laugh and enjoy comedy such as 'Ace Ventura', 'Liar Liar' and others. Incredible comedian in this genre Dmim Kerry, his comedy does not leave the viewer indifferent to the film. Each of his comedy is full of new jokes. Jim Carrey is trying to fully live in his role and does everything to amuse the viewer. As I wrote earlier comedy so to speak with sartirnym humor can not make people laugh but we laugh, but from what? Really this is funny? Myself many times asked this question, but I still can not answer it, can affect the mood to laugh, and maybe the situation, the company. See a good comedy that truly makes you laugh, and not 'Squeeze' the viewer laugh.

Jul 10 2014

Rafael Guedes

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' ' Although let us notice a bigger demand for services of risk evaluation, not yet we feel necessity to extend our contracts with auditorias' ' , it affirms Castilho. But it can be that let us have that to make this soon ' '. Although the Cesp Foundation still to concentrate its investments in fixed income, of the wallet in December of 2004 2005 April and, the pictures December of this year already shows some alterations in the composition: in this period, the participation of the fixed income fell of 78,6% for 74% and 72%, respectively, while of the changeable income it grew of 17,2% for 21,3% and 23,4% in the same dates. The Foundation already studies investments in asset as the CRIs and the FIDCs, that considers interesting, even so in still discrete way. The president of the Austin Rating, Erivelto Rodrigues, count that since November of the last year it has noticed bigger demand of the pension funds in relation to the analysis of ratings.

' ' The investors have not only looked more information on the operations as a bigger number of senders has contracted the services of rating to get notes for its colocaes' ' , Rodrigues says. ' ' He has cases, also, of senders who contract the analysis of rating e, when they do not receive a note good, they reorganize the operation to get a classification better e, with this, to attract more investidores' ' , he explains the president of a Austin Rating.Entretanto, according to Rodrigues, nor always they obtain to carry through substantive changes in the operation to reach a bigger note. In accordance with it, even so exists many requirements to get a good classification of risk, the more selective institucional investors does not have great difficulty in finding good chances in the market. for top in the Brasil’ ‘ , Rodrigues.Para comments the director-executive of the Fitch Ratings, Rafael Guedes, the fall of the investments in public headings and the biggest search for asset of bigger risk must in the future also bring for Brazil something that already is reality in other countries: the multiplicity of ratings.

Jul 06 2014

Tatarstan Bank

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It is not always such vzaimorasschety equally beneficial to both sides and for the bank, but, nevertheless, significantly help to solve the problem. Everything is done very simply, one person repays the debt of the borrower and the bank issued apartment that opened a deposit in a bank. Many savings accounts have been frozen. Money returned slowly, and sometimes do not return. Worst of all those who managed to take the credit, and then lost his job, or for some other reason is unable to pay. And banks, meanwhile, did not know what to do with the property that they withdraw from defaulters of loans. But the version of exchange is only possible if the apartment belongs to the bank.

Otherwise, you may have many legal problems in the design documents. Now to barter transactions through internet is very convenient. There you can find the necessary free offer, advertise yourself. Various media are introduced to rubrics ad exchange. The popularity of barter evidenced by many factors. For example, the site only the first day came more than 1000 ads.

However, some experts fear that the total transition to barter can adversely affect the economy. Indeed, by barter is not possible to pay taxes, wages of hired workers. True, most are inclined to believe that the situation 90 years. When even the salaries were given Barter does not happen again. Every day, barter is becoming increasingly popular among individuals and among entrepreneurs. Exchange of goods and services to some extent displaces the process of sale. Now carry out barter transactions is very convenient, and new online projects where you can find the necessary proposal for free or advertise himself. Newspaper ads enter headings for the exchange, there new Internet-based projects. For example, the site only the first day came more than 1000 ads. The popularity of buy and barter exchanges. But in this case willing to bargain face mediation, because on the exchanges of exchange occurs with the help of brokers. It's not very profitable – brokers charge a fee for their services. Some experts worry that switching to barter can negatively affect the economy. Indeed, by barter is not possible to pay taxes, wages of hired workers. However, most believe that the situation 90 years. Where even salaries issued by barter, to be repeated. In today's economic Crisis popular solution is the exchange between the depositors of banks and borrowers of loans. Many savings accounts are now frozen. Cash back is difficult. Do not envy those who had to take the credit, as return it with each passing day it becomes more difficult. And banks, meanwhile, did not know what to do with the property that they withdraw from defaulters of loans. But the output is always, and in this situation he is in a mutually beneficial exchange. Contributor to repay the debt of the borrower and the bank, in turn, provides a flat, which raised money and people, to open a deposit. But the version of this exchange is only possible if the apartment belongs to the bank. Sometimes, several contributors agree, and change their contributions to one apartment. Such decisions must resort, as the deposit amount must be equal or exceed the value of the apartment. Here barter plays a greater role. It is not always such vzaimorasschety equally beneficial to both parties and for the bank, but, nevertheless, significantly help to solve the problem. All about Bank of Kazan. Banking portal of Tatarstan.

Jul 05 2014

Owning a New Company

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"This is a great success, – said Andrey – other companies often wait two to three months." Along with registration and a license owners of the new company is actively looking for an office. View ads in newspapers, pulling friends, just walked through the center of Moscow, and looked into the "uninhabited" areas. Nothing good, alas, does not fit. "What we were offered something beyond the ring road, the office police. And once we seem to be nearly ran into scam – says Eugene. – Suddenly there emerged a completely fantastic version of: two rooms on the Grand St. Nicholas, just opposite the gum department store, and just $ 650 a month! I simply was in seventh heaven! "Later, however, revealed that in the building, tightened building a grid until there are no tenants, and the director of certain intermediary organizations immediately post; Avila condition: pay for the three months in advance.

"There's something here I became suspicious, and we decided not to risk", – says Director of travel agencies. As a result, had to settle for a rather modest variant: a small room in the organization, located, in turn, in a Stalin-era house near the Kiev train station. From the underground to go just minutes to seven, but without detailed instructions, can not do. "We had a case: a contract with the client about the meeting. So he still got to We had time on the road to look to neighboring agencies, check to see if we tricked him.