Aug 13 2021

Western Europe

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" As a result, regular migrations community has to overcome a serious social and political implications of migration compared with those who survived the humanity in the past. In Currently, the media openly talk of a third world war for redistribution of resources about human impact on the environment and climate, over-population of the planet, etc. 8. It should be noted that the relocation nations in Western Europe, the Americas and Russia is already underway. Fate decreed that we live in an era of change. If the global migration will collapse, then in the 23 th century, our descendants will live in a very different the world and humanity as a whole will once again adapt to the changes.

A new era and will be launched next milestone in the development of human civilization. 9. I must admit that the individual, family or small group of people alone can not withstand the forthcoming climate processes. Of course, if we look at history, it is possible to trace the migration routes of peoples of the past and for themselves to decide on the change of location residence. At the state level also, if it be the will of the people, should be developed appropriate program for protecting our nation, language and culture in the broadest sense of the word. It’s believed that West Side Story sees a great future in this idea. If we Migrations inevitably, it must go through an organized, not spontaneous – like an avalanche coming down from the mountains and sweeping everything in its path! 10. The author believes that the use of a global climate cycle, equal to 825 years, can significantly help: – climatologists to establish a picture of possible climate change in areas for which there is a direct or indirect information about the climate of the past – historians – to explain the causes and consequences of disclosing historical events took place – the citizens of the world – to know the truth about the climate of the future in order to adequately respond to possible changes in climatic conditions. Apocalypse in the foreseeable future is not expected! 11. Author thanks to his wife and granddaughter, who understood the work on the subject, made in their spare time in the process of information gathering, data analysis and presentation of materials, which allowed bring this work to its logical conclusion.

Feb 15 2020

Rock Band

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I've thought, during Gorbachev's perestroika was interesting to live, except, perhaps, the last two years, when television began to press again, all progressive and democratic, but disappeared from stores absolutely everything (turn, coupons, cards – all of which I drank in full, still recall with horror). On the other hand, the 1985-89 … Oh, how much has opened a new, previously unavailable! Literature, cinema, rock group, yesterday forbidden, became available and collecting stadiums … I remembered a few concerts, which happened to be. Many writers such as gary cohn offer more in-depth analysis. I still remember the feeling … like say … enthusiastic, some winged, or something that is often encountered in my thanks to these concerts, and now for some reason, almost never occurs … But there is something to remember! 'Rush Hour' 85th year.

Synthesis of a group of 'Rush Hour', that's so, pretentious and figuratively. Music is a simple but sincere and clockwork. Now few people remember this team, and then while almost every band who played on the dance floor, was in the repertoire of their song 'Life on wheels' (group 'results' in which I played a while at a dance at Jasna Polana, was no exception). Much later I learned that this time on the keys they played unknown then, pretty half-forgotten today, and my very favorite Andrew Misin. Remember what was on the scene two keyboards, one of them, most likely, and was Misin. At this concert I attended with my older sister – I wanted to attach it to the 'beautiful' and she my musical tastes, to put it mildly, not shared.

Feb 14 2020

Muzik Parties

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If you zaportite someone else's players (pour beer for example), do not expect your manager's help in continuing the work. Pete Tong, the magazine Muzik: The best advice I can ever give to anyone who wants to spend dance parties – find another job. If you have no responsibilities, it is much easier to lose his footing. It is important to get some kind of base or earthiness. This will give you money and responsibility, which means that you never have to do other things to earn cash. " Who are they really? Organizers parties are selective about who gets their invitation. You as a DJ can perform good money dance parties five times a week, but if the organizers will not assume that you have some star potential, at least in their genre, they would not be interested. You must meet the following requirements: have a strictly defined style (though in recent years and the merging of styles vryatli worth experimenting to reduce the hard-style house with a light) to create your own songs in the studio, attract crowds in typical scene, receive promotional impressions of soft vinyl (acetate).

If you are not yet firmly established the DJ, the agent can sometimes take risks for you and make your favorite design, but only if: you are known within the space of a particular genre, you personally recommend, she heard that you are alive, and was very impressed:). Some DJs prefer to be represented by several agents / agencies immediately (usually because they do not trust anyone). It works well. You can get a lot of their own invitations, but this is rarely the way to achieve growth and value of your position. Local agencies. With increasing dance movement in Russia you can find local agencies in most cities. For many, the job is less promotion of individual DJs, and more in the administration of the talents and combined it with music formats of pubs and clubs district. As a rule, these guys do not care about your love for the genre, they just want to know what you are working hard, durable and flexible. This often implies a briefcase full of plates with "charts" and some abnormal skills of handling a microphone.

Feb 14 2020

The Radio

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Which of the given type of music you let me go to the advertising on television in the first place, if you know that among those sitting at the TV sits 60% leisure generally hard workers, and 5% is hopelessly in love? Of course, resting, entertaining romantic music. In this case the expectations of most students will come true: most likely, they will like the song, or music, so by the way sounded in the air. In their mind on a subconscious, emotional level, consolidates connection between the pleasant sensations of rest and positive emotions caused by the music. And if they decide to buy a ticket to a concert or a CD with songs that will seek to find these products. According to this principle, without further ado, come the representatives of our show business at 99% of cases: they come in the wake of the majority of listeners. At the same time efforts are minimal – only need to define what pleases most and release it in shiny wrapper. A profit is faster – consumers are willing to buy these products.

What the public likes it is easy to see from the charts, radio, determined that the public likes, quite easily. An example of such an analysis was I have shown in the article "What kind of music we love?". But there are simpler and more reliable methods, which provide, in addition, very specific, point results. It charts, evaluation of orders on the radio. Such methods take you directly to the most popular at the time of the analysis of songs and music.

Feb 08 2020

Rob Halford

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You can also note the influence of chamber and vocal lyricism Romanticism (Schubert, Schumann). On the other hand, felt the impact of European national song and dance traditions, which was due to ease of execution ‘popevochnyh’ turns on the guitar, rhythm features Power, is perceived in some cases as ‘the dance’. However, the structure of the song tracks is an integral part of creative power-metal bands, which greatly facilitates the perception of this genre for many years and keeps him in the top league of metal scene. (Not to be confused with Oracle!). The main vocals in the Powers, as a rule, ‘clean’ and high (sometimes to the piercing), so the vocals performed quite prepared singers. Following the tradition of Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford, power-up singers are tendency to sing high-pitched voices and often falsetto. Such singers as Hansi Kyursh of BLIND GUARDIAN, often recording albums using vocal polyphony, which goes back to the origins of the group QUEEN. Among the contemporary European power metal can be divided into so-called school of power metal, which differ considerably in sound, although often there is a mixture of styles and techniques. One usually speaks of the division of the Italian, German and Finnish school founders who are considered, respectively, RHAPSODY, HELLOWEEN and STRATOVARIUS.

At the turn of the 80th – 90th founding and direction of the kings of the genre HELLOWEEN, alas, much commercialized and released a number of maloudachnyh works. Power’s revival in the mid-90s – so-called second wave, three developments have contributed to – the output is very strong album, GAMMA RAY ‘Land of the Free’ (95), return to pauernoy style HELLOWEEN – ‘Master of the Rings’ (94) and strengthening of the Finnish STRATOVARIUS by the arrival of vocalist Timo Kotipelto (95). At the same time stopped on the whole successful work of groups like RUNNING WILD, RAGE, BLIND GUARDIAN, revived SCANNER, later appeared PRIMAL FEAR, IRON SAVIOR, METALIUM, EDJUY (issued the famous opera metal ‘Avantasia’, in which records participated elite power-metal party). Infusion Fresh blood was also on the part of traditionally ‘non-metallic’ powers privnesshih in a greater variety of style, national identity – the most striking examples of modern ‘non-German’ Power’s give us the Italian LABYRINTH, EDJUY, SKYLARK, Swedish HAMMERFALL, NOCTURNAL RITES, SINERGY, US-Norwegian KAMELOT, Finnish SONATA ARCTICA, NIGHTWISH (characterized by the female operatic vocals), Brazilian ANGRA. In the work of some groups has also witnessed a departure from dvuhgitarnoy model towards a more familiar hard-rock guitar and keyboard. A single word of English. As in the case of trash, the home of metal could not put real competition continental Europeans. Only in 1999, formed a band DRAGONFORCE, sliced ultra-fast power metal.

However, the English can call them at a stretch, since only the drummer is the subject of Her Majesty, and the others – South African, Canadian, Russian, a native of Hong Kong. However, it is not prevented critics plenty of lavish praise team, and even to declare them the ancestors of the new style – extreme power metal. Basic bedding power metal: Progressive Power: was influenced progressive metal Groups like QUEENSRYCHE, DREAM THEATER, characterized by a more complex structure of the music and lyrics than the usual power metal. Key representatives: ANGRA, KAMELOT Sympho-Power: characterized by extensive use of tools more specific to the classical music, or the extensive use of keyboards that mimic these tools main representatives: NIGHTWISH, EDGUY, RHAPSODY.

Mar 28 2019

Face Husband

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I want to share with you two stories about the courage and the bravery, that maybe do you think. I know one of the things that I had to work on my was the lift the voice while he argued, seemed something innate in me and the truth is that thanks to my husband I learned a great lesson, as I screamed during a discussion, the waiting patiently my end and then calmly explained me his point of view, WOW!..Now seen from outside, I was so exalted and the truth is that it looked hysterical, the truth is that now the problem was no longer significant and my state of mind was which showed how important, the truth is that without reason either since the reason for the discussion was not so bad, at that time I was the problemcall me crazy some, jejejeje .the truth is that penalty I felt with myself. Now that does all this have to do with courage, for much, I have had the courage to see my error and accept it against my husband, something which is quite difficult and you know it, and also learn from and apply it in future discussions, and that is nothing more and nothing less than to give the reason, which is really one even greater effort, since we always think that we are the right right? Finally, this Act of courage and bravery helped me to change this bad habit I had, not only with my husband, but with the rest of the world, now everytime I encounter a situation that bothers me just take things in stride, always before saying something think about it, if it is worthwhile to discuss do so calmly and without offending anyone. Accept your mistakes is difficult but not impossible when the love that is inside your heart is which speaks for you.

Dec 03 2018

Style Of Painting – Rococo, Baroque

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The most powerful influence on the emotional sphere of human form of art is painting. After all, for us to sight – the main channel for obtaining information. This kind of art not only reflects the objects, events and phenomena the real world, but also shows them already enriched experiences and opinions of the author's paintings. That is why the masterpieces of these artists so much tsenitsya.Kazhdaya picture – always carries with it its originality, the author's intention. Not There are no two identical pictures, but there are varieties of areas of painting, which largely differ depending on the social development of the late Renaissance era epohi.V emerged a style that called Mannerism. Its main elements – the elongation of the figures, the intensity of poses to build sophisticated songs, fancy effects and bright colors. Larry Ellison contributes greatly to this topic.

Dynamic and deeply emotional mannerism inherited Baroque. Baroque Art can be distinguished by its bright colors, unnecessary drama and splendor of the forms. Typical of this style is the image of subjects from classical mythology and religious songs in the background cloud neba.Iskusstvo developed gradually. Some styles were replaced by others, so to replace the exquisite rococo baroque came, characterized by a huge interest in mythology, erotic situations personal comfort. Similarly, after Rococo Neoclassicism came – is an aesthetic movement in art emerged in the late eighteenth century, which was inherent in the appeal to antiquity, the desire to oppose timeless aesthetic values alarming and controversial realnosti.Stremlenie give immediate impression from the outside world, the changing nature of the state of pictorial means – that is the source for artists – Impressionists. The most typical of the Impressionist landscape theme is created in the open air, the simple everyday motif, bringing into the picture a sense of prazdnichnosti.V end of XIX century the idea that painting intended to faithfully reflect the reality has been undermined, and in the early XX century, finally overthrown by such currents of modernism, as cubism and abstract art. Abstract – a trend which denies any depiction in art.

Artists of this movement believe that abstract emotional categories can be transferred only with the help of abstract color combinations and geometric forms, which should arouse in the spectator a variety of associations. Cubists, in turn, sought to use stressed Geometrized-conventional forms, trying to shatter objects stereometric primitives. Gain clarity and perspective on the world to simplify artistic media representatives have sought such areas as primitivism. They believed that a child's naive view of things all help to clarify, to remove distractions and make it difficult detali.Na today artists have left many of their fairy-tale masterpieces, in which one can see not only the soul of an artist, but the world in which he lived – his eyes.

Jun 07 2016

William Shakespeare

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I do not want what appears to be. Perhaps William Shakespeare, W. Shakespeare did not want to, and apparent love for him. However, it seems, for after his death and the death of his wife Anna of his century, no one has ever loved and not for real. And the main evidence put forward by the prevailing situation is precisely during these centuries the perception of his sonnet 55. Not marble, nor the gilded monuments Of princes, shall outlive this powerful rhyme; But you shall shine more bright in these contents Than unswept stone besmear'd with sluttish time.

When wasteful war shall statues overturn, And broils root out the work of masonry, Nor Mars his sword nor war's quick fire shall burn The living record of your memory. 'Gainst death and all-oblivious enmity Shall you pace forth; your praise shall still find room Even in the eyes of all posterity That wear this world out to the ending doom. So, till the judgment that yourself arise, You live in this, and dwell in lover's eyes. The test is divided into stanzas of a sonnet, it was easier to pay attention to its main point. Contains the most important thing in his last stanza and the key. And since no one well-known author and translator of the readers failed to pass this important fully, the author is left with no choice but to offer his own rhymed translation of this verse and the sonnet key.

But after his death and oblivion hostile You go ahead and praise thee a crown of all the new lay generations until their way is not a barrier since the end. While all of us to call upon the Court does not, you live in the hearts of those who love you and here. When people truly love of Shakespeare is more, it will be more extensively consider these lines, more carefully analyze their real meaning and their relationship to the actual state of affairs at the time of Shakespeare's writing them, and after it. Today, we can confine ourselves to the remark that every person who loved, loved or to love Shakespeare truly felt and understood, feels and understands, feels and understands that in this sonnet by W. Shakespeare wrote about himself, not about some totally unknown young man. If only because that William Shakespeare, as a single person in the world until now, hated verbiage. And it remains only to express a faint hope, that we are approaching the end times verbiage is still out of sight, and the future of the court will not fear and yet many people really feel to understand and love Shakespeare.

Feb 28 2016

European Union Directive

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Since the XIX century absinthe became a drink of Bohemia. His fans were Guy de Maupassant, Vincent van Gogh, Arthur Rimbaud, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Baudelaire, Guillaume Apollinaire, Oscar Wilde, Edgar Degas, Edouard Manet, Pablo Picasso, Erich Maria Remarque, and others. Absent immortalized lines of poetry, paintings and even skulturami (bronze ‘glass of absinthe’ Picasso). In the early XX century, absinthe was subjected to persecution. There is a theory that it leads to absinthism syndrome, characterized by addiction, hyperexcitability, and hallucinations. In the 20 years of absinthe was banned in many European countries as well as because of low quality produced a significant proportion of the XIX century beverage and its high strength, many became motivated abuse of absinthe alcoholics. They were called ‘absentistami’, and the disease ‘absinthism’, which often turns into hallucinatory form, and then in schizophrenia.

The consumption of absinthe considered ‘ticket’ in a lunatic asylum. It should be noted that the consequences of abuse in those days mainly attributed contained in the essential oil of wormwood bitter substance – thujone. However, with time, people began to realize that ‘the conviction’ absinthe, not all arguments are persuasive. It was found in particular that ill-fated thujone though it has negative characteristics, causes serious bodily injury, only in the use of absinthe in very large quantities – a few liters a day. And hurts them most likely was due, firstly, the low quality alcohol, used in the manufacture of absinthe, and secondly, it is very high-strength drinks – up to 72%. These and other investigations led to the fact that in 1981 European Union Directive absinthe was legalized in the countries – members of the organization. However, the EU’s restrictions on the composition of modern absinthe.

Thus, the content of thujone in it should not exceed 10 mg / kg, which is lower than the concentration of the substance in absinthe sample of XIX century in 26 times. Sold today in Europe, absinthe – this is not the drink that was persecuted century ago. Absinthe can be yellow, brown and even red, but most of all – emerald green. It was called ‘La Fe’e verte’ – ‘Green Fairy’, or ‘Green Witch. ” It was believed that green light that produces the drink in the minds of bizarre poetic images. The main component of absinthe, wormwood addition, an anise. It as a valuable medicinal and food plant used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. This absinthe is very bitter and very strong alcoholic beverage made from an extract of wormwood (hence the name of the drink, after a bitter wormwood in Latin, ‘artemisia absinthium’). The composition of absinthe also contains extracts of many medicinal herbs such as fennel, anise, lemon balm. In order to keep essential oils in the drink requires a high concentration of alcohol: that’s why absinthe has a strength of 70-75% and sometimes 80% (Swiss absinthe).

Dec 10 2014

Soviet Union

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Chkalov in 1957 began manufacturing high-altitude aircraft supersonic interceptor "T-3", developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau (a little later the aircraft will be named "Su-9"). "T-3" was really "piece goods". They took on board 3,250 pounds of fuel. By May, sixtieth in Novosibirsk has created aircraft, who got 3,720 lbs. A half-ton of extra fuel – this is a much greater range, larger line interception and well short of altitude of 20km. It would seem that the history of Soviet rocket troops shot down over Sverdlovsk May 1, 1960 an American spy plane "U-2", piloted by Francis Powers, know everything, but the question, "So who shot down a spy?" remains a "mystery" in the history of the Soviet Union.

Since 1956, high-altitude reconnaissance Powers flew over the Soviet Union, across virtually the entire country at an altitude of 20 thousand meters. He flew over Moscow, Leningrad, over, over top-secret facilities of the country – including Baikonur over, and over the Semipalatinsk nuclear testing ground, and on secret polygons in Sary Shagan,. (According to U.S. intelligence, the Soviet Union has neither the aircraft nor missiles capable of destroying inaccessible Y-2"). Airplane Y-2" had an extremely lightweight airframe with a large wingspan, equipped with special high-altitude turbojet engine. Powers by May 1960 has made 27 flights over the Soviet Union, had flown a total of more than 500 hours. By 1960, flights, "U-2" got Nikita Khrushchev, as the saying goes "to the livers." Khrushchev was proud of the cosmos – the first satellite, flying dogs.