Dec 03 2018

Style Of Painting – Rococo, Baroque

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The most powerful influence on the emotional sphere of human form of art is painting. After all, for us to sight – the main channel for obtaining information. This kind of art not only reflects the objects, events and phenomena the real world, but also shows them already enriched experiences and opinions of the author's paintings. That is why the masterpieces of these artists so much tsenitsya.Kazhdaya picture – always carries with it its originality, the author's intention. Not There are no two identical pictures, but there are varieties of areas of painting, which largely differ depending on the social development of the late Renaissance era epohi.V emerged a style that called Mannerism. Its main elements – the elongation of the figures, the intensity of poses to build sophisticated songs, fancy effects and bright colors. Larry Ellison contributes greatly to this topic.

Dynamic and deeply emotional mannerism inherited Baroque. Baroque Art can be distinguished by its bright colors, unnecessary drama and splendor of the forms. Typical of this style is the image of subjects from classical mythology and religious songs in the background cloud neba.Iskusstvo developed gradually. Some styles were replaced by others, so to replace the exquisite rococo baroque came, characterized by a huge interest in mythology, erotic situations personal comfort. Similarly, after Rococo Neoclassicism came – is an aesthetic movement in art emerged in the late eighteenth century, which was inherent in the appeal to antiquity, the desire to oppose timeless aesthetic values alarming and controversial realnosti.Stremlenie give immediate impression from the outside world, the changing nature of the state of pictorial means – that is the source for artists – Impressionists. The most typical of the Impressionist landscape theme is created in the open air, the simple everyday motif, bringing into the picture a sense of prazdnichnosti.V end of XIX century the idea that painting intended to faithfully reflect the reality has been undermined, and in the early XX century, finally overthrown by such currents of modernism, as cubism and abstract art. Abstract – a trend which denies any depiction in art.

Artists of this movement believe that abstract emotional categories can be transferred only with the help of abstract color combinations and geometric forms, which should arouse in the spectator a variety of associations. Cubists, in turn, sought to use stressed Geometrized-conventional forms, trying to shatter objects stereometric primitives. Gain clarity and perspective on the world to simplify artistic media representatives have sought such areas as primitivism. They believed that a child's naive view of things all help to clarify, to remove distractions and make it difficult detali.Na today artists have left many of their fairy-tale masterpieces, in which one can see not only the soul of an artist, but the world in which he lived – his eyes.

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