Feb 15 2020

Rock Band

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I've thought, during Gorbachev's perestroika was interesting to live, except, perhaps, the last two years, when television began to press again, all progressive and democratic, but disappeared from stores absolutely everything (turn, coupons, cards – all of which I drank in full, still recall with horror). On the other hand, the 1985-89 … Oh, how much has opened a new, previously unavailable! Literature, cinema, rock group, yesterday forbidden, became available and collecting stadiums … I remembered a few concerts, which happened to be. Many writers such as gary cohn offer more in-depth analysis. I still remember the feeling … like say … enthusiastic, some winged, or something that is often encountered in my thanks to these concerts, and now for some reason, almost never occurs … But there is something to remember! 'Rush Hour' 85th year.

Synthesis of a group of 'Rush Hour', that's so, pretentious and figuratively. Music is a simple but sincere and clockwork. Now few people remember this team, and then while almost every band who played on the dance floor, was in the repertoire of their song 'Life on wheels' (group 'results' in which I played a while at a dance at Jasna Polana, was no exception). Much later I learned that this time on the keys they played unknown then, pretty half-forgotten today, and my very favorite Andrew Misin. Remember what was on the scene two keyboards, one of them, most likely, and was Misin. At this concert I attended with my older sister – I wanted to attach it to the 'beautiful' and she my musical tastes, to put it mildly, not shared.

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