Aug 30 2016

Nowruz Reception

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Hafiz society greeted the Persian calendar year 1391 on the occasion of this year’s Iranian new year (Nowruz) the Hafez company based in Hamburg on March 23 for a lunch reception at the Ocean Club at the new Jungfernstieg invited. Among the approximately 50 invited guests from politics, science and Economics were among others the Iranian Consul-General Mostafa Khoshahval, Turkish Consul General Daniel O’Brien, Mayor a.D. Dr. Henning Voscherau, as well as a.D. Reinhard Stuth Senator for culture.

President of Hafez society Kourosh Pourkian stressed the importance of the Nowruz celebrations for the world’s 300 million people as a Festival of joy, of new beginnings and the reconciliation in his welcoming speech. In Hamburg alone, the Festival will celebrated by more than 15 000 citizens and was therefore an important expression of the cultural diversity of the Hanseatic City. With a quote of the American President Barak Obama, who congratulates every year especially the Iranian nation for this festival, Pourkian reminiscent of the harmony and Peace-making intention of the Festival of which should bring not only families but also peoples of each other. Culture Senator a.D. Reinhard Stuth, pointed out that the Nowruz Festival to a certain religion or a certain nation is bound.

Sometimes its implementation on the part of Government forces had been hampered. A special importance therefore three thousand years, after this was celebrated for the first time, the recognition of the Nowruz celebrations of the United Nations as part of the cultural heritage. Accordingly, Nowruz should not be ignored in the Hanseatic City. With views of the namesake of the inviting company, the famous Persian poet Hafez, Santos stressed that the Nowruz Festival like the great work of this Schirazer poets belong to all people. The poetry Hafez ‘ formative sense of beauty, good and true, as well as the deeply human themes of the poet, of love, separation and enjoyment of life Act, a big door to a much deeper understanding of Iran opened in addition, beyond the policy”. so Santos. The Iranian Consul said Khoshahval like today Nowruz in Iranian families is celebrated simultaneously with the beginning of the year to renew relations with the members of the family and to consolidate. Disputes and dissonance would settled through mutual visits respect for the relatives and sympathy expressed in his life. Consul General Khoshahval turned out the peace-loving tradition of the Iranian nation, which has a heritage of more than three thousand years, and wished for the future a peaceful co-existence of all peoples–equal to a family that is reconciled through the Nowruz Festival. Traditionally, fish during the Iranian new year feast is celebrated 13 days, is served as a main meal. This happened also on the reception of the Hafez company. Then Persian sweets and dates have been submitted, and those present gathered around the festively decorated new year’s table the so-called arrest, sin. On it were the seven traditional Objects, that names all begin with the same letter sin in Persian to every Iranian new year’s table include, and set up. There, the Festival took its rightful conclusion. Hafez-Gesellschaft e.V. maintains cultural relations between Germany and the Iran Association for cultural dialogue the Hafez company events, which are open to any interested and are largely free of charge to members and supporters. These events contribute to a better understanding of the political, socio-cultural and economic developments in the Iran, as well as in the region.

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