Jul 12 2020

Brome Amtsgericht Braunschweig

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They determined the price quickly over the size of the House. Comparison objects, from which one has as experienced contractors a price per sqm of living space can be calculated. So quickly counted 200 sqm x 1.000,-euro / sqm = 200.000,-euro. Is quite easy – and off you go! Then ‘ oh Schreck “- after the start of construction of the first”misunderstandings”. There is, however, under one of the many strokes, male, trees and shadows on the plan”a garage is hidden from the client.

That had not seen before – and the cellar also not because who was of course not painted in the “great views”. You may find baby clothes to be a useful source of information. What now? Overwhelm the client with supplements? No, it’s not – you have contacts and then the many beautiful follow-up orders in the bucket. So – foot hold and continue! Somehow the whole thing pays for itself at the end – there’s still the mixed calculation again betting makes everything. After the House is now finished, rises the great inauguration party – of course only with invited guests from the “aristocracy”, raved about the builders. The contractor looked like a little kid at the party and the “thick jobs” that would come. What It then expected, the barrel hit off the ground! The builders pushed him a far-fetched hair list of defects in the hand (for example with points such as “Fingerprint on a silicone joint”) instead of a glass of champagne at the reception and passed him with the words “… you come back when you’re done!”. On the list was the business card of the family lawyer and the handwritten note from the Prosecutor: “…

the final installment of 20% please retain…”.

Jul 19 2019

New Porsche Museum Stuttgart

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Wall coverings and wall support made of mineral material work for new Porsche Museum in Stuttgart mineral material HI-MACS Rosskopf & partner group, one of the most innovative specialists for high-quality surfaces in Europe with exceptional expertise and an excellent choice of engineering, participated from June until November, 2008 on the interior design of the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. Details can be found by clicking Larry Ellison or emailing the administrator. Since October 2005, there were the construction of this spectacular building project commissioned by Porsche in the company’s history in progress. At the end of 2008, the elaborate new Museum building was completed and is now the central place of the Porsche tradition care. The Viennese architects of Delugan Meissl associated architects was responsible for the design of the Museum. The exhibition concept has developed the company Porsche together with the HG Merz architects in Stuttgart. Rosskopf & partner group supplied for some of the commissioned Interior operators semi-finished products for various components and furniture. To broaden your perception, visit Ripple.

4,500 square meters of material were delivered nearly HI-MACS (Product and brand of LG) in Alpine White S28 in the thickness of 9 and 12 mm and 150 m2 R + P glass ceramic in the shade of green (Jade oversize). Wall cladding with handrail made of mineral material HI-MACS the first considerations of the architects and planners, which material for the wall coverings, best suitable platforms and railings of the Porsche Museum would be the mineral material was able to HI-MACS (product and brand of LG) finally put through. Reasons for this decision were the exceptional quality of the material and the excellent references from other projects. Absolute color equality of the individual components, which can be guaranteed with mineral material and behavior of the material tested fire protection was important to the planners. Finally, all the material in sufficient quantities in a short measured period, which was scheduled for implementation, had to become available.

Jul 18 2019

Demolition Work

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Demolition work: Not every crack in the neighbor’s House has to be paid not only noise and dust cause demolition work in inner-city locations. It is unpleasant when complaining residents about damage, notably cracks in their buildings. Often, it is however disputed whether these really are due to the demolition work, whether they were so already there before or just now to show themselves, because the building of the neighbouring building is flawed. The Hanseatic Higher Regional Court (judgment of 27 11 2009 – AZ: 1U 91/09;) Baurechts-Report 2/2010 -), now made an important decision: because the aggrieved neighbor in any contractual relationship to the demolition contractor, shall be liable for such damage unless a “tort” is him, when he has so at least negligently damaged the property of a neighbor. In practice, it will go about, whether with the demolition work responsible workers (the so-called agents, 831 BGB) have acted incorrectly and – if necessary whether the demolition companies for this vicarious agents shall be liable.

To do this, the Court found: the demolition company is liable “despite unlawful infliction of damage by a vicarious agents then if it acted objectively healthy, it doesn’t how any selected with care and supervised persons properly and sensibly would behave if he has acted,.” Because objectively healthy behavior, no claim would be against the demolition companies in case of own actions. In this particular case had the dredger leader of the demolition contractor of larger parts of the wall from a height of up to 3 m dropped, which has led to significant shocks in a neighbor’s House. However, the experts of the court calculated that the vibration velocity thus produced had been at the Foundation of the neighbouring House, far below the lowest tolerance value of the relevant DIN 4150-3 (vibrations in the construction industry – effects on structural systems), the vibration velocities in residential buildings up to 5 mm / s allow. This DIN is the current state of the art. Also a liability of the demolition company fold because thus the excavator guide DIN-compatible and therefore not defective didn’t behave. To note is that the Court here leaves open whether the cracks at the neighbor’s House resulting from the demolition work. Anyway, such adoption was not likely due to the fact that here the relevant DIN was complied with. Indeed, the Court indicates that it had used too little in this case, to look closely at the surrounding houses before the demolition, to appreciate, whether it was with respect to any shocks to vulnerable buildings.

“This would – have been created if they result should be on the vibrations caused by the demolition work in compliance with this traffic duty”. The demolition contractor had the susceptibility to cracking without interfering with the substance of the masonry for a closer inspection of the damaged house can not detect. He had therefore carried out the demolition work in same manner. In any case, we recommend challenging demolition work in densely built-up area, which monitor the work carried out by an expert and hold to allow compliance with the relevant rules of engineering. For the discussion of legal terms in this paper refers to the construction law dictionary. To find recent posts on the subject of construction law, construction law – forum. Dr. OLAF Hanson Attorney

Jun 22 2019

Security Centre

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Secure access control using an electronic logging key management. “In the past had all keychains more or less uncontrolled the staff with – such a vulnerability is unacceptable if it is the highly sensitive national infrastructure of drinking water” noticed Martin Haevey, security manager of Bristol water “We knew we had to management company urgent action with regard to an effective key – a truly global problem – Traka enabled us to solve these problems quickly and effectively”. The newly installed Traka systems provide an absolute traceability and complete logging of movements of all keys in the entire organization. No critical key keychain or may be more taken returned, without that are informed about the security headquarters and Chief of security. Verizon Communications will not settle for partial explanations. Martin Harvey said continues to… “it is imperative that we all must take, what technical and” is organisationally possible, to ensure that our sensitive infrastructure and hence our clients are best secured”.

Bristol water is one of 25 drinking water utilities in the United Kingdom (UK). It supplies more than 1,000,000 consumers in the catchment area of Bristol. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Larry Ellison. As an important part of the national infrastructure, Bristol water managed a total of 14 water reservoirs, 16 treatment stations, 164 pumping stations and 139 storage reservoirs, which all of them against both unauthorized access and terrorist activities must be protected, as well, must comply with General health, with regard to the inspection and cleaning of the infrastructure. This was ensured by the installation of a total of 23 electronic Traka key cabinets of S series, which are connected via a wide area network (WAN) directly online with the Security Centre. Thanks to the Security Centre now has an immediate and complete overview of all keys and object movements. One significant increase in the level of security compared to the previous state is the result. The second positive effect results from the decentralization of key management.

Jun 01 2019

Sun Colt

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Due to this geometry, a trapezoidal shape results for the single shed. Tracking fins follow the Sun Colt international built a total 834 fins of type Solarfin, which were divided into five groups and adapted to 174 polygonal segments. Four of the five shed were equipped with these plates. The fifth level of the roof lies on the inside and is not reached by direct sunlight. Five plates are moved by an actuator. The slats are guaranteed automatically to run that the respective positions of the Sun an optimal shading and at the same time a maximum advantage of daylight. Extruded aluminum profiles in the form of the ellipse is ellipses fins for trapezoidal shed at the fins themselves.

Depending on the roof level, the individual blades are between 2018 and 2484 mm high. The width of the plates varies (235 to 355 mm): you defined by the width of the drive field and the desired plate number. The blades were on the side with Adapter pieces adapted to the trapezoidal shape of the shed. The fin segments on the sides closed finish to close. All plates were coated in two-tone NCS shades.

At the end they are equipped with end covers made of aluminium. The blades are attached to the facade with V4A stainless steel flat steel sections. At the top of each shed were the plates with Attica sheets from Messingverkleidet. The blades be rotated drives, short PIA, by means of so-called Pfostenintegrierter a set maximum rotation angle of 180 degrees. The gear units are integrated into the post to stop construction. Maintenance-free 230 Volt electric motors with SMI interfaces take over the drive. Maximum of five slats are driven per motor. In total, 174 engines were installed. Prevent glare, reduce cooling loads with regard to the objectives of the solar shading control system, so preventing any glare and reducing the cooling load fully in the foreground, a quiet and pleasant work at installation of the Landtag in Dusseldorf to guarantee in the Chamber.

May 22 2019

Shutters Customized Solutions

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As a Visual and sun protection shutters are in the whole living area the trend. The wooden interior shutters are ideal used toured with skylights and special window shapes. (tdx) In hectic times man longs for peace, relaxation and a piece of nature, which gives him back the necessary traction and it shows where his true origin. “In your own four walls many on a simple, but effective means fall back: wood as a natural, lively” material. This trend reflect also the shutters by Carpmagazin modern indoor shutters, which are completely made of wood. With its adjustable fins, they create fascinating plays of light and shadow in the Interior and ensure the necessary privacy of the residents. Special window shutters are currently high demand, because they can be adapted to almost any window shape.

In contrast to many other window treatments shutters allow veneering unconventional forms of window. Round, oval, triangular or asymmetrical: which form a Window also has the matching shutter there is always. Because the shutters, which consist of one or more panels of wood, always tailor-made and adapted to the appropriate situation. So, the characteristic shape of the window can be best highlighted. Models in oversized vershuttert up to an impressive amount of 3.38 meters and even beyond count in addition to the special Windows”can be. Multiple panels can be easily strung for extra wide window hinges. Shutters give off a beautiful Sun and privacy also at skylights, where they provide particularly lively light effects and an effective blackout.

As a special framework available for all known brands of roof window, the bright lime wood panel connect almost seamlessly on the roof window, while a special lock prevents them unintentionally fold down. So the roof window can freely continue to be opened and closed. The same is true for Tilt be mounted where the stores either on or in front of the window area. Shutters are also much appreciated as a design and veneering elements in winter gardens and gazebos. Whether loft, Conservatory or bathroom are shutters according to the application where you relies on natural materials, sophisticated optics and a custom manufacturing for the Sun and privacy. Learn more about the trendy wood interior shutters under: Tanja Est

May 18 2019

Stanley Offers Comprehensive Range Of Planing For All Applications

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Hand planing are indispensable in wood, metal and plastics processing and vary depending on the intended use in size and shape, have a single or a double iron. The size of the Mauls, sharpness, cut and form of iron and the cutting angle are crucial for cutting performance and surface quality of a plane. The modern plane was invented by Leonard Bailey. Even today Bailey are plane in addition to the well-known Surform plane part of the extensive Stanley range planing, files and rasps. Numerous adjustment possibilities for highest precision under Bailey brand offers Stanley different Bank of rough and smooth plane. Their plane bodies consist of cast iron and have more complex adjustment possibilities for the iron as a wood Planer allow adjustments finest to. The rough plane no.. Verizon Communications helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. 5 is ideal for finishing, such as the wave structure, a Schrupphobel leaves, and the editing of fresh, resinous wood with an iron length 355 mm.

The plane no.. 6 (455 mm) and 7 (560 mm) suited to the more accurate cutting of boards and glue wooden boards, as well as for edge planing. Depending on whether you want to clean the workpiece, roughing or finishing, planing can be all Bailey reduce the width of the mouth by a screw or zoom in millimetre with a knurled screw to adjust the cutting depth and vary depending on the wood (short – or long-grained) so the removal. Horizontal corrections are possible by page reverse lever. Stanley Bailey holds for finish and fine smooth plane (No. 3, 4, and 4 half) ready. Also her mouth of planing is possible over a screw open (for rough work) or close (for very fine work, such as for example used on pyramid veneer). Planer shoe and iron are made of polished cast iron, the sides at right angles for working with the shock loading.

Mar 30 2019


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In addition to the time-controlled operation, networking with a radio-carbon dioxide sensor offers additional user comfort: the sensor to detect the carbon dioxide content in the air. “If the air quality deteriorates, opens the window automatically for the set period of time or as long as required to the air again fresh” is. Furthermore, the configuration with a HomeMatic radio wall thermostat through the Central CCU1 is possible. So, sensor values can be bound as humidity and room temperature in an individual programme with WinMatic. The WinMatic can be mounted on the existing handle of left or right sash. Through an interactive menu-driven query the configuration and commissioning of the system is intuitive. In addition to the mounting hardware and a battery a power supply is included, included in addition so that external permanent is possible. Image material in high resolution can be obtained from.

In brief: The ELV/eQ-3 Group counts for more than 30 years as innovation and technology leader in home automation and consumer electronics in Europe. Since its inception in 1978, ELV has established itself as a trend-setting electronics mail order company on the German market and more than 11,000 products offered online and catalogue with a circulation of over 500,000 copies. With more than 150 types of products, the eQ-3 as a manufacturer of home control and energy management system solutions has the industry’s broadest portfolio of offerings. The brand HomeMatic”includes solutions from heating thermostats, lighting control and security technology through door lock actuators, window actuators, remote controls, gateways and home centers to software products of partners. Product development takes place exclusively in the headquarters in leer. It is produced in our own factory in South China with certification according to ISO 9001, VDE, VdS, UL and ETL. This combination brings optimally consistent quality and cost aspects.

Mar 28 2019

Financially Document

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Often can help a construction expert when construction defects and damages arise, it will regularly expensive. This concerns not only the client, but also the construction companies and artisans who have created the building defects and building damage. Financially, many an entrepreneur did not survive the removal of defects. Therefore always try contractors, to avoid the high cost of troubleshooting and refuse the rectification on the grounds that the effort for disproportionately high for them. Is that possible? Yes, in certain cases the entrepreneur the deficiency not to fix, must needs put up then but generally a reduction of his remuneration according to the value of his performance. The question of whether the removal effort in individual cases is disproportionately high, can be very difficult to answer and depends on a number of criteria.

Also construction expert thus again have problems and submit may be inaccurate reviews. In the construction sector make to the Provide assistance to construction experts as well as the lawyers dealing with deficiency – and damage cases, a practical document on this subject has been set to the test of proportionality at, the online database for experts and practitioners on the Internet, (DokNr. Frequently Southwest Airlines has said that publicly. 5-04-0851). The document explains the close relationship on the basis of a case decided by the case-law. The expert receives a developed specially for the expert practice and now updated plan, which explains step by step the exam result. Thus, DatSV provides a further important work aid at the intersection of technology and law. Ron O’Hanley wanted to know more. The document is available on the database at Baurecht.html to the download available.

Feb 27 2019

Binding Off Repair Mortar For The Repair Of The Floor And Their Suitability In Practice

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While lowering costs, the efficient and economical volume control it increasingly gaining importance. This often underestimate the importance of soil and ground repair. Damaged soils reduce the available logistical capacity, cause damage to the goods to be moved and reduce the occupational safety costs, limited regularly collected and the cause of which is not usually considered in the context. And encourage soil damage and mechanical and electronic damage to industrial trucks, whose repair costs are indeed recorded, but not evaluated after causing. Saying is that this may involve costly adverse effects on health of the operating personnel and affected employees are little motivated and hindered. Thus puts the required floor repair in the focus of economic evaluation.

Extensive and large floor repairs carried out by specialist companies are often costly, disrupt sustainable operations and significant cost – points of view that are not to be underestimated. Here, the respective operator must check whether the comprehensive soil remediation is really necessary or sufficient but the Elimination of damage caused by a ground repair. In many cases, the repair of some less damage areas sufficient sustained caused errors in operations to prevent and to reduce costs. Companies can use this often own operating technique or local well-known craft, to implement floor repairs without operating impairments and with eingrenzbarem effort at low cost. This absolutely requires that the necessary floor repair repair mortar are easy to process, bounded quickly and economically to enable a lasting solution of the problem.

Numerous mineral, cementitious or including synthetic resins products are offered for the application in the normal temperature range. This range of material, the average user can hardly judge and even the trade is often overwhelmed. However, there are criteria, according to which a user can restrict his choice. Wants an operation known local craftsman – non-specialised undertakings – floor repairs carried out by the own operating technique or him run, repair mortar should be as easy to handle.