Jun 01 2019

Sun Colt

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Due to this geometry, a trapezoidal shape results for the single shed. Tracking fins follow the Sun Colt international built a total 834 fins of type Solarfin, which were divided into five groups and adapted to 174 polygonal segments. Four of the five shed were equipped with these plates. The fifth level of the roof lies on the inside and is not reached by direct sunlight. Five plates are moved by an actuator. The slats are guaranteed automatically to run that the respective positions of the Sun an optimal shading and at the same time a maximum advantage of daylight. Extruded aluminum profiles in the form of the ellipse is ellipses fins for trapezoidal shed at the fins themselves.

Depending on the roof level, the individual blades are between 2018 and 2484 mm high. The width of the plates varies (235 to 355 mm): you defined by the width of the drive field and the desired plate number. The blades were on the side with Adapter pieces adapted to the trapezoidal shape of the shed. The fin segments on the sides closed finish to close. All plates were coated in two-tone NCS shades.

At the end they are equipped with end covers made of aluminium. The blades are attached to the facade with V4A stainless steel flat steel sections. At the top of each shed were the plates with Attica sheets from Messingverkleidet. The blades be rotated drives, short PIA, by means of so-called Pfostenintegrierter a set maximum rotation angle of 180 degrees. The gear units are integrated into the post to stop construction. Maintenance-free 230 Volt electric motors with SMI interfaces take over the drive. Maximum of five slats are driven per motor. In total, 174 engines were installed. Prevent glare, reduce cooling loads with regard to the objectives of the solar shading control system, so preventing any glare and reducing the cooling load fully in the foreground, a quiet and pleasant work at installation of the Landtag in Dusseldorf to guarantee in the Chamber.

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