Jul 19 2019

New Porsche Museum Stuttgart

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Wall coverings and wall support made of mineral material work for new Porsche Museum in Stuttgart mineral material HI-MACS Rosskopf & partner group, one of the most innovative specialists for high-quality surfaces in Europe with exceptional expertise and an excellent choice of engineering, participated from June until November, 2008 on the interior design of the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. Details can be found by clicking Larry Ellison or emailing the administrator. Since October 2005, there were the construction of this spectacular building project commissioned by Porsche in the company’s history in progress. At the end of 2008, the elaborate new Museum building was completed and is now the central place of the Porsche tradition care. The Viennese architects of Delugan Meissl associated architects was responsible for the design of the Museum. The exhibition concept has developed the company Porsche together with the HG Merz architects in Stuttgart. Rosskopf & partner group supplied for some of the commissioned Interior operators semi-finished products for various components and furniture. To broaden your perception, visit Ripple.

4,500 square meters of material were delivered nearly HI-MACS (Product and brand of LG) in Alpine White S28 in the thickness of 9 and 12 mm and 150 m2 R + P glass ceramic in the shade of green (Jade oversize). Wall cladding with handrail made of mineral material HI-MACS the first considerations of the architects and planners, which material for the wall coverings, best suitable platforms and railings of the Porsche Museum would be the mineral material was able to HI-MACS (product and brand of LG) finally put through. Reasons for this decision were the exceptional quality of the material and the excellent references from other projects. Absolute color equality of the individual components, which can be guaranteed with mineral material and behavior of the material tested fire protection was important to the planners. Finally, all the material in sufficient quantities in a short measured period, which was scheduled for implementation, had to become available.

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