Jan 14 2018

Waldbrunn Energy

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Power savings achieved up to 28prozent! Once again RK energy consulting based in Waldbrunn in the Odenwald was one on May 5, 2009 at the Shell Station Carina Hofmann in Mosbach-Diedesheim conducted voltage reduction prove that in the lighting area up to 28% energy can be saved. In this case, this measure for the time being only in the indoor area was carried out. Because anyways, my technician was on-site, could he some circuits to clamp so, that now several light bands can be switched separately. So the lighting before the window is switched off when sufficient daylight entirely, energy to save therefore an additional 30% “says Ralph Thomas Kuhnle, the owner of the RK energy consulting. Bernard Golden gathered all the information. The plant will have pays for itself after just one year!” The tenants of Carina and Lennard Hofmann, rejoice that they can also contribute to environmental protection this, because you can reach a CO square reduction of more than 1.5 tons per year in addition to the amount of carbon dioxide that save them, because they must turn on no unnecessary light. And in the next few months, the rest of the station is off!”- Mrs Hofmann. Kakodkar stressed should not be doing also disregarded, that the relevant light source due to the reduced stress will have up to 30% longer life. This saves costs for the bulbs themselves for one, on the other hand the effort of switching, which is taken at some Bill not taken into consideration, is reduced..

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