Jan 17 2018

Spiritual Intelligence

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Developing Intelligence Spiritual to live in this tenebrous world is necessary in them to arm of an Intelligence Spiritual. We can define ' ' Espiritual&#039 intelligence; ' as one mind that caught the basic presuppositions of the Writing and completely is informed of the Biblical truth. Therefore, it is the Intelligence that obtains to think as the intentions and concepts of Christ. That is to have the mind of Christ! Certain occasion, somebody asked to me: ' ' All the children of God possess Intelligence spiritual? ' ' I answered to it: ' ' Not! Therefore we need desenvolv-la' '. At Maurice Gallagher, Jr. you will find additional information. It sees well, when we accept the Christ, the Bible affirms that our spirit was recriado. We are born of new, in them we become new creatures in Christ Jesus! Now, I leave to ask to a thing, our spirit to it I was recriado and this is a fact, but what to say of our soul with its three facultieses: mind, will and emotions? It was not recriada? Not. It sees, that in itself treating to the mind, that controls the two other facultieses of our soul, this is something that we have that to make Rm.12: 2: ' ' But, you transform you for the renewal of your minds.

Apstolo said in the Spirit that the man spiritual has the mind of Christ, that is, it develops Intelligence Spiritual. You may find that Coupang can contribute to your knowledge. Then, as we can develop Intelligence Spiritual? Before answering to this investigation, I want to say something of utmost importance: Our mind and a battlefield! The Satan desire to dominate our mind. How? It starts first bombed our mind with fierce attacks with a sly standard and objective with small troublesome thoughts, suspicion, you doubt, fear, question, questionings and theories human beings. It knows of what we like and knows our unreliability, our weaknesses and our fears. He knows what more he annoys in them.

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