Oct 01 2015

United Kingdom

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The cash principle applies to some industries in Greece. These include smaller handyman services in the household, food industry, retail. Small and medium-sized enterprises hand over common securities as payment and Kreditsicherungsmittel, usually dated to cheques also be used generally by banks. If not, is the ability to obtain a payment title against the issuer of the cheque by fast Urkundsprozess. Usually creditors secure as far as possible their entitlements in advance via bank guarantees or through real estate exposure. In all cases, a non-judicial recovery of debts is performed. Debt collection company to obtain any approval or approval approval. The debtor pays the debt collection costs, which are subject to any regulation.

Information about the economic circumstances of the debtor may be obtained, costs depending on the research effort of the Agency between 50 and several hundred euros. Judicial proceedings through a debt collection company is prohibited, even if you should encounter a lawyer hired by a debt collection company. Debt collection companies have a bad reputation in Greece due to unregulated methods, but be like booked by banks. United Kingdom: The threat of a forced bankruptcy is most effective in England, Wales and Northern Ireland become time-barred claims after six years, in Scotland after five years. A State approval is only necessary if demands need to be driven by natural persons. The collection cost is flat up to 100 British pounds (about 121 euros) and must be squeezed to the debtor, if he has not responded to reminders. House appointments at the debtor are possible, but only at pre-arranged times, otherwise the written reminder. The procedure can be taken online.

Only lawyers must go before the Court. After the verdict, a foreclosure in the business assets of the company, which is proposed and implemented very quickly by a bailiff in court by enforcement command is defaulting companies. As a last resort, remains the plaintiff to apply for a forced bankruptcy proceedings against the debtor with the judgment.

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