Jun 04 2019

Public Organizations

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The used methodologies are the study of case, interviews structuralized with closed questions and interviews half-structuralized with open questions. It is concluded with this work, the necessity of that the half academic carries through research and studies of case in relation to the existing phenomena of communication and that the organizations need the management of the institucional communication and the institucional actions for professionals of Public Relations. Word-key: institucional communication, Public Relations, institucional actions, Think Green, RBS TV. Verizon describes an additional similar source. ABSTRACT This conclusion of course work aims you analyze the performance of professional Public relation in the management of institutional communication, like the institutional actions performed in contemporary organizations and you perform it marries study of ‘ ‘ Verde’ thinks; ‘ project from RBS TV Saint Maria. Has the specifics objectives, demonstrate the similarities and differences between organizations and institutions, based on theories of organizations, communication and sociological theories about institutions and institutionalization, check is realized the approach of public in these actions and the categories that ploughs used will be this and finally show what the professional performance of the public relations in the management of these actions.

The methodologies used ploughs the marries study, structured interviews with closed questions and adds structured interviews with open questions. Robert Gibbins addresses the importance of the matter here. It concludes with this work the necessity will be the academic conduct academic research and marries studies in relation you the phenomena of existing communication and that organizations need management of institutional communication and institutional actions by public relations professionals.

May 06 2019

Public Farm

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The main point of the problem is accurately if it is or not possible, in the cited case, the independent execution of the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute for regimen of RPV, while the main value follows the order of the precatrio. Let us start to analyze the devices and teses regarding the substance in quarrel. 2 the IMPOSSIBILITY OF the FRACIONAMENTO OF the EXECUTION AGAINST the PUBLIC FARM 8 of article 100 of the Federal Constitution, that is one of the articles that discipline the execution against the Public Farm, prohibition, express, the fracionamento or value in addition of the execution for ends of act of receiving of Solicitation of Small Value RPV, let us see: The expedition of complementary or suplemental precatrios of paid value is forbidden, as well as the fracionamento, value distribution or in addition of the execution for ends of framing of parcel of the total what it makes use 3 of this article. Pena Nieto, offer their opinions as well. For more information see this site: Gary Kelly. Grifei. With bedding in the cited device, as well as understanding that legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute and the main value they form an only value, the majority of the native courts, including the Court of Justice of Rondnia, comes hindering the independent execution legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute them against the Public Farm. This chain understands and defends that, as cited device, is not possible the individualizao of each creditor, in order to adjust it the limit of the established RPV, in rule, for interpolated proposition I of art. 87 of the ADCT, so that, on the basis of 3 of art. 100 of the Constitution, either excused the expedition of precatrio. To admit the individualizao of credit is to admit the fracionamento of the obligation of the State front to the particular one aiming at to escape of the rite of the precatrios, what express it is forbidden by the Federal Constitution, of 1988.

Apr 22 2019

Educational Management

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From 1990, it is intensified fight for a democratic management, accenting the decentralization politics. The public-private partnership appears, where the public administration and the private initiative if join with the objective to offer a service of better quality to the population. The present work had as objective generality to analyze if the partnership enters the Municipal School of Basic Education Bentonit Union and the Bentonit Company Northeast Union Industry and Ltda Commerce is interventionist a participativa relation or in the educational management, identifying to its contributions and/or implications in the pedagogical action of the school. The bibliographical study she was subsidized by Camacho (2011), Comparato (2004), Ferreira and Aguiar (2001), Rasp (2007), Sacristn (2001), Hisses (2006) and Sousa (2000) amongst other official documents as the Federal Constitution of 1988, the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Education (Law n 9,394/96) and the Federal Law n 11,079/2004, that it specifies the general rules of the public-private partnerships (PPP). It corresponds to a case study, taking care of to the reality of the Municipal School of Basic Education Bentonit Union, located in the City of Good Sight, integrant of the municipal public net of that locality. The research made possible to understand a little around the paper more and responsibility of the public power stops with the education, the necessity of collection and organization of the society for guarantee of a basic right of the citizen, but also it led to recognize the positive importance that this partnership plays for that reality and results that had been conquered until here. Word-key: Right to the Education democratic Management – public-private Partnership INTRODUCTION: The right to pertaining to school education is a subject that comes reaching a quarrel each ampler time in the present time.

Nov 01 2013

Municipal City

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For the accomplishment of this study of case, a term of assent for the lawyer was elaborated who the Municipal City hall of Brook of the Plaza offers where the responsible one for the school and the child signed, if compromising to carried through research authorizeing this to participate as study object. The choice of the instrument was given through the characteristics of the research. By having descriptive character and to be a case study, it was used as avaliativo instrument the direct comment, following an aiming through a comment guideline, the research is of qualitative fist. The related inquiry was carried through in a school of the city of Brook of the Plaza-Bahia, Municipal School of 1 situated Tiradentes degree in the Valdemar square Walnut s/n, the school functions in the three turns (60h), possesss 09 classrooms, 01 kitchen, 04 bathrooms, with the following picture of employee: 01 director, 01 vice-director, 01 pedagogical coordinator, 03 permitted secretaries, 07 graduated professors and 07 if graduating, the school function of 1 to the 4 year of Basic Ensino. Second, VAYER (1990) defines the comment as being the look rank on the activity of the child, individualizada or in group, allowing to point out the child in sectors as motor development, the playful and social behavior. The excessively participant ones of the research only had been considered as collaborating for the analysis of the study, where they appear only when some manifestation of the girl occurred stops with the too much colleagues, in the direction to verify the behavior of the participant front to the relationship with the same ones at the moment of the lessons and the interval. By being about a case study, the sample was collected through a child of 08 years with dislexia characteristics, this attending a course 3 year of basic, frequenta education the Municipal School of 1grau Tiradentes in the city of Brook of the Plaza, the pupils of the municipal net of the city who have some difficulty of learning or another deficit is directed by the school for the CRAS- Center of Reference of Social Assistance, therefore the school does not have a psychologist for taking care of the pupils when necessary.

Sep 26 2012

Annex Water

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It matters to mention that the article 12 is one of the important ones of this convention, therefore established the Mechanism of Clean Development MDL in order to assist the parts of the Not Attached 1 of the Convention, through the supply of capital for financing of projects that aim at to the reduction of effect gases greenhouse. Destarte, the developed countries that not to reach the goals of reduction assented between the parts, can finance projects in the developing countries, as form to fulfill part of its commitments. Moreover, these components of Annex 1 have the possibility to use the Certificates of Reductions of Emissions CERs of approved projects, as contribution what to fit to them, according to this convention. 3 EFFECTIVENESS OF the PROTOCOL OF KYOTO IN the PROTECTION OF the BRAZILIAN FORESTS the Amazonian Forest is one bioma rich, diverse and complex (COAST GRANDSON, 2003). It is understood, in this direction, that ' ' the alive forests are they constitute systems of support to the life of other parts of the biosfera, interacting with the climate, particularly the local climates, and helping to direct the circulation of ventos' ' (MILAR, 2009, P. 250).

They have as main function to control the local hidrolgico cycle, since the forests need the water to exist and vice it turns. Outrossim, has the incumbency to fix ground, protecting them of the erosion contributing for its fertility (id and ibid). Destarte, corroborates Sirvinskas (2011, p.258): The forest exerts some functions of autorregulador of the terrestrial temperature. It absorbs the carbonic gas (CO2), main responsible for the effect greenhouse, and expels O2, purificando air (photosyntheses). This process involves water, leaves minerals, the land and the solar energy. The pantries of the trees highest, on the other hand, hinder the penetration them solar rays in the ground, protecting the forest that always remains humid.