Sep 26 2012

Annex Water

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It matters to mention that the article 12 is one of the important ones of this convention, therefore established the Mechanism of Clean Development MDL in order to assist the parts of the Not Attached 1 of the Convention, through the supply of capital for financing of projects that aim at to the reduction of effect gases greenhouse. Destarte, the developed countries that not to reach the goals of reduction assented between the parts, can finance projects in the developing countries, as form to fulfill part of its commitments. Moreover, these components of Annex 1 have the possibility to use the Certificates of Reductions of Emissions CERs of approved projects, as contribution what to fit to them, according to this convention. 3 EFFECTIVENESS OF the PROTOCOL OF KYOTO IN the PROTECTION OF the BRAZILIAN FORESTS the Amazonian Forest is one bioma rich, diverse and complex (COAST GRANDSON, 2003). It is understood, in this direction, that ' ' the alive forests are they constitute systems of support to the life of other parts of the biosfera, interacting with the climate, particularly the local climates, and helping to direct the circulation of ventos' ' (MILAR, 2009, P. 250).

They have as main function to control the local hidrolgico cycle, since the forests need the water to exist and vice it turns. Outrossim, has the incumbency to fix ground, protecting them of the erosion contributing for its fertility (id and ibid). Destarte, corroborates Sirvinskas (2011, p.258): The forest exerts some functions of autorregulador of the terrestrial temperature. It absorbs the carbonic gas (CO2), main responsible for the effect greenhouse, and expels O2, purificando air (photosyntheses). This process involves water, leaves minerals, the land and the solar energy. The pantries of the trees highest, on the other hand, hinder the penetration them solar rays in the ground, protecting the forest that always remains humid.

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