May 21 2019

Innovative Solutions

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Senftenberger software specialists look back in June on 20th anniversary 20 years PC-soft to have 20 years of innovative solutions for the benefit of the customers look Senftenberger software specialists in June 20th anniversary back it fills with pride, that we succeeded, established itself as a medium-sized company of the international region of lower Lusatia. Global applications of our software product, ZEDAS, as well as support services for system integration, consulting, service and support have shown this”so Wolfgang Jahn, founding member and Managing Director of PC-soft GmbH from Senftenberg contains, the past 20 years together. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Verizon Communications has to say. Founded in 1990 as a three-person company has the Senftenberger software company now has more than 55 employees and achieved an annual turnover of approximately 5 million in 2009. The company’s clients include international market leaders, such as the Vattenfall Europe mining AG, FAM GmbH, Vossloh locomotives and Captrain Germany. Thanks to loyal customers, competent staff and our high-performance solutions we succeeded, to exist 20 years successfully on the market. As a future-oriented systems integrator we pursue this way purposefully in the sense of a best customer satisfaction”, says co-founder Ulrich Lieske, Director of system integration. A continuous development and improvement of our software product ZEDAS provides investment security and should support. our customers with their administrative and operational tasks as best as possible “, added Klaus Ward, head of quality management and founding member of PC-soft GmbH.

Also for the year 2010 the company its growth targets, allowed however in June, at least for an evening, during an anniversary celebration at the own history and successes of the past to look back and to celebrate these tracks. About PC-soft GmbH since 1990 the PC-soft GmbH has Germany and Europe as a leading provider of logistics solutions and technical asset management established. In particular for the railway sector, the company offers specialized solutions for computer-aided management of logistics processes, vehicle fleets and railway facilities. Using mobile devices work processes be designed more efficient and safer for all involved a solution that was awarded with the Safety Award 2005 BBG. Maintenance and condition monitoring of technical plants which can be territorially distributed in the Centre are in the field of asset management. The standard software products zedas asset and zedas cargo allow the implementation of modern, centralized service concepts for manufacturers, operators and service providers.

Apr 15 2018

Auditors Preparation

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Cooperation between and W.S.. material service Herisau, November 09, 2010 – cooperation between and W.S.. material service. It’s believed that Philip Vasan sees a great future in this idea., the search engine for catalogues is pleased to announce that under… three new catalogs from W.S.. material service are available. The material service GmbH with headquarters in Essen has her professional interests in the areas of materials and material testing, heat treatment and materials engineering and railway.

Material tests by their accredited testing laboratory, investigations, consultations and audits by the accredited inspection bodies whose services include among other certified training. The programme contains, among other ways: destructive testing:-radiography level 1 – radiation protection for Auditors – radiography preparation course – magnetic particle testing preparation course – radiography level 2 – magnetic particle testing level 1/2 – penetrant testing level 1/2 – radiation protection for Auditors Preparation course – Visual inspection level 1/2 – penetrant preparation course – ultrasonic testing level 1 – ultrasonic testing level 2 – Eddy current inspection preparation course – materials technology preparation course – Eddy current testing level 2 – magnetic particle testing preparation course – magnetic particle testing level 1/2 – penetrant testing level 1/2 – Visual inspection stage 1/2 destructive testing: – chemical analysis and spectrometry – hardness testing – mechanical and technological tests – metallography qualitative structure analysis – metallography quantitative structure analysis – introduction to the failure analysis – spectrometry – hardness testing – mechanical and technological tests heat treatment: – Fundamentals of heat treatment – thermo-chemical surface treatment basic course – structure and properties of metals already for the fourth time chooses the KfW banking group the State winners in the nationwide competition. GrunderChampion service was the material in the Federal State of NRW. A top-class jury judge this by the Criteria of economic success, creation and preservation of labor and training, ethical responsibility, and the reconciliation of family and career. The price is within the framework of the German Founder and entrepreneur days (TradeFair), held on 29 and 30 October 2010, awarded in Berlin. The material service thanked all participants and takes at the same time as order the award, to engage in equal measure for the future.

Aug 22 2017

ETL Group Is The Main Sponsor Of The NetSTART Awards

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Ideas competition for entrepreneurs in the net economy, August 13, 2010. The ETL group is the main sponsor of the netSTART Awards, a nationwide contest of ideas of the University of Duisburg-Essen for innovative business ideas in the net economy. The award is decided already this year, after the successful premiere in 2009, for the second time. Ten start-up teams are to the final in October 2010 in the technology centre ComIn home in Essen invited: money and prizes waving it in the amount of 20,000 euros. Germany needs entrepreneurs, because the founders of today are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. That’s why we promote sustainable ideas and help creative teams to build of their company”, Stefan Rosenbauer by ETL says group, which will present the netSTART award at the awards ceremony at the happy winning team.

“Sure to success: consulting for founders of new businesses under the motto competencies which complement each other” the ETL Group offers also legal and business advice to tax consultancy as well as Auditing. Offices of the ETL group accompany their clients in their entire business activities: from its inception up to the succession. So they can focus on their core competencies and be sure that they are always optimal advice. Up to 1,500 euros for entrepreneur free request service especially entrepreneur promotion benefit from this integrated service concept. From the creation of the business plan and of the financial arrangements of the conveyance to special success building and successful backup programs: individual solution concepts provide the necessary security at all tax, legal and economic challenges founders.

By the way: After consulting a grant in the amount of 50% of the consulting fee (maximum 1,500 euros) at the Federal Office of Economics and export control (BafA) may be requested. Assume that submitting the ETL consultant as a free service. More information about the ETL is consulting It is under. Terms, deadlines and an application facility for netSTART award will find at. More information and imagery get you at: ETL European tax & law e. V. Andrea Jochum stone RT 41 45128 Essen Tel.: + 49 201 24 04-372 fax: + 49 201 24 04-XXX E-Mail: Internet: ETL European tax & law stands for holistic advice in the Federation. ETL is one of the leading tax consultants associations of in Germany has more than 1,000 accountants, lawyers, business consultants and chartered accountants in over 600 locations. Numerous clients mainly in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) trust for nearly 40 years on the advice of the ETL experts. Through multidisciplinary collaboration in the Federation, the ETL firms offer a complete all-round support: clients are optimally supported at all tax, legal, and economic challenges of their business activities. Uniform Standards, as well as the sharing of latest IT and Office management systems ensure the consistently high quality of advice. Service line range from classic tax consulting and auditing of management consultancy to down to financial services such as financing and factoring. Specially developed business solutions meet the needs of specific industries and interest groups, such as petrol stations, health care professionals, seniors, and car dealerships.

Feb 16 2015

Short Term Loans, Self-fulfilling Your Personal Finance Needs

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Short term loans are the best alternative for self-fulfilling your personal finance needs. So instead of opting for long term loans, short term longs can facilitate you. Here s to the article outlining details about short term loans. Are you looking for taking a loan for your business undertakings or for your personal undertakings? Then why go for a long term loan? Why not for a short term loan? Long term loans are big in amount and it is months and years to repay them with a takes high rate of interest, why do you need to keep that burden for so long? Instead go for short term loans. Short term loans are granted for a period of a few weeks or for a month, there is no minimum or maximum amount set on the description. The borrower can take loan for any sizeable amount and the rate of interest compared to long term loans is extremely low. The procedure for applying for a short term loan is so very easy and flexible.

Before taking a short term loan you must be equipped with all the information related to that, i.e. the repayment procedure, last date of repayment, amount of rate of interest to be levied, risks involved if any. These loans are provided only if you are earning a monthly income, which guarantees the bank that you are able to repay the loan taken i.e. you are eligible for the loan only if you have a fixed monthly income. You can apply for the loan by directly going to the bank or through online.

The procedure is simple then. The bank provides short term loans for personal use, for small business requirements for purchasing vehicle, mortgage loans, for educational purposes, etc. Short term loans are for a short period so they are easily repayable, the application procedure is very easy, the borrower can borrow any sum of amount, the rate of interest is very low, it is very beneficial to persons who have a bad credit score, these loans are very useful during cash emergencies, these short-term of loans are very flexible, you can therefore use credit cards for receiving immediate cash. As you can see there are no much ill effects of going for a short term loan, so not to worry as short term loans want these fulfill all your small cash requirements easily and effectively! Annisa Nelson is financial advisor of no. credit check short term Loans.For more information about payday loans and Guranteed Payday loans tips Visit