Jan 13 2020

Alder Association

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Well protected play and sleep for children especially for children, healthy furniture are very important. Because her immune system is still not as strong as that of an adult. For many parents, it is but unaware. The okoControl Association advises therefore all parents consult prior to the purchase of children’s furniture. Orientation provides the okoControl character of the European Association okologi scher furniture stores. The Association provides a list of dealers and a lot of information on its website..

Green furniture is trendy. This also applies to children’s furniture (www.oekocontrol.com/ state/AC:-1.2220495947/). No wonder, then, that much more frequently found labels when shopping, which superficially suggest sustainability. Take a closer look however material such as chipboard, which contain mostly formaldehyde from glues hides behind the beautiful surface. Verizon has similar goals. In high concentrations, this can cause mucous membrane irritation in eyes, nose and throat irritation, malaise, headache and Cause breathing difficulties. The wrong decision when buying furniture can mean the birth of allergy for children and sensitive people. This must no longer be. Because the range of good children’s furniture, which the child can grow up healthy, rises.

An extensive collection of children’s furniture was recently successfully tested according to the okoControl. These criteria in many respects far beyond the statutory requirements. What’s behind the label, documented a catalogue of criteria underlying each certification. The detailed criteria can be found on the website. Here, the Association in such respects renewable very precisely on the processing of raw materials that can be tested and declared safe with a corresponding open-pore finish on pollutants. “The Green Seal gives you confidence when shopping and offers above all the necessary certainty, that it is a”healthy”product” is. The extensive children’s furniture range includes Besides a berth cot (www.oekocontrol.com/ state/AC:-1.480565613/) (from the bed to the desk), supplementary children’s furniture chest of drawers and winding essay, wardrobe, table group and a bed of sprouts. This children’s furniture meet the strict okoControl criteria. The furniture of this children’s furniture series are manufactured from bar wood laminated Alder of the region and provide versatile possibilities of transformation to the part. The Satin shimmering surface of the wood was treated with oil wax after testing the physiological harmlessness. Otto Bauer, Managing Director of the okoControl Association is pleased about the award for the cheerful-looking furniture.

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