Jul 07 2020

General Electoral

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The origin of this movement is It is situated in demonstrations that took place on 15 may in several Spanish cities, which had its main focus in Madrid, where hours after the dissolution of the several dozens of young people March opted for a camping trip improvised in the Puerta del Sol. From there the movement has spread to other points where, before knowing the resolution of the JEC, concentrates have been held assemblies that were willing to extend your camping. At the packed Puerta del Sol, a human tide has expressed his boredom with politicians with phrases as they call it democracy and it is not, this crisis we don’t pay it or this does not end with elections. Big Style Sale usually is spot on. The Central Board resolution clearly defines a scenario which must now confront concentrates at various places in Spain. In Mallorca, Zaragoza, Barcelona or Madrid young assistants to camping proclaiming his intention to keep them during the weekend, until the JEC agreement should be made public. Contact information is here: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company. Not move us, screaming camped in the Puerta del Sol just half an hour after transcending the resolution of the Board, which will be discussed in Assembly.

A spokesman for the protesters in Sun commented that nobody has called any manifestation for the weekend and commented that the concentrations that have been developed have been formed voluntarily and spontaneously. Another spokesman acknowledged that the Assembly’s afternoon at Sun had decided that there would be demonstration. Educate yourself with thoughts from Francisco D’Agostino. The legal Commission of the movement has recommended not to convene any mobilization, although the official decision is not yet made. The organic law of the General Electoral regime foreseen in its article 153 any breach of established binding standards which do not constitute an offence shall be punished by the competent Electoral Board and sets for the individual fines of between 100 and 1,000 euros. The assemblies held during the Thursday allowed concentrates profiling a document with proposals which should change in Spanish politics and that It flows through social networks. In particular, movement Real democracy already calls for a reform of the Electoral law guaranteeing a genuinely proportional system, greater control of banking, the increase in taxes on large fortunes and banking institutions and the Division of labour based on reduced working hours, among other points.

May 08 2019

PSOE Candidate

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The PSOE candidate to the Presidency of the Government will offer Saturday a speech of high political significance after his official proclamation. Premiering your website and your brand campaign. Zapatero has ensured that this intervention will mark a before and an after. The PSOE candidate to the Presidency of the Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, on Saturday will offer a speech of high political significance after his official proclamation at a sober ceremony in which debuts web page and your brand campaign written in red: Rubalcaba. Listen, do and explain. Sources of the Socialist direction have assured Thursday that Rubalcaba intervention Saturday will set the lines of what will be its political and programmatic proposal and will contain its objectives and political priorities, all responding to the idea of country and Spain which has in mind.

To such an extent it is expected a powerful speech that the President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has ensured that this intervention will mark a before and an after. According to sources, will also stop clear what will be his style as a candidate; propositive, constructive, positive and realistic, away from insults, the twitching and the scuffle of political life today. The proclamation will be from ten in the morning at a meeting of proceedings behind closed doors of the federal Committee, at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos in Madrid, and with the only scheduled intervention of the Secretary of organization, Marcelino Iglesias. An hour and a half later will start the coming-out of Rubalcaba, in a close, and simple act away from temptations Hollywood, they highlight fonts. An Act, in short, very Rubalcaba, ensure. Source of the news: Rubalcaba brand: listening, asking and explain