Mar 07 2019

Markus Bohme

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The EXUWEG specialist flat rate created concepts for cleaning and maintenance services, usually are not firmly predictable. Use of latest innovative nano-technology and development of concepts for surfaces in the region can be found at contact Gottingen: EXUWEG specialist Gottingen Sonja Kattge / Markus Bohme rear village InStr. 25 37434 Rollshausen Tel.: 05528 / 999 870 fax: 05528 / 999 871 mobile: 0176 / 411 161 48 E-Mail: EXUWEG AG EXUWEG, a nationwide leading expert for the development of plans, in Halle (Saale) by the present Chief Executive Officer Sven circulation founded in 1994. In addition to the graffiti and paint removal, EXUWEG offers its customers also special cleaners, such as algae, MOSS and chewing gum removal and brings Protection systems not only against graffiti on. Especially the surface finishing using by nano-technologies to focus future marketing. EXUWEG expects its franchisees according to expertise in sales, leadership and the commercial sector. EXUWEG operates with 50 franchise partners in the entire Federal territory, and offers many of the concepts around the subject of surface in addition to graffiti removal, surface protection systems and the application of nano-technology. The company is nationwide cooperation partner of House and basic and works exclusively for many of the large discounters, insurance and housing administrations. Selected products & services investment advice – masonry protection – coating – removal – removal – removal of graffiti – entrepreneurship – facility management – facades – facade cleaning – franchise – building-cleaning services – building services – graffiti – graffiti removal – craft – high and construction – timber engineering – career – corrosion protection – painter – surfaces – surfaces protect Surface protection – surface finishing – products – cleaner – cleaning processing interested in more information? Do you have already experience in sales, management, new media, and Office/PC? Nationwide flexible are you?