Sep 11 2019

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What each of us is dreaming? Well of course that to be successful in life and succeed in the three most important endeavors: to fulfill themselves in their profession, to find a happy family and get a safe comfortable home. The company "3 Engineer 'happy to help you find a comfortable cottage, which will meet all your requirements and will be home of your dreams. Modern people are tired of the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. So most people seeks to find harmony with nature and surround yourself with items made from natural organic materials. The house – a place where a person spends an enormous amount of time. Learn more on the subject from Verizon Communications. So, the ideal home should not be only beautiful and reliable but also safe for habitation. It is therefore important to choose the right frame for the house that will serve you faithfully for many, many years. Our company specializes in building cottages of high quality raw materials that meets all safety requirements.

We carry out the construction of cottages on standard and custom designed based on advanced technology and rich experience. The advantage of our company is to provide a full range of services related to building a house, starting from project preparation and finishing decorating the interior and putting the house under the key. Believe me, we know a lot about construction. Entrust home construction company "3 engineer" We are ready to build your dream house! We supply very high quality frames of rep. Mari-El. Centuries-old traditions of wooden architecture. Selected winter forest rolls.

Any project. Any finish. Check out Gary Kelly for additional information. Inexpensive. Representative in Moscow energy properties of trees Dendroterapiya – a method of treatment and prevention, which uses the healing properties of trees. Most people do not suspect that almost all the trees have a direct healing effect – for which it is sufficient only to lean against him! Trees heal mind, stimulate the heart and stimulates the metabolism, relieve headaches pain, reduce the effects of stress … dowsing experts from the Institute of Health of Great Britain say that every tree has the aura (energy accumulating space). The effect of this bio on the biofield human health effect is explained. Trees have such a powerful energy force that can cure many diseases are not worse than traditional medicines. Association of Engineering dowsing were conducted numerous experiments, which allowed to define three types of interaction between man and the tree: one tree species feed off our bodies vital force, others take the negative energy, others are neutral. Specialists of the Moscow Institute of Information Wave Technologies believes that in contact with the tree man is no "recharge" or "taking away" of energy occurs. Just a tree around itself a weak electromagnetic radiation, and if the frequency of the radiation coincides with the frequency of electromagnetic radiation of man, there is a resonance, there is an increase of energetic activity.

Apr 29 2019


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Author’s Note: this article due to its length was divided into two parts, to be published one weekly. Then part 1: I left as premise that non-fulfilment of our great wishes (become a millionaire, transformed into the best player in any sport, etc) is a consequence of the bad thoughts that Ego sends us. While contra attack that we employ, is through the goals and objectives we set, clarifying that although these two nouns appear to be synonymous, actually for this concept that I’m talking about are not so; Yes they complement, because the goals are containers that has to come after that are the targets of such goals. I.e. the goals would come to be one of the last steps to run, but that topic I will speak particularly in another article; While in this I will focus on the goals taking them as the roads on which they move and grow our positive thoughts (loyal soldiers). In previous post had already spoken about the goals and the perseverance as a fundamental concept in the way that all we are looking for, but on this occasion I DFSG such analysis into the heart of his actions. The best way to explain this is giving an example of this, which is what I’m doing constantly. I base my research, first reading the teachings of other authors and by combining the reading of the Bible by interpretation and then to convey my own experiences about the points that I am trying to; i.e., I myself become the Guinea pig. To illustrate this experience then go back to June 25, 2009, when I published my first article; there my goal was to write an article every week. Then move on to March 8, 2010, which is when I begin to realize actions in pursuit of my greater wish (to give conferences on the law of attraction), even more important than becoming a millionaire (after all if my previous wish is fulfilled the latter is one consequence of that other).