Jul 01 2020

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We are tired of seeing the bargains and the special cheap flights that offer certain Internet portals (search engine for cheap flights) However, when it comes to the truth are very few who actually have gotten a cheap flight and this is for several reasons: 1.-an Internet portal offers a cheap flight and when making the reservation we spend with a web of flights, and this, in turn, with the low cost airline. As we see intermediaries there are what more expensive flight, and also confuse low cost airlines with traditional companies and travel websites. All this is because are somewhat per cent of flights sold in the low cost airline through its website with as Tradedoubler or Zanox affiliate programs. 2. Searchers of cheap flights updated its database every day at a certain time.

If this course of intermediate time not updated its search engine do not appear certain offers of flights than on the website of the airline’s low-cost if they appear (and remember these flights disappear quickly). 3.- They announce the prices of flights without taking into account the fees and taxes or of course luggage. 4. This type of portals sell one or two flights at low cost and extend your advertising in General to the rest of flights. Why if we reserve a flight and not are lucky to get one of these few flights arrive an email saying that flights at that price have been exhausted for that date but they have flights at prices tripled, with what our frustration will increase.

Our advice is to use this search engine for cheap flights for several reasons: 1. include all low-cost carriers and not some like the rest of search engines (without mixing web of travel or traditional companies). 2 We have not been Commission by third parties of any kind. 3 We regularly publish all offers that offer these low cost companies based on their deals newsletters. We advise reading tips and tricks to get cheap flights. Conclusion: it is convenient and more economical to use the web because it is a database of cheap flights and low cost airlines. Perhaps the process to find a cheap flight is slower and requires more effort but I think that it is the only way of finding cheap flights and no advertising for cheap flights.

Apr 29 2019


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Author’s Note: this article due to its length was divided into two parts, to be published one weekly. Then part 1: I left as premise that non-fulfilment of our great wishes (become a millionaire, transformed into the best player in any sport, etc) is a consequence of the bad thoughts that Ego sends us. While contra attack that we employ, is through the goals and objectives we set, clarifying that although these two nouns appear to be synonymous, actually for this concept that I’m talking about are not so; Yes they complement, because the goals are containers that has to come after that are the targets of such goals. I.e. the goals would come to be one of the last steps to run, but that topic I will speak particularly in another article; While in this I will focus on the goals taking them as the roads on which they move and grow our positive thoughts (loyal soldiers). In previous post had already spoken about the goals and the perseverance as a fundamental concept in the way that all we are looking for, but on this occasion I DFSG such analysis into the heart of his actions. The best way to explain this is giving an example of this, which is what I’m doing constantly. I base my research, first reading the teachings of other authors and by combining the reading of the Bible by interpretation and then to convey my own experiences about the points that I am trying to; i.e., I myself become the Guinea pig. To illustrate this experience then go back to June 25, 2009, when I published my first article; there my goal was to write an article every week. Then move on to March 8, 2010, which is when I begin to realize actions in pursuit of my greater wish (to give conferences on the law of attraction), even more important than becoming a millionaire (after all if my previous wish is fulfilled the latter is one consequence of that other).