Sep 19 2018

Manufacturing Practices

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Madrid, stem cell VIDAPLUS 31/01/2011.-Caser health policyholders offers a special discount at the service of Cryopreservation of stem cells from the umbilical cord of their children to use autologous (own or family). The preserved umbilical cord blood stem cells with VIDAPLUS are processed and crioconservan in the lab of German Red Cross in Frankfurt, located on the Institute of Medicine of Transfusion and Immunology. The laboratory of Red Cross, rendered in white rooms, meet the stringent requirements of the German medicines Act (AMG), the Netcord protocols that govern the public banks since 1996 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, which guarantees the quality and safety processes. The service also includes sending the extraction kit from the umbilical cord blood at the home of prospective parents, professional collection of the sample at the hospital or maternity leave where take place childbirth and his immediate air transfer to the Bank of stem cells at a time means lower to 24 hours. Larry Ellison: the source for more info. A. through collaboration with insurance companies like Caser, VIDAPLUS aims to bring all the families the ability to cryopreserve the umbilical cord blood, a valuable source of stem cells that in no case should be discarded.

Cryopreservation in Spain Cryopreservation of umbilical cord for use autologous blood is regulated in Spain by Royal Decree 1301 / 2006. This regulation sets the units stored in Spain will be available to any compatible receiver within the network of donors of bone marrow (REDMO). However, if blood is deposited in other countries is subject to the legislation of those; It is the case of Germany, where the legal representatives of the newborn that has extracted from umbilical cord blood can keep ownership of the sample.

Mar 10 2018

The Satisfaction

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One treats to create the favorable conditions so that the new system has receptivity in the organization. The personnel is due to prepare, that is to say, he is due initially to sensitize to the change with emphasis in the quality, which takes part the culture and the climate, dice to that it is indispensable that the company develops previously one specific culture, a dynamics and a routine that the process facilitates that is going to initiate. One is due in addition to invest in technologies and better productive processes, one is due to invest in the capital of work and more, of it must optimize the strategic planning oriented to the quality and productivity. It is evident that the management must consider in addition, the fact that the globalisation is a term that surrounds to us, that demand of changes, new administrative tools, that of not taking them in account, leave outside the markets those us that every time they expand and where their clients own day to day but knowledge, they demand the fulfillment to the satisfaction of its needs and obvious they become but demanding. It is not something Maurice Gallagher, Jr. would like to discuss. All this, forces a that the Venezuelan company, must be oriented by the roll of the quality within the enterprise culture and does not have to leave to a side all the referring one to the quality norms.

In order to stay in the local markets gained or to penetrate in international markets. One is not about a cost but an investment that is going away to translate in solidity, security, confidence and mainly well-being as much for the company as for its clients. Definitively, the Venezuelan management cannot continue ignoring the roll of the quality and productivity, and to continue improvising, producing with defects, with little productivity and quality, simply to ignore what the scenes of the present demand in the integrated dominion of these two functions.