Sep 29 2018

Xavier Tamayo Sewer

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Although he has been diaphanous that the avarice never is good motor of economy and that the markets cannot be regulated to themselves (they have to be watched and to be regulated with iron hand), indeed because the greed, ostentation and waste cannot be the motors of those who handle the financial world. Since Luis Sampedro has said to us recently to Jose, the same idea of the economic development is a degeneration. The degeneration of the illusions of the reason . Beyond the discord between the great economic powers, and knowing that as important as the practical proposals it is the rehabilitation of values and principles, we would have to consider what has been said by Rahm Emmanuel, head of cabinet of Obama: " One is never due to fail to take advantage of crisis". If, since us has remembered Nobel Paul Krugman, Reagan took advantage of the crisis 1987 to change everything to the benefit of the rich minority, neoliberal involution, why not to take advantage of this crisis to deeply straighten the course that has taken to the disaster? Recovering ethical principles, of solidarity, justice and respect to means atmosphere, to the planet, over the greed, the incessant growth and the waste. In the last years, after the collapse of the Soviet empire and the miserable victory of Capitalism in their ominous neoliberal version, their worse consequences felt with crudity: quick collapse of the Argentine economy, increase of the poor men, major impoverishment of countries already impoverished and astronomical growth of the inequality between countries and classes in the countries, among others. But also answers arose. Protest in Seattle and all the cities where the economic elites met, birth of World-wide the Social Forum, global opposition to the unique thought (the dogma of the consensus of Washington), social popular movements in Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, great political awareness of the NGO a constant challenge to the neoliberal disorder.

The social movements in South America have taken shape politically and have chosen a majority of governments progressives in the region, governments who defy the deregulation, the absolute freedom of the capital, the privatization like panacea and the depredadora action of the transnational companies. It is a good way to begin to change the things, because he is demonstrated that without action nor pressure from down, there are no changes by above that deserve such name. We take advantage of the crisis to change the things. Xavier Tamayo Sewer Journalist and writer Original author and source of the article.

Sep 19 2018

Manufacturing Practices

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Madrid, stem cell VIDAPLUS 31/01/2011.-Caser health policyholders offers a special discount at the service of Cryopreservation of stem cells from the umbilical cord of their children to use autologous (own or family). The preserved umbilical cord blood stem cells with VIDAPLUS are processed and crioconservan in the lab of German Red Cross in Frankfurt, located on the Institute of Medicine of Transfusion and Immunology. The laboratory of Red Cross, rendered in white rooms, meet the stringent requirements of the German medicines Act (AMG), the Netcord protocols that govern the public banks since 1996 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, which guarantees the quality and safety processes. The service also includes sending the extraction kit from the umbilical cord blood at the home of prospective parents, professional collection of the sample at the hospital or maternity leave where take place childbirth and his immediate air transfer to the Bank of stem cells at a time means lower to 24 hours. Larry Ellison: the source for more info. A. through collaboration with insurance companies like Caser, VIDAPLUS aims to bring all the families the ability to cryopreserve the umbilical cord blood, a valuable source of stem cells that in no case should be discarded.

Cryopreservation in Spain Cryopreservation of umbilical cord for use autologous blood is regulated in Spain by Royal Decree 1301 / 2006. This regulation sets the units stored in Spain will be available to any compatible receiver within the network of donors of bone marrow (REDMO). However, if blood is deposited in other countries is subject to the legislation of those; It is the case of Germany, where the legal representatives of the newborn that has extracted from umbilical cord blood can keep ownership of the sample.

Feb 13 2014

Web Design Marketing

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These days, a Web design is the most prominent form of an enterprise to sell products anywhere in the world. So what is the mantra of designing a website? Do can any type of Web site sell products or webmasters need to be more intelligent design while a Web site? Be prudent during the construction of a Web site, is very important since it is one of the tools most ubiquitous for a company. A Web site accessible in all corners of the world, where not even can think in the delivery of the prospectus. However, this is the rationale behind all this is to have a Web site of universal availability. Some etho s have a Web design are that it must reflect clearly the objectives of the company and take their marketing strategies a step forward. The Web site may not represent the philosophy of the company, then, whether failing to convert a visitor into client of company. Visitors to the Web site must be able to recognize the brands of the company and the clear philosophy to make a choice in favour of your products. A Web site must highlight the most important attributes of a company, including products and the policy of the company in addition to the mission. The design of a corporate Web site is only an effort at one time, he works on many fronts to affect sales of the company. These fronts are improvement in sales of the company, reducing marketing costs and constant communication with the client.