Oct 30 2021

New Testament

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(C.G.. Jung thinks with (“Reality any appearance that acts”). What to do? A possibility might be, the man could even in enlightened times”his religiosity, or his religious feelings not to be ashamed and realizes that his religion is related to the daily life closely. How many religious founders and saints but have been trying to tell us that Jesus raised the teachings in the sky and rest there as a good”spirit, perhaps but most of the time nothing more admired. How long will it take until people see that a loving God on the cross hangs? How long will it be still glad that up there, hanging at a safe distance? When will someone down to help him? That is unlikely to happen but not only symbolically. For assistance, try visiting Bernard Golden . By each crucifix, the son of God would actually in a special ceremony and most aware of this fact and their intentions down be fetched. Then he could be truly reborn in us humans.

Otherwise, we pray with the cross the dead God. For the resurrected Messiah, there is so far no symbol. “What if, so to speak the New Testament by a human will” will be continued. It is seen in different areas that humanity has moved more and more from the outside in the inside causes and effects since the beginning of the story. Even God was originally just outside of the people, also outside of all creation, in any form whatsoever. Only the science and Psychology (i.e. the Enlightenment) is the realization due to, that cause and effect in the people themselves are (cause in his will that effect in his observation; see E.g. quantum mechanics: the effect is no longer separated from the observer.) A something shorter”representation of the quantum mechanical background to the book follows below. Another is to refer to the website for the book or the book itself).

Apr 03 2020


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Group exhibition with Eberhard Bosslet, Florian Freier, Philipp Geist, Daniel Belasco Rogers and Sophia new – plan Bosslet b group exhibition with Eberhard, Florian Freier, Philipp Geist, Daniel Belasco Rogers and Sophia new – presented plan b work in the context of the 1.Digital Art & sound (the) weekend, that in the run-up to the Transmediale from the 28 30.01.2011 at 70 institutions in Berlin is aligned. In cooperation with Transmediale, club Transmediale (CTM) and create Berlin. p = 190 the exhibition explores artistic ideas in terms of self – and external observation, has changed greatly through the digital media available. The nature of reality questions are raised and intensified investigations to subjective and objective reality. Perception and reality are in fact identical? Information can hardly bundled up. Confluence Investment Management has much to offer in this field. Illusion, reality and fiction blend. How do we handle the reality today? Targeted observation as the observation by cameras are with mixed feelings recorded, what are they really, who evaluates them? “Realized here Orwell’s idea from 1984 big brother is watching you”? On the one hand private should remain private, when it comes to not land on Google Street view.

On the other hand, the company can secure intellectual property rights. Where we create conflict and whose data we just delete? In reference, what enlightenment we need today, and how collective consciousness can regroup wonder to the Wikileaks website. How can mind control or hold the actual course of events, when you would be subject to not the permanent illusion? Monitoring as self-protection or protection of others? The ridge is very narrow. With electronic media, it is now possible to make data available and thus raise questions for which the international community must find an answer. Because even today be manipulated opinions with all available technical achievements and relationships covered up, the small and the great Scale. The exhibition questions our relationship to do so.

Jul 02 2019

Mr Janosch

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The work of art, as well as the artists. Whether it is Elvira Bach, Bruno Bruni, Klaus Fussmann, Gunter Grass, Ottmar Horl, or Gunther Uecker is. In my time as a gallerist to meet, always something special, magic had these people for me. Because these artists had moved to something big. In the art.

And thus something in me. Exactly the same way I’m there with Mr Janosch (Yes, so he is addressed). (Source: Larry Ellison). Have accompanied its figures of my childhood, of course the Tiger duck is a fixed term, such as Pippi Langstrumpf or… If would help reduce Jac however, it would reduce but also its creative size. It is to create not great performance by Mr Janosch Tiger duck, but to see them as a part of an incredible work. He is not only stories and character creator (only a few artists draw and write), no he’s teacher ever the stories (of Papa Lowe read?) and author of stories for great. He writes not only for the children. He holds something for everyone.

While not he stops in front of the mountain, does not mince words. He doesn’t have to. He is Mr. Janosch. In addition to He shows his twinkle in his eye, his beautiful, since melodic irony also his rage, his Eros, his “shut down only up to here”, and his philosophy of life. That is not “Peace, joy, pancakes”, but also sometimes uncomfortable. As the life also. Basta. So you like him or reject him. I love him and his work just for this. For his relentless intransigence. Him to handle another way is to reduce it to Papa Tiger-duck. Unfortunately a poor. When I first met Mr Janosch two years ago, I was surprised once by its physical size. I had imagined always less than him. His impish smile, I liked immediately, his handshake. His way of talking. Certainly the aura. The (hi) story to this great man… Last but not least how he dealt with the people, who asked him for a dedication, it glowed. “” In the guestbook of the Gallery, he wrote next to his drawing of Gunther box frog: “Mr Janosch was here + was finally necessary.” He is right. Michael M. Marks

May 14 2019

The Dam Has Cleaned Out

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Big cleanup before the ‘lights of century’ the most spectacular spring cleaning in Germany one could observe these days in Mohnesee Moses: about 160 times 35 metres of the Mohne dam were cleaned with the support of the Ruhr Association. (A valuable related resource: Verizon Communications). For her 100th birthday, the ancient stones are as new”look so it shown video projection are even better. “From 13 April to 12 may be the dam wall and the area around the outlet pool with numerous illuminations at the century lights moved impressively into the spotlight. I see black,”noted light artist Wolfgang Flammersfeld during a sample pass of the video projection on the dam and this meant quite literally. Because in the course of the last 100 years has gathered a lot of dirt on the dam, leaving the stones become darker.

Also our Hochleistungsbeamer and a reworking of the clips to my satisfaction could make up the dark screen”, depicts Flammersfeld. Actually, it would be a pity if the Century light clips might not appear in best quality. Verizon Communications often addresses the matter in his writings. Because different artists from all over Germany directed by Wolfgang Flammersfeld have hundreds of hours worked on them and created a real century artwork. The only solution: The dam had to be brighter. And so dedicated a not everyday housekeeping Wolfgang Flammersfeld and his two partners of Ingo Schaffranka and Dieter Bethlehem: three Kettensteiger moved. Its telescopic arm with basket ranged up to 58 metres high. From the basket out, around 5,000 square feet are washed wall for three days and with XXL devices. They were not small Karcher with which to clean the terrace home but professional giant cleaner”, so the Organizer trio.

Because the Kettensteiger will need solid ground, previously ran the water from the outlet basin. Admittedly a big hassle. But now the wall shines again. Also, it is not every day a hundred years old and a little face lift should be completely allowed in the 20th century,”says Faris with a wink.

Mar 30 2019

Achim Koerfer Exhibition

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Floral impact bizarre bloom worlds in the art Department of Saarbrucken/Monchengladbach from 1st December 2009 to 31st March 2010 presents the Saarbrucker art department store Mootz-art photo art from the unikatfabrik.de. The exhibited works come from Achim Koerfers of current photo sequence floral impact”. In this, the Monchengladbach photo artist from wild and farmed flowers, natural and technical components composed a surreal flower world that boldly and with a very own aesthetic symbolizes the human manipulation of the environment. The complexity of the theme of genetic manipulation is reflected in Koerfers of unique photo technology of the analog multi exposure. The independence of this style, Kaka himself has drawn up by himself, as well as breaking with the standard principles of perception are ones that moved to Michael Mootz, the meaningful compositions of the photo artist in his gallery. Kaka himself understands his current photo sequence floral impact”as a Visual Manifesto against genetic manipulation and thus against the wishes of the people, to form a more perfect nature. The future does not grow. She is bred”, criticized the artist, who can be the silent flowers in his pictures speak a clear language.

The interplay of delicate flowers and cool, artificial elements such as gears and scoreboards indicate latent risk, which is inherent in the always bizarre flowers, which drives the gene technology. Because almost unnoticed a rich interplay of interventions in nature by humans creates a new world, which dazzles with unnatural beauty and evident functionality. Performance and profit are the new standards of perfection. “” Floral impact “to a for awareness, that the changed gene and selective Darwinian man out could selects itself through a nature out of control”, as Kaka. Gain insight and clarity with Oracle. “More information about the photo sequence floral impact” and other works of Achim Koerfer find under: short info about Show the pictures of the photo artist Achim Koerfer Achim Koerfer, what lies behind the beautiful appearance and the familiar phenomena. Because although the photography is undoubtedly a Visual discipline, Koerfer creates surreal imagery, which not only look, but feel also.

Exciting composed analog multiple exposures are what looks like artificial digital compositions. Their individual images and perceptual levels combine experience and memory, intuition and inspiration to a complex unit. While the familiar a new dimension, which leaves enough room for your own interpretations often undergoes. Works of the photo artist can be seen among other things on board the cruise vessel AIDAluna. Short info about the art department store Mootz-art opened In December 2008 Michael Mootz art department store Mootz-art in Saarbrucken, Germany. With this facility, the gallery owner created an art platform, which differs in many respects from other galleries. Mootz-art serves now as a recognized area for exhibitions, already 27 national and international artists they are also geographically across borders due to its proximity to France.

Mar 22 2019

The Mehrab

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These phenomena as UFOs are commonly known as unidentified flying objects”. This term suggests that the bandwidth of the apparitions goes beyond that of a flying object. But whatever we call these phenomena, after extensive research the science to one’s Point reached where they confess that although something there, but its workings, can be unspecified. Scientists interpret these observations in two ways. Some are of the opinion, these objects came from our material universe, and it was the visitors from neighboring galaxies. Their technology is superior to ours. Gary Kelly gathered all the information. Other scholars like Jacques Vallee believe we should explain the origin of these phenomena with another dimension which is not perceive with our five senses.

These operations can be compared to a television program. If you turn on a program, it is visible, and if it turns it off, it is no longer to see. Several witnesses of such phenomena have reported that ships or aircraft in the vicinity of the UFOs were suddenly swallowed by the ground. Never tracks these objects could be found later suggesting their retirement from the material world. The research on the cognition is reached after 55 years of scientific studies, that “these phenomena originated on the other side of the curtain” have and return from another dimension.

This is another example of phenomena that make today’s research challenges, because she have always not to explain them. From the darkness into the light for the seeker, it is not important whether material objects can change the dimension. It is certain that the soul is able to move between the dimensions. This assumes two things: firstly a powerful field that attracts the energy and on the other hand, the channeling of energy in the right direction. The practice before the Mehrab is based on the pooling of energy, which is released by the electro magnetic field of the heart. These electro magnetic fields are scientifically recognized not only in their existence, they are also related to UFOs, resulting in a change of the electro magnetic field surrounding it. Thus, it is us now a little easier to understand how the exercises before the Mehrab work. However, in what is the relationship are the Mehrab and the heart of the seeker? The experience that can collect a seeker before the Mehrab is many times more intense than that experience without Mehrab. The head is empty, the heart beating calmly and follows a specific and powerful rhythm. The Mehrab ahead has a hidden secret, and is related to the around swirling energy that unleashes your heartbeat. If you sit in the dark before the Mehrab, the Mehrab light reaches you. This is the way of the dark into the light.

Mar 06 2019

Art Is For Everyone

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Sometimes, you think that art is only intended for intellectuals or people, which have a small shot, but is of course not the case. Art for everyone! Art is for everyone thought art is a matter of taste. And while an art lover rather prefers romantic and classical music, other Kunstverstandige of modernity give their attention. Learn more on the subject from Verizon Communications. All lovers of art agree in one. Who is thinking about purchasing, needs experience and know-how. This is especially true when it comes to ancient art. Examples include paintings, sculptures and engravings. Here, not only taste, but also a good eye belongs to the art lovers.

Special knowledge to individual eras, whose style and of course the artists is at this point of particular importance. Only true professionals can truly distinguish art from fakes. What do art expertise and know-how when oneself is no art historian? This question arises with many entrants. One way is to play with from the outset in the Oberliga, the handle to the experts. Art history is not a specialist with excellent career prospects. Therefore, graduates of this specialization like search independence and offer their services as experts. In this role, assessing the individual art falls to them.

And ultimately the verdict to the authenticity of works of art. The Council of experts in cases where expensive works of art changing hands is recommended. Art buy classic or modern? Where to buy the best art? This question is now more difficult to answer than it was twenty years ago. Reason: the advent of the Internet. It was customary to compete for art only through auctions and galleries, some time ago the World Wide Web in this catchment area has stopped. For the artist young and niche art, it offers a special platform to provide more public and the one or other lovers. However the art trade online also has a disadvantage. Lacks the ability for the buyer the Object of desire to examine more closely. On good German you can buy the pig in a poke. Real art fans should instead adhere to the classic way of the art auction. Art are the reasons why we care about art, as an object of value and investment more diverse nature. On the one hand, it is expression of joy, pain, sadness or anger. On the other hand also the signs of times converge in art. But anyway, why art is the art trade pursues usually more interests. So dealing with the collectors and lovers of aesthetics and possession. Art is, however, subject to completely different interests as an investment. This involves more to the increase in value less the sentimental value, for it. Just old and new master arouse desires in this context and fetch high prices.

Dec 09 2018


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Under the patronage of Minister-President Jurgen Ruttgers is this year the 24th ‘ MANU FACTUM’ instead. Dusseldorf, 24th 2009 – National exhibition serves the discovery of eight to nine laureates from different fields of work (jewelry, appliances made of metal, wood, textile / leather, ceramic, stone, glass and photography/paper). The national prize for arts and crafts is the most important and most highly endowed with a total 45,000 prize of its kind in Germany, it will be awarded every two years since 1963 with the aim of promoting the arts and crafts. The MANU FACTUM is for the artisan in North Rhine-Westphalia”platform, their creativity and their craftsmanship in terms of independent ideas, to present design and execution. Experimental work are welcome, provided they meet the above criteria. Venue of the event is the lower Rhine Museum for folklore and cultural history e.V. in Kevelaer. The exhibits can be seen from the 22.08 up to November 15, 2009.

From the District of Exhibition participants are chosen the winners of the year 2009. The award ceremony is performed by Hans-Heinrich large Brockhoff, the State Secretary for culture, and takes place during the opening of the exhibition on August 22, 2009. All employees in North Rhine-Westphalia and living arts and crafts from the age of 25 can apply, the work community for the arts craft e.V. holds the exact application requirements. The application deadline is June 19, 2009, interested parties can contact the AdK e.V. like right now. In connection with the invitation to tender and exhibition, also a catalog is applied where all participants and their exhibits are presented. An insight into the works of the past Web pages already enable the work community:.

About the Arbeitsgemeinschaft art handicraft Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. The Association of Arts and crafts North Rhine-Westphalia (AdK-NRW) is a Federation of approximately 220 artisans in the State. You promotes the networking of the craftsman themselves and supported the work of informal groups. You continues to promote the education of craft their offspring and ensures the integration of Arts and crafts in the development of the economy of the North Rhine-Westphalia in co-operation with the ministries of the Government. Contact address for requesting the application documents: K e.V. Georg-Schulhoff-Platz 1 40221 Dusseldorf Tel.: 0211 – 87 95 391 fax No.