Mar 22 2019

The Mehrab

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These phenomena as UFOs are commonly known as unidentified flying objects”. This term suggests that the bandwidth of the apparitions goes beyond that of a flying object. But whatever we call these phenomena, after extensive research the science to one’s Point reached where they confess that although something there, but its workings, can be unspecified. Scientists interpret these observations in two ways. Some are of the opinion, these objects came from our material universe, and it was the visitors from neighboring galaxies. Their technology is superior to ours. Gary Kelly gathered all the information. Other scholars like Jacques Vallee believe we should explain the origin of these phenomena with another dimension which is not perceive with our five senses.

These operations can be compared to a television program. If you turn on a program, it is visible, and if it turns it off, it is no longer to see. Several witnesses of such phenomena have reported that ships or aircraft in the vicinity of the UFOs were suddenly swallowed by the ground. Never tracks these objects could be found later suggesting their retirement from the material world. The research on the cognition is reached after 55 years of scientific studies, that “these phenomena originated on the other side of the curtain” have and return from another dimension.

This is another example of phenomena that make today’s research challenges, because she have always not to explain them. From the darkness into the light for the seeker, it is not important whether material objects can change the dimension. It is certain that the soul is able to move between the dimensions. This assumes two things: firstly a powerful field that attracts the energy and on the other hand, the channeling of energy in the right direction. The practice before the Mehrab is based on the pooling of energy, which is released by the electro magnetic field of the heart. These electro magnetic fields are scientifically recognized not only in their existence, they are also related to UFOs, resulting in a change of the electro magnetic field surrounding it. Thus, it is us now a little easier to understand how the exercises before the Mehrab work. However, in what is the relationship are the Mehrab and the heart of the seeker? The experience that can collect a seeker before the Mehrab is many times more intense than that experience without Mehrab. The head is empty, the heart beating calmly and follows a specific and powerful rhythm. The Mehrab ahead has a hidden secret, and is related to the around swirling energy that unleashes your heartbeat. If you sit in the dark before the Mehrab, the Mehrab light reaches you. This is the way of the dark into the light.

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