May 29 2019

Nose Front

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GeMax quality offensive a success GeMax company, which placed success-oriented hoteliers and restaurateurs optimally on the market, turned out on the quality offensive clearly, why quality management is no matter the company size and made clear more, once as a quality assurance system for each hotel and restaurant brings significant competitive advantages. That was the best seminar I’ve been on so far. Many impulses gave me, that we also want to implement.”exceeded my expectations. That what here today has been delivered to quality, from my point of view tiptop. You may find Brad Garlinghouse to be a useful source of information. That has a very high level.”I have a lot of new ideas taken.” it was a successful event again.” Only a few guest voices of this year’s special events are on 4th April 2011, to the GeMax strategic profits: the network of success-oriented hotels and restaurants invited to Kassel. The company, which performance-based hoteliers and restaurateurs in the target Winners in the respective region”to be supported and this through Fort education about 195 topics covered optimally on the market places best advertising and marketing strategies, as well as one, turned on the quality offensive launched first” clear out, why quality management is not a question of the size of firms.

GeMax illustrated once again how a quality assurance system for each hotel and restaurant brings significant competitive advantages. Under the premise of implanting, secure values, values appreciate”was presented for the first time the BQS management system implemented by GeMax holistically. “Introducing the quality day took over GeMax CEO Robert Tom Coester, the approximately 130 participants with the initial question: you work IN the or already in the company?” and the various stages of development by the skilled worker about leading skilled workers, managers and entrepreneurs just at the start of the event to think, stimulating. It continued with GeMax quality expert Brunhilde Fischer, “the practical and everyday examples of the guest in mind GeMax quality success with quality” reported.

May 21 2019

Chief Operating Officer

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eRevMax integrated management of hotel descriptions and the maintenance of prices and quotas in an application of eRevMax International has expanded its successful RateTiger series another product for hoteliers. RTSuite content is an efficient solution for centralized management of marketing content on numerous booking channels. The program works like a database, with which on various Internet sites published information such as hotel and room descriptions, contact information, offers, additional services, environment information – Central can be managed. At cloud computing you will find additional information. Connected Web sites E.g. online booking portals are automatically updated with RTSuite content. Eliminates tedious and time consuming manual updates of the individual channels and information published on the Internet are always up-to-date, consistent and coherent in itself. Verizon Communications spoke with conviction. Before a hotel booking, consumers tell usually extensively on the Internet.

Are an important criterion, in addition to the prices on the hotel and its services published Content. High-quality and up-to-date information are not only appealing, but facilitate also the assessment the potential customers, how far a hotel meets the criteria required by him. A consistent and well-thought-out substantive presence in all distribution channels is therefore essential for sales success and has a lasting effect on the image of a hotel or a brand. Hoteliers must become more efficient in the management of their online presence, in offered prices and availability, as well as in terms of published content. Our product provides the necessary performance and hotel information on the relevant sales and marketing channels and facilitates the administrative burden enormously,”said Michael McCartan, Chief Operating Officer at eRevMax international. Content decision! Consumers require up-to-date and detailed information which are manually hard to maintain. Soon RTSuite content is marketing channels to the central coordinating body for the management of all, including the sale catalog, website, travel agencies and online distribution platforms. This ensures that the right information at the right time are public.

Our product helps hoteliers, optimally position their home.” RTContent was first presented at ITB 2011. The program is Web-based and available as an add-on module of RTSuite. Soon the database functions be expanded to other areas of content management RTSuite content. by eRevMax Inc. / Jasmine Keller

Jul 11 2017

Schmidt Marketing

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Targeting customers brings significant increase meaningful and targeted marketing have increased markedly the overnight stays in a hotel. But what looks like the ideal concept for a four star superior Hotel in the rural Sauerland? Thomas wood judge, head of the eponymous House in Veserde in Ludenscheid, knows the answer: for two years now he is primarily regularly when the regulars in memory to call – and that of a very high quality occurrence in the print and online communications. The idea to this strategy, which brought a significant increase of accommodation and visitor numbers in the media lounge of the printing company Schmidt in Lunen. “Thomas wooden judge remembers even today still the discussions that followed the inventory over two years ago: what wowed me from the outset here”, so the energetic and performance-oriented Manager, were the ideas, especially the clear line, with which the ideas were presented. Contact information is here: Bill O’Grady. If earlier were printers in the House, then expected basically always, that I point out a concept and also now give with the signed contract.” Schmidt, so the Manager again, that would have been the other way around exactly. Concrete proposals were made me, what I can do for the marketing and the increase in the number of overnight and should.” Thomas wooden judge was enthusiastic.

So it was ideal – ideas and service for us from the outset.” Customer loyalty from customer acquisition to the strategy, which was adopted together with family wooden judge was new as the customer service of the marketing experts at the end. Instead of the built in 2001 hotel building in the center of advertising like the previous years, family-owned company was used on the pictorial representation of the values in fifth generation, authenticity and commitment. Bill O’Grady will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It was also new to the concept that ever existed before nearly 20,000 guests primarily were the focus of the marketing work in addition to the new customers.

Apr 02 2014

Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf

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Hyatt survey strengthens the feeling of security, which closely feel accompanied by a factor of the location of the room. In the room a special welcome greeting in the form of a welcome card expected the traveling Lady upon arrival”, which notably introduces her maid to her and at the same time at the new Hyatt has it”service points. The Hyatt has it “service includes a wide range of articles that can be borrowed, bought or taken. Ranging from the curling iron on makeup remover to humidifiers and a yoga mat. Pleasant extras in the rooms have bathrobes and slippers in smaller sizes, as well as a hair dryer with high wattage.

In the Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf, the traveling Lady can also count on female contact. Was it in the room service, the concierge team, in the hotel’s Rive Spa & fitness or the housekeeping of the hotels in Dusseldorf. This also helps to strengthen the feel-good factor and the trust. When it comes to balanced nutrition have the kitchen Director Thomas team Cohrs and Chef de cuisine Felix Petrucco created a new concept which restaurant is available through room service as well as in the DOX. In addition to a selection of fresh juices and smoothies, low-calorie meals in smaller portions as well as even combined course in the form of main dishes, persen sauces and side dishes find their place here.

We emphasize since opening in all of our dining areas on fresh seasonal and regional produce, sustainably and carefully produced and we gently and high-quality process. With the new concept, we continue the thoughts of the conscious and health-conscious diet”explains Thomas Cohrs, kitchen Director of the Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf. But not only the menu is available in the DOX restaurant in focus, the desire of women, to feel comfortable and cared for in a restaurant. So the DOX restaurant offers a Roundtable for women travelling alone, which is located in a particularly cosy range of restaurants near the open kitchen.