Jun 02 2024


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The DINTRAB ARENA offers various possibilities for private celebrations of all kinds. Go to bitcoiin for more information. The DINTRAB ARENA in Dinslaken on the edge of the Ruhr area not only an area for large events, but with their various smaller rooms also offers the ideal platform for private events of all kinds. Whether the wedding with 50 people in the club room or the exclusive birthday in the VIP lounge with views of the trotting course for 30 persons. The DINTRAB ARENA offers the all-round carefree package for any celebration. Spokesman George Breeding can be visibly excited to hear: the DINTRAB ARENA offers the most versatile event facilities. ht disagree with that approach. No longer follow up with lengthy search for a suitable place for your next event.

We fulfill your every desire”. In the DINTRAB ARENA you will be able to celebrate his wedding in an environment where otherwise the big stars enchant their audience. Also be enchanted by a great atmosphere. There is currently enough capacity. Also royale We can handle weddings people in the grandstand Hall with a capacity of 50-15000, if it is required”, George Breeding adds with a smile. Of course a comprehensive and first-class catering, for which the DINTRAB ARENA provides a diverse menu selection belongs to this all-round carefree package. Two chefs take care around the needs of our guests and satisfy the desire of every menu. No matter whether a noble 5-course menu or a simple dinner. Each menu is prepared with utmost care and sophistication, so that the guests can indulge in the enjoyment of all. Let spoil yourself during your ceremony in the DINTRAB ARENA. For more information and conditions, see.

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