Feb 25 2020

Two Stroke and Four Stroke Engines

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All the engine scooters, mopeds, motorcycles and ATVs can be divided into two categories according to engine type – two-stroke and four-cycle. Features of operation and maintenance of each model is largely conditioned by the type of engine. Further details can be found at Bernard Golden , an internet resource. Four-stroke engine is located in the cylinder head, intake and exhaust valves that appears on the camshaft lobes, which in turn receives the rotation from the crankshaft is usually through the chain of transmission. If during the piston down from tdc to bdc (stroke) the intake valve is opened and the fuel mixture of air and gasoline vapor, cooked in the carburetor, under dilution enters the cylinder. Piston reaches bdc, the inlet cluster pan closed, then the piston moves upward, compressing the mixture (compression stroke). For more information see this site: Phil Vasan.

When the piston approaches tdc the spark plugs, screwed into the cylinder head, ignites the mixture. The temperature and pressure of gases in closed volume of the cylinder increases rapidly and the piston under the influence of this pressure goes down, then rotate the crank through the crankshaft (stroke). Upon reaching the bottom of the piston cylinder pressure drops, open exhaust valve, and then the piston goes up again, forcing the exhaust gases in the exhaust pipe, muffler and into the atmosphere (release). When the piston reaches tdc, the exhaust valve closes, the inlet valve opens, and the whole cycle repeats. The working process is obtained consisting of four cycles, respectively, passing for four stroke or two turns of the crankshaft. Working stroke is only 1 / 4 of the cycle, the movement of the piston during remaining cycles is ensured by the inertia of crankshaft and associated rotating parts.

Aug 07 2019

Administrative Code

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Cheers, from February 16, 2010 shall come into force the changes and amendments to the Administrative Code on the work of mobile stalls Sellers striped rods (road traffic police patrol). Of the "Russian newspaper", it became clear – when and where staff mobile cash collection points may stop wanting to part with it. The new regulation clearly stipulates that a mobile stall "traffic police" must stand so that other members traffic could see him. Latent offer its services staff stalls is prohibited. And if they will hide it from their services still do not give up and just complain.

Especially since there is a nuance, stalls with striped Chopsticks can hide in the bushes if they are monitoring the traffic on the road with , and visibility is limited "natural fractures relief arrangement twists and elements of the road network ". This means that the most honest officers "good offices" come out of the shadow of the bushes, and can now put their mobile stalls at stops, trash tank and other objects are not natural habitats. Also, officers can still raise the roof racks of their stalls and obscure the view of the special color, but now they do it can only if the "instruments" measure the size of your wallet are installed in boot and run "automatically". If this "device" is in the hands of the brave officers then opened the trunk of a violation of regulations. In addition, you can now not afraid of werewolves in the dark.

In the dark time of day employees are required, located on the illuminated sections of the road, and bring not only the "striped sticks", but to be dressed in an appropriate manner fancy suits with all sorts of sparkles, reflectors and reflective tinsel. Another new regulation has touched those employees who did not spare his strength and motor vehicles, for the benefit of society are patrolling day and night on their personal vehicles. Now they can not stop and make money, but are entitled only to fix the violation, and the nearest mobile telephone kiosk with a special color or in a stationary position, where you happily served. But the most important and not pleasant for all road users, this is an item on the prosecutors, judges and investigators upc. This paragraph prohibits employees fined or even sent to medosvidetelstvovanie in the case of apparent intoxication, higher these persons, here it is the highest form of justice in our country.

Jul 08 2019

Russian And Chinese Auto

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In the xxi century for the Russian car came to the Chinese car. Today, Chinese cars have become direct competitors to cars produced domestically. In late 2006, it was noted that demand for Chinese cars has increased threefold from since their first appearance in the Russian automotive market. Chinese car production began with the construction of a 40 – 50 years of the twentieth century automobile in China through investment of the ussr. After the Chinese have purchased a license for production of automobiles and their components, was further attract investment capital.

But while China has a shortage of specialists in the automotive industry and therefore had established joint ventures. On Russian car market cars in China were without work, because that Russia had assisted in establishing automobile industry in China. China faw autocompanies and zil in 2005 agreed on joint activities Chinese production of trucks and buses. In the process of production trucks and buses staffed with the latest engines from China. Virtually all Chinese cars are adapting to roads and climatic conditions of Russia.

All these actions are intended solely to Chinese auto successfully sold on the Russian automotive market. The first Chinese cars have appeared in late 2005. Many domestic automakers embraced the emergence of Chinese cars as the Chinese attack on the Russian car market. But it did not affect the supply of Chinese cars in Russia, and every year the number of sold Chinese auto increases. Pickup trucks and SUVs sales leader in Russia – Great Wall diverge from dealers at great speed, while sales of domestic cars can not be compared with the Chinese in terms of growth. The main trump card in favor of the Chinese auto – they low and on some models, a very low cost. This price is justified lack of statistical data on cars, and manufacturers can not say with accuracy how to run their cars in 5 or 10 years. Automotive Company Chery first appeared on the automotive market in Russia and were among the top sellers. Autocompanies Chery the first of the Chinese autocompanies received official certificates for the delivery of their cars in Russia. Autocompanies Great Wall produces annually more than 200,000 machines as well as autocompanies Chery among the ten largest automobile manufacturers in China. SUVs Great Wall in Russia are sought after. Chinese automakers and dealers from Russia say that Chinese cars meet world standards, and that Chinese enterprises are only used modern technology and equipment, as well as a very strict quality control. It is clear that consumers are at risk, acquiring new Chinese cars, but still hopes that Chinese cars will not let them.

Mar 12 2018

Gaining Loans

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Lending to the population for consumption purposes in the past year, remains one of the fastest developing areas of the banking sector. Significantly increased the number of people wanting to take advantage of mortgage loan or purchase a car loan. Life in the loan became the norm. In 2002, residents have taken car loan for 700 million dollars, and in 2007 – already at $ 17 billion. Having more money for the purchase of machinery, the Russians prefer to buy expensive and high-quality cars. Upward trend in auto loan segment will continue the next three years. Market demand is stable and banks are creating more simple and at the same time beneficial to customers lending program for the purchase of a car. For example, some banks are launching a new car loan program.

Loan without income verification. To buy a car, you do not have income, but it's important to be married. Client should submit to the bank or showroom only two documents: a copy of your passport and the passport of the spouse and a second identification document. In 2012 Russia will be sold almost 5.5 million cars (From 2007 – 2.7 million). However, the demand will be higher.

Despite the massive construction of factories, manufacturing accounted for only about 2 million cars. So what will inevitably grow import of new and used vehicles. By Projections Rosavtodor, park cars in the country by 2012 will almost double (up to 48.4 million units). It is unlikely that the road network will be developed as rapidly. The richer the country, the more the cars for personal Use buy it citizens. Now, with gdp of about $ 8000 per capita, as in other countries with such indicators, per 1000 people 180 cars. By 2020, gdp per capita in Russia will grow to $ 25 000-30 000, respectively, the number of cars will increase to 600 by 1000. Car sales for cash in Russia is growing at roughly the same pace as gdp. Due to the development of the industry of car loans residents received ability to spend on cars a lot more than they earn.

Aug 23 2017

Installation Speakers

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At the moment car repair offer ample opportunities internal and external tuning. In the process of internal tuning is carried out structural improvements car, due to which the specifications improved. Tuning involves changing the external appearance of the car. The most popular of them: installing LED lights, auto tinting, airbrush, body painting, etc. In addition, often ordered installation of car audio and pasting vinyl. Why would you want to tint car tinting and types of tinting car – one of the most popular among the customers directions of the external tuning. Its relevance is explained as follows: 1) at toning the windows of cars vehicles look more stylish, and 2) are used for tinting the film the lights go down passing and opposing vehicles and sunlight, which promotes safety, and 3) according to Expert auto tinting is able to absorb ultraviolet light, protecting the vehicle interior from fading. To date, using 3 types of toning: tinting film, installation of stained glass, spraying.

When applied auto tinting spray, glass can otzerkalivat and quickly scratched. Moreover, its price is quite high, and very difficult to remove the coating. When using a film of glass is not scratched and does not grow turbid, it is resistant to both both low and high temperatures and does not go bubbles. You can, of course, purchase and colored glass, but this type of car tinting is not cheap. Increased demand for pasting pasting vinyl vinyl is drawing on a car of vinyl film, drawing and color that the customer chooses itself. In most cases, it can be compared with the temporary tattoo on a car or airbrushing. It happens that pasting car vinyl ordered to provide additional protection for the LPC. Experts advise to produce vinyl film pasting parts of the car, where most of all there chips and scratches and are most susceptible to stress during the ride.

Usually takes less than a vinyl-pasting the day. The film was withdrawn just as quickly with the help of a special fan. However, it is not recommended to organize the dismantling of the vinyl coating on its own. That the price of pasting and removing vinyl vinyl films are available to any motorist in order to preserve paint should refer to the expert in his field. Also, do not be superfluous to emphasize that often, in addition to the above types of tuning to establish a quality auto sound auto.

Jul 21 2017

Modern Xenon

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Today, Xenon is rapidly breaking into our lives and displace the old halogen bulb with their yellow eyes burning with light. Xenon lamps are used in various fields activities, but they were especially popular as a car accessory. The principle of a xenon lamp xenotex is that in a glass flask filled with a mixture of inert gases (xenon-based) electrical discharge occurs. Discharge ignites the gas mixture, and the result obtained is unusually clean and bright lights. Modern Xenon lamps allow you to adjust how it will be this light – white, blue, blue.

It is important that in any case, the light Xenon lamps are much closer to natural sunlight, are accustomed to our eyes. And that means sitting behind the wheel the driver will not get tired of the world's own lights, and pedestrians, blinded by headlights at dusk, will not be swear after the car. Xenon lamp xenotex superior to the old incandescent bulbs for a variety of other parameters. Especially important is that Xenon is very durable. They have no filament, which in the halogen lamps relatively quickly fails, because when the lamp is lit, the filament is constantly under the influence of electricity and as a result of burns. In xenon lamps burn out xenotex nothing, and therefore once paid for a purchase, you will not have long to think about replacing. Xenon lamp looks stylish and modern.

If the car can be judged on its owner, who has equipped his car xenon lamps, clearly seek to meet the trends of today and to keep pace with the times. If you drive a car with the headlights on the base incandescent lamps, it is quite possible for you to replace them with a xenon lamp. No need to change wiring. Modern Xenon xenotex actually installed on almost any vehicle. Availability, quality and reliability – these are the main target products, sold under the trade brand xenotex. To achieve them, more than 5 years ago were combined efforts of several high-tech manufacturers of the highest quality at the moment xenon equipment in Japan, Korea and China. Through these efforts, we can provide to the market several variants of xenon, satisfying the needs of our clients on all indicators, from the budget class to the sets to which the increased demands in principle xenotex good xenon units operate quietly and quite quickly, and you can catch them on almost any full-time posting. For ignition unit lacked the claimed starting voltage of 9 V, there is also reverse polarity protection. Lamp ignition voltage is range from 23 to 25 kV. Now the production of these kits are completely transferred to China. Since one of our friends was an unpleasant incident with a lamp (the lamp when you turn the light on fire, then light was added to the native red tint, then the light went out – a sure sign that the bulb is out of order), then had to change both lights to have the same light, more like that does not happen again. As a result, xenon xenotex though and had a gripe with our hand, but still worthy is the fourth of our pedestal, because he has the lowest price in the market and meets zayavlyanym characteristics. When using materials from this article link to a site of El Xenon is required.

Jun 09 2016

Electronic Catalogs

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The average price of a model program for creating electronic catalogs is 150 y. e. The program includes a set of tools for creating electronic catalog and record it on cd. Many companies offer their services to create multimedia electronic catalogs. The standard proposal for the development of an electronic catalog and writing it on CD-ROM includes: – the creation of original design, interface, search system, a system of import data and update the electronic catalog; – developing a template data file (Excel format or XML), which is filled customer – the customer's experts advising on the preparation of data for an electronic catalog – the primary content of the electronic catalog data testing and debugging electronic catalog – Record electronic catalog on CD-ROM – training of specialists working with the client catalog of updates, etc.

This whole complex of works on creation of an electronic catalog in the Moscow-based companies worth – from 1500-2300. is, in other – 300-1000 y. e. Time of making an electronic catalog – 2-3 weeks. The quality of these directories depends on the database, which provides the customer, if its own Soft-making company with no connection to the product manufacturer, it is usually leads to disastrous results. Since the market of electronic catalogs of parts and components (spare parts), tractors and mobile machines there are two most widely promoted Yekaterinburg company (previously it was one, judging by databases), they have made from archival library catalogs, books (publication of the last millennium!) and distribute their e-mail digests of 75 for. .

Feb 12 2014

Special Machinery

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In Russia today, despite the rapid development of industries in virtually all directions, the production of special and construction equipmqnt in our country is still poor. Like all know the demand for special equipment has now reached a peak here and most companies have to buy foreign machinery, which, unlike ours, is a high demand. Bulldozers and excavators Komatsu, Samsung – enjoyed greater popularity, as compared with the Russian special equipment. Leading position among the exporting machinery occupied China, Japan and Korea, producing a comfortable, reliable and versatile special equipment for all needs. Today is a great demand started to use a new special from China.

Over the past few years, China has increased significantly the number of companies producing quality products. But that does not go to “Chinese counterfeiting, is thoroughly think. Under this special quality is made only in public enterprises. Haulers shaanxi, bulldozers, excavators, wheel loaders xcmg known for their capacity, build quality, as well as ease of use. The Chinese have known since ancient times as the most practical producers choose not to ‘reinvent the wheel “but to improve what has long been someone invented. For example, dump trucks shaanxi built on technology and on the basis of man the most roomy and comfortable, and also not expensive, even compared with Kamaz. Affordable price is due not bad quality and low cost labor and parts. A few words should be said about concrete mixers shaanxi, which differ in a simple design, coupled with good quality and adaptation to Russian conditions. Special machinery from China corresponds to today’s world standards Euro-3 and has minimal impact on the environment. Meets all the requirements of the modern customer, possessing qualities such as mobility, flexibility and increased permeability. All the special equipment from China is available on request, pre-paid services in whole or in making a partial prepayment.

Feb 20 2012

Revolving Stage

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Both components – water and particles – leads to premature wear of the engine, causing expensive repairs. The process of separation and filtration is ensured through a new proprietary system, which applies in varying degrees in all filters, have, despite its compact design, high throughput. The principal is the Insertion of a separable-2000 only in the suction pipe fuel supply, ie, between tank and booster pump. Fuel enters the filter through inlet A or B, that unused hole closes of attached flap. Level 1 Heading down after the intake, fuel flow rapidly twists the screw in the internal passive cyclone. All that is heavier than fuel, and is water and dirt begins to separate under centrifugal forces. Revolving Stage 2, the fuel reaches the sump section, where drops of water and heavy debris dropped on the first sump wall, then collected and deposited at the bottom. Step 3 flow is directed upwards, which again is twisting his already on the external screw cyclone.

Due to different length screws and double the total change direction, separates the small water droplets and tiny particles. This selection, going into larger, sinking to the bottom of the sump. Thus, already at this stage of the fuel is removed the vast majority of water and mud. Step 4 Immediately below the filter element living section of the flow of fuel is greatly increased, resulting in relatively calm flow occurs. It also helps further loss of water and the smallest components of particulate matter. The process of pre-treatment precipitates the bulk water and solid particles of dirt in the settling tank and thereby greatly increase the life filter element.