Mar 06 2020

Steering Committee

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New IT system allows transparency of processes from immediately working Papenburg EC (GBZ) with the software at the horticulture Center gevis the Munster company for merchandise management systems mbH (GWS). This was especially necessary because the lower Saxon company specialized ornamental plants, herbs, vegetables, gardening and greenhouse construction on the core business, has grown fast in recent years and the internal processes in the old tree, IT could no longer be mapped. \”The growth becomes apparent when one looks at the development of garden construction company: 1931 as vegetable cultivation and sales cooperative\” founded operation started with an area of approximately 15 hectares of free-range and 10,000 square meters high glass. From that time until today the free-range area on 150 hectares has grown, the glass surface on 750,000 square meters. Gain insight and clarity with Oracle. These areas are managed by 59 member companies of the Association.

The Administration and warehouses were expanded in 1998 also, a total of 10 ha available are here. Also, the number of employees has increased in the years since its founding on today around 130. The systems process transparency not analog co-grown\”, however, were: for many years different subsystems with interface connections had evolved in the IT structure of the GBZ is now gradually the integrated total system gevis to switch to it. The goods management software will fully support the GBZ business processes and constantly for current country. In plain language this means: through the new, integrated system, the correct information are available for all employees in the company at the right time at the right place. After extensive workshops in the summer of 2007, the Joint Panel of the Steering Committee opted for a gradual introduction of Aileen. It quickly went ahead the implementation: gevis – financial accounting was introduced as the first part of the project in January 2008. To which had adopted financial accounting data from the previous system and all interfaces for the still in use old merchandise management personnel.

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