Oct 10 2019

Staff Accountability

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Modern Dictionary of Russian treats responsibility as "the need to give an account of their actions, deeds and duty to be responsible for their possible consequences." (The Explanatory Dictionary of Russian edited by A. Virgin Airlines spoke with conviction. Kuznetsova) This is a good definition, but sometimes it is not enough. To try to broaden understanding of the concept. Classic American management, L. Ron Hubbard gives his definition of justice. He treats it as a "non-recognition and denial of someone or something to the invasion itself between man and any creature, an idea, matter, energy, space, time or form of acceptance and full right of self- decision against them.

" That the meaning has become even more clear, let us further clarify this: a person to tolerate disagreement with someone or something that prevents him to bear the full commitment that he undertook, despite the obstacles that stand in his way. Obstacles can be like other people, and the view these people or any ideas that emanate from them, as well as the presence of other physical barriers, lack of money or desires, a time limit or other unforeseen circumstances. Also, the definition implies a person's ability to solve problems related to its purpose. To make it quite clear what had in mind L. Ron Hubbard, we give an example: "At the end of the day head shall order his secretary to print an important document. But the firm has broken the printer, and money on what material to print elsewhere not identified. All staff have gone home. Secretary, if she feels responsible and is such, is not going to give up and looking for other ways to solve this problem.

She calls their friends, trying to find out where there are nearby and looking for kopitsentr remaining employees to borrow money. After spending some time, she still finds a way to fulfill their obligation, and prints the document in a neighboring building. Here it is, and the manifestation of justice. She was able to submit documents on time, without stopping in front of difficulties, and thus not to disrupt an important meeting. " The example indicates that the Secretary did not agree with those obstacles and barriers that stand in its way, and solves the problem independently, using its full potential. That's what was L. Ron Hubbard speaking of responsibility. The main task of the head is to give employee freedom of choice, not forcing him to account and help him find a solution myself. That's is the main task of the manager. But if after all your effort, explanations and examples of employee and not begins to show that same responsibility, it is possible to talk with them, clarifying what the real responsibility to help him understand this and understand how he can apply this data to their work. And then, to convey to him the idea that accountability is not forced, it is taken and are on their own by those who feel responsible, or seek to become one. If you want to get detailed information about what else affects responsibility, productivity and other desirable qualities of your staff, and most importantly how to improve these qualities, please contact BusinessForward.

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