Jul 15 2019

Solitary Poet

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Alvaro De Campos: a solitary poet. One searchs with this study to analyze the rupture with the forms of the poetical tradition and the intensity of the negatividade and the feeling of isolation in Alvaro De Campos (heternimo of Fernando Person), which used, to reach these feelings, the aggressiveness. &#039 will be given to approach to the poem; ' All the love letters are ridculas' ' , that it says: All the love letters are Ridculas. They would not be love letters if they were not Ridicule. Also I wrote in my time love letters, As the others, Ridicule. The love letters, if have love, Have of being Ridicule.

But, after all, the creatures who had never written Letters of love Only Are that they are Ridculas. Who gives to me in the time where it wrote Without giving therefore to Letters of love Ridicule. The truth is that today my memories Of these letters of love Are that they are Ridculas. (All the words esdrxulas, As esdrxulos feelings, Are of course Ridicule.) It is perceived, first, in the poem above, the breaking of the common form to the poetry, therefore the poem is composed for white verses and free, that is, it does not present rhymes, nor fixed form? the verses have varied sizes that they follow the emotion of the poet. Fields had influences of the North American writer Walt Whitman (1819-1892) that it did not follow the formal tradition of the poetry. One the time that proper the Fields wrote a destined poetry the Whitman, intitled Greeting the Walt Whitman, whose one of the tickets is: It looks at pra me: you know that I, Alvaro De Campos, engineer, sensacionista Poet, are not your disciple, you are not your friend, you are not your singer, You know that I am You and I am contented with this! it is seen, in the stretch above, a clear influence, to start for the heading, but that the poet denies in first ranch, it stops later, to accent such influence, alleging to be he himself, Alvaro De Campos, the proper Whitman.

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