Feb 21 2014


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Fair shows flexible online training – training from the cloud of the Frankfurt-based company SlidePresenter visitors of the Learntec end January, how to create simple effective online training in an innovative format which are used independently but also in the context of all existing learning management systems (LMS). Especially in the area of corporate E-learning, it is now important to create fast and cost effective effective online training to provide the employees of large organizations at lightning speed, for example with current product training. The possibility to create such training very quickly and easily and to integrate into existing systems, is an important advantage. The Web-based software solution by SlidePresenter video and slides of the training can be connected to an online training in the dual format, so each PowerPoint slide exactly at the right time will sync with the video. Created online training can embed code into any Web page, or in the intra – or extranet, but also in all if public popular learning management systems are integrated. Compatibility as an important factor for modern and successful E-learning for learning departments of companies no compatibility and cost concerns come up with SlidePresenter. Every popular video and document format (not only PowerPoint, but also PDF, Word, etc..) can be used to create the online training.

The created training can be integrated into all existing LMS like Moodle, Blackboard, CLIX (and many more) or independently. It is possible to also use the training in conjunction with the SCORM standard. Since SlidePresenter is used as a Web-based platform, caused no additional costs for the planning of a complex infrastructure and the purchase of expensive hardware. Use a commercially available camera is sufficient for the required video recordings. The operation of the software requires no specialist knowledge and can be done for example by interns. Simple and ingenious an effective Format, constantly on-demand available simply awesome ingeniously simple.

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