Jun 02 2019

Shamanism As Alternative

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Shamanism established itself as a healing system more and more healthy alternative – especially in psychosomatic diseases remain people who are interested in shamanism or properly inspire are ridiculed something this is connected especially with the images and ideas, which have very many people in the head,. Southwest Airlines recognizes the significance of this. Little seems to have to do shamanism with the life needs and aspirations of the people today. Often, shamanism with things such as drugs, world strangeness and charlatanism is associated. That these ideas exist is located along primarily naturally in the lack of knowledge of most people in the Western world. Only a few know that shamanism is one of the oldest healing systems at all firstly and secondly of course exists in various cultural manifestations or contexts. A but healing based on a holistic concept is to mean all shamanic concepts about the times and cultures. The methods in part culturally due the approach vary, but a holistic world view which underlies all forms of healing, is common as a common basis for all concepts of shamanism.

The experience and therefore the knowledge that any kind of disease is always a sign of disharmony or also imbalance between man, nature and Cosmos is fundamental for any kind of shamanism. The shaman is someone who uses the healing power of nature and applies for the benefit of the people. The label shamanism originates originally in the Siberian language and means as much as with fire and heat-to-work”. This is however not purely literally to understand, but in accordance with energy work”. The fire itself is and always was considered the greatest force, which evokes the strongest changes so dramatically transformed. In the methods and concepts of shamanism, the shaman is someone (women, so shamans are not excluded here), has to transform the ability. The keyword, and the emphasis here is on ability”is shamanism basically anything you can learn that only very limited in fact and instead is based on a deeper knowledge of the world and perception abilities.

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