Apr 04 2020


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In 1949, Hoch and Polatin had considered the term schizophrenia pseudoneurotic to assign a specific psicopatolgica condition, characterized for the combination of ‘ ‘ pan-neurose’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ pan-ansiedade’ ‘ persuasivos upheavals of the sexual sphere, symptoms these associates the forms brandas of properly esquizofrnicos symptoms. (HOCH and POLATIN 1949, apud DALGALARRONDO, 1996). Robert Knight presented in 1953, a study on the states borderlines, using this expression to classify patients ‘ ‘ much compromised psychically, but that they cannot be considered as authentic psicticos.’ ‘ (Campbell, 1986). 2 psicanaltica Contribution in the compreeno of the upheaval borderline In 1931 Freud already recognized in ‘ ‘ The types libidinosos’ ‘ , the existence of a type ‘ ‘ narcsico’ ‘ , that it does not belong nor to the psychotic structures nor to the structures neurotics.

Describes it as endowed with one consisting incomplete on-I, worked for an ideal fort of I, marked for the important use of mechanisms of clivagem and denial, constructed in reply the strong lived affective frustrations during infancy. It describes this type as intolerante to the frustrations, premade use to the psychosis or the ill-tempered or today perverse said riots. The psychosis for Freud strong is organized by a defense system having used the mechanisms of clivagem, dissociao, projection and projetiva identification. This structure functions, to the edge of the reality, refusing it according to a primary process of immediate discharge of excitement (pleasure principle) excluding the perception and the recognition of the other (narcsica libido against libido of the object). Freud (1931/1974) it strong calls the neurosis organized by a defensive system using the pulsional coibio mainly. The conflict is not with the perception of the exterior reality (the beginning of the reality it is integrated) but yes with the acceptance of the personal pulses (conflict between I and the pulses).

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