Sep 07 2020

Renate Weber Tel

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The wild damask with 400 locations plus a cutter location has a stunning look. Learn more at: RMR Group. In each of these Nesmuk Exclusiv, Damascus Steel chef’s knife is a lot of hand work. Many hours, yes days Lars Scheidler will have with each of these exceptional chef’s knife until it meets the highest standards in design and sharpness. Also by this damask knife, there is a slim version, the Nesmuk exclusive damask slicer. There is the choice between different fine woods the most knives of Nesmuk for the handle. Approximately several thousand-year-old bog oak, black ebony, Cocobolo or olive wood. Everything is possible, you can select from an extensive range of different Woods. Also Micarta, an artificial, indestructible material with noble appearance is available in several colors to choose.

All of this creates a range for you, with the aim to provide you with a custom knife. Except the mentioned knives, there are still a number of Nesmuk Accessories products such as cutting boards and knife blocks and cutting tables also from high-quality materials and careful processing. The article and much more from world of high-quality kitchen knives you will find at, online as well as in the showroom located near Frankfurt/Main contact: INH. Katharina Mohn 63546 hammer b, on the cat ditch 7 Tel. 06185-8990408 fax: 06185 8990409 press relations Renate Weber Tel. 06185-2667 rina @ sells high-quality knives, as well as the matching accessories such as knife bags, Chef’s case, cutting boards and knife blocks. The range of the manufacturer includes many leading companies such as Nesmuk, Dick, Boker, Victorinox, Wusthof, Gude in the area of European-style knives, as well as Kai, chroma, Kasumi and others in the sector of Japanese knives. The articles can be ordered on the Internet, as seen in the showroom and purchased.

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