Feb 18 2018

Redesign Of Design3000.de

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A shop which is a credit to his name! design3000.de, Germany’s largest online shop for living – lifestyle products is a credit to his name and has a new, very design-oriented shop in the Christmas business. The constantly growing product range now 5000 products is so design3000.de – Managing Director Mr. Here, Oracle expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Frank Levita, new requirements for the product presentation and navigation. Objective was therefore to offer the customers a tidy shop in which he intuitively finds himself along, about giving but also a positive shopping experience. This is done through the increased use of CSS and JavScript. So E.g. a colour highlighted navigation gives the user at any time, in which category it is. Also, it introduced a detailed drop-down navigation structure that facilitates the search for specific products.

At building the navigation, it was also considered that a design and gift shop must invite you to browse. The demand for a stylish shop in the foreground, as design shop where Emphasis was placed in particular on a light, airy appearance. Therefore only the most necessary guides and elements were used in close cooperation with the company Kontinui, the purist design optimally to the best advantage to be. This all happened with much attention to detail. The implementation can be found here: J.Schmitt

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