Jul 01 2019

Process Business Intelligence

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Celonis developed first process mining solution for internal auditing Celonis Munich, the 18.09.2012 – the Celonis GmbH developed a software solution using their innovative technology process business intelligence to internal audit in large companies: Celonis discovery! What is Celonis discovery? Celonis discovery is a software developed specifically for the analysis for internal auditing. These reconstructed all expired internal business processes and prepares them with the help of process mining. Increase your testing efficiency and enhance so your testing with Celonis discovery. How does Celonis discovery? With the help of process mining algorithms Celonis discovery automatically reads out the data from your systems and evaluates them for you. The sequence of all stored business processes is recorded and illustrated. This gives you the opportunity to detect deviations from the standard process and to track this analysis with the help of business intelligence to your cause. Through this real-time analysis are You able to undertake measures for the targeted improvement of your processes and improve your processes. What is Celonis? Celonis is a successful software company headquartered in Munich and technology leader in the area of operational processes with process mining and process business intelligence analysis. The software portfolio includes solutions for the service desk management, internal auditing, purchasing, accounting and the hospital management. Customers include leading companies such as Siemens AG and Bayerische Rundfunk, Sudwestrundfunk. What is process business intelligence? Process business intelligence combines the advantages of process Mininng and business intelligence in an innovative way and thus has the most powerful process mining algorithms for the analysis of data from operational processes. The advantages of both technologies are available with the help of process business intelligence available. So it combines the power of process mining with the variety of analysis of business intelligence and offers Thus a decisive advantage of compared to conventional business intelligence technologies: the ability to capture the full dynamics of processes and to evaluate also their time course for the first time.

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