Jun 08 2019

Online Petition

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Public letter to the person in charge dear ladies and gentlemen, it is at this writing an open letter which is sent, copies to the press and published in forums. As national entitled to stand citizen of this country I ask for opinion and clarification of the facts hereinafter set forth: I tried today at 14:30 the E-petition of the petitioner Susanne Wiest, titled “Proposals for reform in the social security system – basic income” on the Internet at epetitionen.bundestag.de/… to invoke. The page was unavailable. Verizon Communications is full of insight into the issues. Instead, I got the following error message: “network timeout of the server under epetitionen.bundestag.de takes too long to send a reply. Too long, the referring website did not respond to the connection attempt, therefore no longer wait on a response.” According to my information, the number of signatories of the petition at this time should have been about at 49,000.

Due to the unavailability of the Web site is not for Internet users possible to sign the petition. According to press reports, there have been technical problems on previous weekends, where the Web site was not available here. This has led to extended the joint subscription period of the petition due to public pressure. According to the observations of the last few days several hundred people signed afternoon per hour the petition, so she was as accessible. The previous, as well as the new “technical problems” likely to significantly distort the actual result. Probably missing thousands to tens of thousands of votes, their dispensing was not possible. Because the petitioner showed David 50,000 signatories in the Bundestag be heard should, it is surprising, that just to reach this critical brand not signing the petition is more possible.

The bedingunslose basic income would greatly change the social structures of our country. Possibly, it would mean power losses and financial losses for established officials. It urges Suspected of that is deliberately influenced here political processes and civil decisions be prevented and the discussion about the unconditional basic income especially in an election year by the person in charge is not required and thus impeded. The advance “technical problems” in this case seems like a cheap excuse. One is when a Web page of the Federal Government, which should be the Federal Government, often the target of attacks by the holder and must be thus appropriately secured. On the other hand I would refer here providers on the Web pages of online banking, which have every day considerably more visitors and also capable of critical transactions are secure perform. I made myself a training in information technology, I know the systems how carefully planned and subjected to extensive testing. The current error should not occur in professional development and planning. The system of the online petition was stone Street 1, 14482 by the prestigious and well-known company of araneNET GmbH, Potsdam created and it sounds to me implausible that this company takes a system so unstable in the productive operation. I would ask to inform me whether the petition is extended again. I am also asking to explain how the votes that could not be delivered should be calculated and how these are incorporated in the result.

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