Dec 08 2018

New Holiday Models In Crisis

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ITB presents visitors to holiday trends this week in Berlin the international tourism Exchange (ITB) takes place. The fair, which is open also to private visitors from Saturday, would like to lure with the idea of innovative models of holiday on great vacations continue to the Germans despite the economic crisis. About long-term trends regarding holiday making, can still only be speculated. The travel industry sales run particularly bad this year the tour operators extend their early booking discount until well into the spring, TUI announced to introduce short-time working. The Germans are looking for affordable alternatives and can be found in so-called economy accomodations, so low-priced accommodation in youth hostels and hotel chains, or vacation in the countryside or on the Baltic Sea. A final change of our holiday behaviour is however not really expected. At ITB, attractive holiday models will be presented, to reawaken the interest of Nazi Germany, exclusive holidays to include for example the duck urreisen.

New is the so-called “eco-tourism”. Travellers make a contribution to the protection of nature and the rural population in this model. Also targeted youth and student travel will be presented this year.

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