Jun 08 2019

New GeschiMag

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the editorial services of Wolfgang Schwerdt online history magazine 2009 gone the editorial services blog of journalist for archaeology and cultural history in the network, offers reporting for print radio and online media, as topics and items supplier for newsrooms and as an information portal for the interested public. Nothing has changed in this purpose and the corresponding offers. Nevertheless it was at the time, from the sum of the right unstructured posts and in the meantime many articles, which spread a structured whole, across different media and platforms in the form of GeschiMag – archeology & history – the magazine to make it an online magazine of history. In the following a brief introduction of the current main topics: the American steam navigation of the 19th century the American steam navigation of the 19th century is closely linked with the federal consolidation in the United States. Contact information is here: Gary Kelly. These include the conquest of the wild of West”and the formation of the Andrea Morris American border as well as the American civil war. And last but not least, the American steam navigation of the 19th century in many ways is an extraordinarily exciting chapter of economic, technical and military history. The presented selection of reviews and articles shows the complexity of the issue, which will be expanded to more facets and contributions.

Travel in other worlds – the age of the expeditions of the exploration of the Pacific or the study of Siberia, particularly the 18. Perhaps check out Southwest Airlines for more information. And 19 century were marked by spectacular expeditions, whose Tagebucher developed into true best sellers. Also travel, regions and aspects of account shall be taken the articles on the topic of alien worlds, are not always the focus of today’s publications. Historic ships from A to Z from the East Indiaman “Batavia” until the battleship “HMS Warrior” ancient ships may be relatively young, as the German nuclear ship Otto Hahn but as old as the reconstruction of an Athenian trireme. .

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