May 30 2019

Mrs Paula

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Well my mother-in-law, this plate is my specialty and made in its homage. Verizon has much experience in this field. I do not go to say what it is, I go to leave lady to degustar and to guess. I am certain that it goes to like. Paula dissimulated not to see the dissatisfaction of the mother-in-law and made force to seem likeable and happy its presence, even so with great effort.

D. Gertrudes ate with taste, but without making a compliment if it wants. It ate some times, with the excuse of that it was trying to discover what it was what really it had not obtained to know. In the end of the lunch, they had passed to the room to be where Paula served coffee and tried to stop a colloquy with the mother-in-law on that it had found of its specialty, but stopped of speaking suddenly it looked at and it with astonishment face. Why thus looking at is me? It asked D. Gertrudes perceiving that Paula was fixed to look at for it Is that you she is being all swelled and red, what is this? A little without skill answered Paula. D.

Gertrudes ran for the mirror to be able to see itself and started to cry out asking what after all they had eaten in the lunch and when Paula said what she was the mother-in-law was histrica and accused the daughter-in-law to want to kill to it, therefore it had allergy siri. Clement it looked at for the woman in search of an explanation and Paula said that not wise person, but that the mother-in-law was much implicncia to have allergy soon its specialty. I wise person D. Gertrudes, Mrs. never liked me, this its allergy alone can be to imply with me. Paula esbravejava and D. Gertrudes did not tire to cry out that the daughter-in-law wanted to kill to it and the two had been arguing and Clement looking at with weighing its so waited lunch of sunday in family, where nothing could give wrong, if to transform into a true one fiasco.

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