Jun 26 2013

Microsoft Globalization

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GLOBALIZATION the advantages and disadvantages, the success and the mistake committed for some companies. Today she is one of the heard words more in our way. It is a phenomenon generated for the capitalism that has for objective to form one? global village? allowing to bigger markets and the economic, social, cultural integration and politics between the countries, beyond establishing connection the people and the world. This was only possible with the end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the former Soviet Union for 1989 return, appearing the called movement ‘ ‘ Globalizao’ ‘. This globalization allows that the minor of the companies has its vendido product being to other countries. The instantaneous access the new technologies, new medicines and surgical equipment, the increase in the food production, among others, has caused the increase of the perspective of life in the countries. It also has the other side of the currency.

With the globalization some countries if had joined and created? economic blocks? that they search if to fortify being difficult to compete with them, as the UR (European Unio), the Mercosul, the NAFTA, among others. A negative aspect would be the economic instability in the world, then any phenomenon that happens in one definitive country will reach quickly excessively. The countries are each time more dependents one of the other, not having more as if to keep isolated. Easy access fast to the information rees-echo almost instantaneously around of the planet. Unhappyly this flow of information that can be beneficial is seen as a threat for determined governments or religious entities, that do not measure efforts to contain information making with that its citizens do not have access they. The site of Wikipdia research, much known currently, already suffered diverse blockades on the part from the Chinese government, and so that this globalization functions it is basic to understand the language, the behavior, beliefs and religious values of each country with that it goes to deal.

It is essential to know the economy of the other country, the commerce or farming, preventing incident to both. A disastrous example in this globalizado market was China in Box, that it decided to expand its businesses for Argentina using the same strategy used in Brazil. The result was a great damage, therefore the behavior of the Argentines is different of the Brazilians and demanded adaptation. A result of success in the international and globalizado market is the Google that has an enviable positioning in the sector of searches, superior to the Yahoo and Microsoft. It thinks globally, but she does not act regionally, therefore if adapta to the culture of the country, respecting each in agreement people its habits and homages them in its commemorative dates. The globalization is a irreversible phenomenon for the people, the society and the international trade. PERIM, luciana zanette?

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