Jan 05 2024

Messenger Project

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Collaborative project management improves the cooperation through informational links cooperative project management has established itself and relies on controlling their own, autonomous project teams. The involvement of employees and teams from different organizational units such as departments reflected in the project organization and ultimately also in the project plans. Clear interfaces, competences, communication and transparency on dates, content and results of the project work are required. The project management software CoP.Track provides the requirement for a transparent cooperation as well as a management of sub-projects and delegated responsibilities with the functional area of linking projects and project items. Filed under: Bill O’Grady. The Web-based project management software CoP.Track solves the problem for cross company planning (CCP), which is required in more and more companies. New methods and tools for an efficient project planning and a flexible project management require increasing complexity in projects. The user wish and request simple tools and methods to make the overview by reducing complexity for the efficient processing of tasks. Methodically, the outline of the projects in projects and expanding this linking of individual projects (part of project plans, detailed plans) to one or several master projects helps here.

The question is crucial for the use of links: what happens with changes by one side or the other? CoP.Track delivers here”the solution with the informational, the soft link! Changes are allowed on each page, but displayed and reported also the respective responsible on request (by E-Mail or Messenger). With soft, informational links, CoP.Track opens many possibilities, both to link projects, as well as individual structural elements of projects with others and to equip these shortcuts with attributes. The number of links is unlimited, as the purpose. The person in charge of a project plan allows complete control over his plan itself but maintains links. The links are regardless of whether the partner is an internal Department or an external supplier. The plan owner decides what the linker also”must see how glasses” is his plan with regard to appointments, expenses, and costs. The schedule information of the linked items can with each new call”the master plan will be updated automatically and deliver always the current status of the plan.

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