Mar 15 2019


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Free tools with which you can measure the success of its social media activities more and more companies sit on social media if the use also worth, few people know. According to a new study of the BVDW, 46.6 per cent of the companies analyze their social media activities only just once. This is of course unfortunate, because if no data collected if nothing observed and is parsed, then you have no way to fix any problems and improve its presence on the social Web. Such an analysis (monitoring) must be not complicated, there is helpful and above all free tools. Here are the most important tools for a successful presence on the social Web: usually the first address for a Web Analytics is Google Analytics. The powerful tool provides all kinds of data such as the number of visitors, traffic sources, the bounce rate, the most popular content and much more. The clear statistics offer a good overview about how the website is set up. HowSociable calculates a visibility index for the social Web.

Among other things, the tool shows how often it is mentioned on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & co.. Facebook offers even its own analysis tool for the presence on Facebook, Facebook insights. Allows among other things observed, what contributions have been most commented and ge-liked and there demographic statistics to the fans on Facebook. The tools Twittercounter and Twittergrader measure the success and reach of the Twitter profile. His profile can be compared for example with the profile of the competitors. So is fast, his own profile in the Twitter world is how influential. Which creates a ranking, a tag cloud and a list of optimization, including the number of follower, the influencer and the Tweets, are measured. FeedBurner parses the RSS feed of your blog.

The statistics reveal among other things, the number of visitors, subscribers and traffic sources. This way, you can measure the reach of blogs. The tool Hootsuite makes it, the profiles on the various social media channels to take care. Up to five platforms can be upgraded easily to a surface. In addition, the tool provides customized reports that help in the evaluation of the social media activities. Who are all too many nude figures, and who wants to see more concrete content to how the company, the brand and the products at the customers arrive, who does not get a thorough social media monitoring around. This Web 2.0 after mentions of the respective search term is researched in blogs, forums, social networks, and other areas. There some good free tools as well as professional, fee-based software developments also. A good overview is found in the article”5 tips & tools for effective social media monitoring. To use some of the above tools, you can run already a quite effective and above all free monitoring and measure how successful its social media activities are and whether or not the use is worth.

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