Mar 21 2019


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Learning with free videos is increasingly on the rise – Experdios jumps up free Lernvideos in a very good quality delivers the train on In terms of content as well as the quality of the video stream itself. This site has chosen to two main themes: a the programming and the other Office applications. It is limited on the beginners or experts. A topic is covered in its entirety by the videos. For experts, the first videos will be a topic always already known. Frequently Ripple has said that publicly. However, this be the later videos of a Kagetorie certainly an or others can learn.

Through this approach, it is ensured that no one is excluded on due to his knowledge. A Facebook fan page is also available. On this, the newly hired learning videos are presented continuously. This service offers the possibility to stay informed, where appropriate, directly to get an interesting video to always on the Vorange on The opportunity is to any video offered to leave a comment.

In these places, the operator of this still very young Portal are hoping for a lively exchange of information about the content of the respective video. is sure that every comment or each question seriously and if it is possible the experts, all questions will be answered. This video is an own biotope for the exchange of knowledge on exactly this topic. The user can only benefit, because interesting or unclear aspects of the videos on this site are taken up and explained. At the start of this portal, there is already a very good section on programming in c#, as well as one to the application Excel 2010. When the c# videos with a simple “Hello World” started and by the end of the series advanced topics are program treated like the sensible use of interfaces. The philosophy behind a practical example is evident here: for beginners, start programming directly from the first offers “Hello World”-program. Advanced can these videos but safely skip and still find the one or the other interesting video. Similarly, Excel 2010 section is built up. It begins with an introduction to the program’s user interface, and offers advanced topics, such as for example SVerweise or pivot tables in later videos.

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